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Hi All, I am trying to Extend 'AuditReportLinesVO' in 'Expenses Audit page'. I have added few columns in the VO. In the about this page the extended VO is showing perfectly. But i am trying open the page that having 'AuditReportLinesVO' I am getting [More]
Hi I wonder if anyone can help me with my problem. Since the only program I´m using in FCS 3 is FCP 7 I decided to remove everything else and just reinstall FCP 7 on my mac mini i5 2012.with Mavericks I Used FCP remover to delete everything and after [More]
I want to manage whether the "mirror display" option is true or false and can't find the settings to control this in WGM.  Any ideas or suggestions? ThanksCrockDocAK wrote: I want to manage whether the "mirror display" option is true o [More]
I am trying to add music to a slide show in Photoshop Elements 8. When I go to add the music I get the following message: The selected file cannot be played because your system does not have the required compresser/decompresser (codec) installed. I'v [More]
Did MaxL change from Essbase 6.1 to 6.2?Here are some examples of things that worked until I upgraded:1)I have a calc script named “clear?. Version 6.1 accepted it r now it seems to be rejected because it is a reserved word.2)Import statements no l [More]
Dear experts, I am doing ChaRM configuration for my EP system ( java only). I also configured CTS+ successfully but we want to integrate this with Chram in solman. I have done all configuration according to standard doc for ChaRM. But when creating p [More]
After color correcting a batch of about 100 images, I saved as jpegs and then hit done and a select few of the photos turn a tinted blue. All of the other settings stayed the same.. Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on? Or need me to explai [More]
Hi, Does anybody know how to display a website in a swing panel? I have a list of website URL's, when the user clicks an item in the list I want to display the website in a panel. Any help would be great Thanks AlexSimple Option: JEditorPane How to U [More]
Accidentally dropped my FCP 6 app Icon(package) in the trash bin (dont ask), put it back where it belongs and I can no longer open FCP. I get a basic 'unepectedly quit.." error message. My FCP studio is an upgrade package, and I cant seem to reinstal [More]
Okay so everytime I go to restore to an old backup the old passcode automatically is put onto the iPhone so I can't access it because I don't remember it.... A) What do I do now? B) Itunes is now saying this everytime I go to restore: "iTunes could n [More]