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hi all, its probably not the first one about this, but is there a way to send type sms messages via PC? i love my lumia 920 but if i had known in advance that pc suite would not work anymore this would affected my choice... its a feature i used allll [More]
I recently unplugged my HP Photosmart Premium C309a and relocated it to a new shelf beside my main computer.  Wireless networking worked just fine before the move, and now it won't detect any networks to connect to.  I've run the Wireless Network Tes [More]
2 Days ago I installed a new wireless Canon MX 892 multifunction printer, with help from a Canon tech.  Wireless printing works fine, I have access to the internet, and emails are coming and going.  But my Time Capsule will not auto back up now, and [More]
I was a customer for 20 years. The line was used only for internet and we were having connectivity problems. I was told someone would come out to fix the line and I waited around all day long and no service man showed and no follow up call happened. [More]
Hello! I'm desperatly trying to install XL Reporter on a Vista Business Client. I always get this during installation of XL Reporter <a href="">click</a> It tells something about SDK. I have i [More]
I am using Windows 8 and PS CC2014 and the issue is that I can't assign custom shortcut to the dot. I have been using , and . as decreasing and increasing brush size and it has worked well in every photoshop, even cc2014 in win7 but not in win8 it se [More]
I can not see emails in my "On My Mac" mail folders! They still exist, I can find them using the search function on the desktop, but they don't exist in the email application. I am a new mac user, just took it out of the box yesterday. I'm havin [More]
How to fetch context root of web application from FacesContex?Hi user,         FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();         HttpServletRequest request = (HttpServletRequest)ctx.getExternalContext().getRequest();         request.getCo [More]
Hi, Has anyone come across problems with PS when viewing web sites built using cold fusion and utilising frames? Our iPS (3.0 sp3) seems to always insert the following text: "Connection: close Content-Length: 7190" This is all that seems to happ [More]
Hi I have just be viewing the spry accordion within a Adobe template Theme 6 link below, I would really like to use this but am a little scared as it doesn't seem to work properly in Safari and Firefox? [More]