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Hi, I just purchased a Gigafast WF748-CUI wireless card for my iMac G3 running Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.10) and I followed the instructions exactly and did everything right but it will NOT connect. It keeps generating these weird IP addresses beginning w [More]
i got today a new CISCO LAYER 3 Switch .. so here is my scenrio Cisco Asa 5505 I Outside  == 155.155.155.x Inside  = VPN POOL Address =   - Layer 3 Switch Config Vlan 2 interface ip address = V [More]
Can anyone help or answer this question for me. Is there a way to have a private album for pictures sent to my phone? Don't exactly want kids ( niece and nephew ) to play on my phone and see private pictures of my girlfriendWhat about this? https://i [More]
so mac doesn't have write capabilities on ntfs? and pc can't read something more than 2gb on fat32? how do i get a 15gb file from my mac onto my pc? should i just buy a big enough thumb drive? i've got a usb 150gb hard drive, so i'd like to use that [More]
Hello, I have a page where the first region 'filter' is to check which columns you want to have displayed in a report. the second region 'report' is the report itself where i want to display only the columns checked from regions 1 'filter'. We can ma [More]
Hello: I'm working with excel 2007 and Essbase 9.3.1 Add-in. I've an excel 2007 sheet that, when I try to retrieve data (already connected or not), the following message appears: "Essbase has encountered an internal excel error. Your sheet will not b [More]
Hello, I could not find this specific problem, so I hope I am not reposting. In itunes, using Volume Adjustment slide-bar (itunes>File>Get Info>Options); adjusts songs to play at the level you desire as well as using the equalizer setting for ind [More]
if two tables r given, i want a code which should tell tat ,in which table foreign key is available. so please kindly help out in this problem. is there is any query or code avalible to find out which table as foreign key.I don't know if this will ha [More]
I have 2 folders of photo/image content that I want to snyc to my ipod touch, one is a folder with my photograps, the other folder has photos of my artwork, but itunes will only sync one folder or the other, but not both. how do I get itunes to snyc [More]
Is there a way to have a role be default by default. In other words rather than 1. grant a role to a user and then 2. make that role default for each user granted the role (i.e. ALTER USER user_name DEFAULT ROLE role_name;) is there a way to have #2 [More]