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It seems to me now that pop labels are only sent for directly connected network prefixes, and not for other learnt prefixes but outside the mpls cloud. For these other prefixes, the edge LSR uses the untagged label. Is there a way to configure, such [More]
I'm building a tool wherewith I can spawn a make process from my Visual Age for Java IDE. This I have working now. However not all executables seem to get started from the batch. Here are some of the from within the batch file started examples that w [More]
After plunging through the forums I notice a lot of people have been having problems with their built in web cams. Before the camera was just moody, turning on and off stating other applications had locked usage (when they werent even on, not even in [More]
Hi , I am working with the help of this scenario to pick only selected files. /people/mickael.huchet/blog/2006/09/18/xipi-how-to-exclude-files-in-a-sender-file-adapter I am getting error in mapping . Everything i have checked its correct . Mapping is [More]
Hi, Having Problems using the LIKE Operator with the Clob Datatype. Does any one know if its possible. Thanks EmerIt's not possible. try use DBMS_LOB.INSTR instead...Read other 2 answers [More]
(free; no fluff, no hype, no nonsense; starting 9am PT) Integrating web-based videos in your PDFs (with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers + Multimedia Asst) Thursday, April 18 Metadata in PDFs authored w [More]
Hi, I'd like to ask if it is possible to install multiple versions of MiniSAP (6.10, 6.20, 2004, 2004s) on the same machine? An important requirement would be to be able to access all these systems remotely. Maybe the best option would be to install [More]
Last september, I bought a new MacBook Pro intel core duo, 1gb ram. I was very impressed with the computer. However, recently, Ive noticed everything is starting to slow down. Application load time is increasing, dashboard is slow. I get that rainbow [More]
I am in the process of configuring new apex enviornment to run Oracle HTTP Server instead of the embedded server which we are currently using on another instance. I have configured 11g r2 along with companion version of Oraclle HTTP server entitled O [More]
Perhaps I'm being daft here, but just how in the world do you activate the slideshow mode in Nano??? Selecting a photo via the center button only shows you that photo. It does not transit to other photos. Pressing "play/pause" button actually pl [More]