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Good afternoon, Every time I restart my computer a window opens up saying: Messages Agent wants to use your confidential information stored in "FaceTime: email" in your keychain. do you want to allow access to this item? Always Allow [More]
I try to download itunes, but about halfway through an error messge comes up that says error with file security:get lasterror:5Hi lizz4321, A digital ID is made up of three components; a private key, a corresponding public key, and some identifying i [More]
I wanted to put this information out there, because it was difficult for me to find an answer to the question of "how do you quickly filter for photos that have develop adjustments?" Some earlier posts in this forum observe that a smart collecti [More]
Hello, could you help me please ? My new Photoshop is unusable : selections and paths are invisible until they are not closed or finished. It seems to be a display problem - though all my softwares and drivers are updated - because when I move my ima [More]
I have a strange problem with my apogee ensemble. whenever I open an applicaion or change the volume with the volume-keys, the playback stutters. it sounds like a mini dropout with crackle. happens in logic too and affects recordings. its extremely a [More]
Hi, I am using soa I have a composite with bpel process. Bpel process invokes a external web service. I add fault-bindings.xml and fault policy to catch remote fault. When I turn off web service, bpel process has the remote fault but the fa [More]
Unknown Device Device Type:     Universal Serial Bus controllers Manufacturer:    (Standard USB Host Controller) Location:            Port_#0002.Hub_#0004 Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) I'm trying to figur [More]
I'm having problems with a InDesign file created in CS5.5 and opening it in InDesign CS5. It's giving me PlugIns error messages.  I know there is a issue in this, but I have not found any solutions. Unfortunately, I cannot even go and export the file [More]
Hi Everybody, Iam bit confused about the link between SPRO settings and portal.Why are we doing changes in the backend(SPRO) if we want to disable or enable some areas in frontend.Sayfor example i want a link in personal information.I have created my [More]
Hi, I have a process chain which loads data daily and last loaded on 5th of this month which is a delta load to DSO, and then I have triggered process chain on 10th  and now the process chain got successful but delta is returning zero records. I have [More]