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I am trying to execute the example code for "Accessing REST Services from a Windows Phone Device" provided in Identity_Guidance_V2.20601 based on documentation: A Guide to Claims-based Identity and Access Control [Second Edition] Configuration: [More]
Perhaps I am not understanding how recovery should work, so, let me lay out my situation: First things first: Oracle on AIX 6.1 Source database: POR02P on a 4 node cluster Auxiliary database: POR02x (single instance) I want to duplicate my [More]
My 32gb ipod touch has been having problems recently. Sometimes when I have no music playing and I sleep it, it just turns off. Sometimes when I have no music playing and I sleep it, it goes to the last thing I was doing (without going to the passwor [More]
Okay, i am building a new system, i bought most parts and kept some from original computer, i have put them all together, and the computer starts but i see no picture(my old sytem is 1 and half years old, so it isnt that old), the hard drive is start [More]
I have an old Mi-Fi Card that I have not used in more than a year (using the hot spot on Verizon IPhone).  I want to cancel the Mi-fi device/account - what do I do and what are my fees?Call Customer Service to cancel the line, and if you are under co [More]
Have new iPhone 5s and want to put my iTunes music on the cloud. The only music showing is purchased. Have an extensive music library on my Mac computer. How do I upload that music in tithe cloud?To upload your library to the cloud, you need iTunes M [More]
WIll ipad2 get an update for siri and other features ??Apple has said very clearly that Siri will work on the new iPad only. While none of us can say with certainty, it is highly doubtful that Siri will ever be offered on the older iPads. Reports are [More]
Hi: I am writing a PCI driver in Solaris10. There are many new DDI/DKI interfaces for interrupt handler, such as ddi_intr_add_handler in document. But I can not find them in my system. My OS is Solaris10. Where are the interfaces for interrupt handle [More]
Hi, As said Data services is kind of similar middle ware product  like SAP PI. Can any one tell me what are the different adapters used in Data services for maintaining the message flow of different message formats. thanks, RaviHi Ravi, Take a look a [More]
I set up my new Airport Extreme and can connect to the network with any IOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad).  When attempting to connect to network with my work laptop (Windows 7), I get an error that it cannot connect.  I have no problem connect [More]