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I've tried using multiple cords to connect to a computer, I've tried multiple computers, I've tried resetting all my settings on my IPhone, I've reinstalled and redownloaded itunes, and I've completely updated my iPhone and iTunes. Nothing works. I'm [More]
Hi all, Today we have integrated the configuration of the the liquidity forecast by sales orders and open items accounting, but it does not consider the purchase orders. Does anyone know how could I configure it in order to consider the purchase orde [More]
No sound plays. Muting and unmuting doesn't work. Volume bar doesn't show up. Tried resetting my settings but nothin happened. Please helpHello, lrc2.  Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. Here is an article I would recommend taking a lo [More]
All PDF's I try to save will save but nobody can open them.  Message is it cannot be opened by reader it is the wrong file type or has been damaged. Tried to open with Preview and the message says it is empty, also empty if you try to sea as a PDF in [More]
Last resort: Ask on the forums. I'm having a lot of trouble creating .jnlp files with only a .java file. For some reason if I do create project, the project does not run correctly, but when I make the file and run the file alone, it works perfectly f [More]
We have an ACNC SCSI Raid connected to a G4 tower via an ATTO UL4S Ultra 320 SCSI card. The G4 is running Mac OS X Server 10.4.10 with the latest ATTO drivers and firmware. The ACNC Raid has four 500GB drives for a 1.5TB volume. We want to expand thi [More]
We want to create the DME in the File system of SAP. On the variant of RFFONL_I I selectioned the option to create the CLIEOP03 in the file system and gave a file name. When testing it we face a serious shortcoming: the suffix of the file is always ' [More]
HI,           how to get the system created activity number on to the output screen after completion of BDC, data transfer using call transaction. with regards, sagar.Hi, Do you want that once the BDC is finished then it should stay on same screen wi [More]
The example mentioned in the below link for orion.edit.validator does not seem to work. Please help with the proper code snippet or example for orion.edit.validator [More]
I see the mod team is cracking down harder than ever on spammers these days. I do hope I am exempt! ;-) Arch Linux pens are on sale for $1 off for the remainder of September and all of October. They are $5 regular price, currently $4, with hefty disc [More]