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Purchase order mail

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Dear All In our Organization  in order of data security end users ar enot allowed to transfer mails directly . they have to post the mail to network and service dept(N&S)  after that  the corresponding file would be sent to external mail ID that is s[More]

Purchase Order Mail Text

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Hi, I am trying to configure purchase order mail text for my customized output type. I have written the mail title & text in my output type but still when I am sending the mail to the vendor the system is picking up the PO number as the default subje[More]

Send E-mail to Buyer and Requisitioner while doing GR for a Purchase Order

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Hi All, I  would like to send automatic notification messages to buyers and Requisitioners when goods receipt is completed for Purchase orders (Document type ZE). Notification should be sent only for the purchase requisitions that are created manuall[More]

How to Send Purchase Order in mail( PDF) to vendor while creating it(ME21N)

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Dear Experts, In our current system when ever we create purchase order using the tcode ME21N, based on the output type configured in our system for the vendor a FAX is send to them.. Now we wanted to send vendors a mail with PO as a PDF attachement. [More]

Program to send Purchase Order SmartForm by e-mail

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Hi, I need a program to send my Purchase Order SmartForm by e-mail. With the program I use, the output keeps appearing in my spool list in stead of in SOST... Does anyone have a sample code that I can use? I am working in a ECC 6.0 system. Package SM[More]

Purchase Order to vendor through mail

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Hi Experts, Now I am creating Purchase Order .As per my configuration the pos will go to vendor only through mail and conformation for send user. But my client wants send that mail like CC to some other departments (officials) at the same time. Pleas[More]

Purchase order  to e-mail directly

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Hi All, I have requirement, After Creating the Purchase order (me21n)is there any way to send this Purchase order to vendor directly through E-mail. if iam not wrong It Is Idoc,EDI concept. Thanks & Regards lalithHi, Please refer OSS note no 191470.[More]

Purchase Order Smartform as attachment in step mail through workflow

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Whenever user create a PO, mail should trigger in Microsoft Outlook, with the purchase order form as attachment. I am able to send mail to Microsoft Outlook whenever PO is created. But kindly advice how to attach PO smartform in th mail. Regards, Rah[More]

Purchase order sent as a mail

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CAn anyone please tell me the basic settings for the Purchase order output to be sent as the mail.Hi, Refer SAPNote 191470 - Purchase order as an e-mail Basically there are two mail types: Internet mail (external mail) and SAPOffice mail. Mail is sen[More]

Configuration of Purchase order to send thro' MAIL

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Dear Experts, Please let me know the configuration process of Purchase order to send the same thro' EMAIL. Regards, B.SudharsanHi You need to do some configuration for this. Goto NACE . Select EF and click on OUTPUT TYPES. Then select Output Type NEU[More]

Send purchase order by e-mail with address of bad partner order

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I have a supplier with 3 addresses of order of which I choose 1 during the creation of the order. The creation of message NEU is done with the new partner. The sending by e-mail is done with the address of the initial partner. I do not find any note[More]

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