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This is part of my source code that displays one row from getQuest recordset. Always first. <body> <p><?php echo $row_getQuest['content']; ?></p> <p>: <?php echo $row_getQuest['prom1']; ?></p> <p><?php ec [More]
MAC OS X 10.6.8. I can download and install a new version, but I'd rather just update. I can only assume this has to do with computer settings but I could not find anything settings that seemed related to this issue. I currently have Firefox 3.6.3. I [More]
HI EXPERTS, i need to create two diffrent table maintainace view for single table. but after creating first table maintainace when i tried for second table maintainace for that  table it display me the old table maintainace view which i have created [More]
Hi, I have try to install oracle 10g database on Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition. But none of the 64 bit installation are not working. Checking operating system version: must be  5.1 or 5.2 .    Actual 6.1 Failed <<<< I check for specific Ins [More]
I have a Lexmark 332N on my network and would like to move it and make it wireless. Can I plug it to the Ethernet port of the Airport Express and then plug my Epson R800 inkjet to the USB port? I already have an Airport Etreme. thanks Andre PowerBook [More]
I am using the Labview report generator to generate excel files of large batches of data. Is there a way to link the graph to data in the excel file rather than have it embedded in the graph itself? I need to be able to, for example, update a cell la [More]
Hi , I'm developing on apex 4.0. I would like to display 2 forms on a same page but when i submit my first from, i have error because of duplicate column.. I think the second form is also submited. How to make independant the 2 forms? Thanks in advan [More]
Hi All, I tried to install deluge with yaourt but I got this message "cannot open package file". I then built it from AUR and got this: [[email protected] a]# pacman -U deluge-svn-5088-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.gz loading package data... error: 'deluge-svn-5088-1 [More]
Kind of stuck here. Trying to author a Blu-ray and I encoded a large video file out of Premiere CS5 with Media Encoder CS5 using H.264 Blu-ray. I always do this and then bring the clips into Encore and it never tries to transcode them but for this pa [More]
it is not nice that a server goes to sulogin after a reboot. if this is a remote server it is painfull to restart it (few hundreds of km away) and sulogin is not really necessary after a succesfull fsckyes, i would also like to see that sulogin is di [More]