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Hi, we have been tasked with the creation of a VM image which has WebLogic Server, Coherence, Oracle Database XE etc. And I am a newbie to it   Do you have any tips to help me get started??  Thanks and regards AnilI never tried it, but when you're bo [More]
I use the four finger gesture to reveal my desktop, then I drag and file and intend to put it in one of the Finder windows that was there before the "reveal desktop" gesture. How do I get the windows to come back while the file is being dragged? [More]
Hi All, I want to install Oracle 10g Release - 2 RAC (2 Node) on HP-UX 11.23 using OCFS-2. Please send me a link or docs which describes about step by step instruction of OCFS-2 and RAC on HP-UX 11.23. Thanks, SubhankarSubhankar, Check this link out [More]
Users want to see the whole report displayed in one page with only a vertical scroll bar. They do not want the up/down arrows. Is this possible in OBIEE? Thanks. AdTo implement the solution, please do: 1. Change instanceconfig.xml file in <biee11g_in [More]
I need help I have lost all my music that was in my iphone after I sync my phone with itunes Library now I  want to know how can I get it back. Thank youTrying to get some more info:  You had music on your phone and on your computer before this- corr [More]
Hi there, I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I can't find it for some reason.  I am trying to open a component in a new window using a link.  Even opening a different view in a new window would be suffice. I however read somewhere that [More]
Dear Experts, I'm facing error while working on intercompany addon Please find the below error and attachments, and help me to solve this issue Intercompany Transaction : Sender System: L002 Sender Transaction Type: Business Partner Sender Transactio [More]
Unable to use either version, 10.6 crashes out, 10.6.1 respondes with "this version of itunes has not been correctly localized for this language". Currently back with 10.5.3. Lion 10.7.3 macbook proTry the apps under a different user account. If [More]
Good Day everybody! I have sccm2012 r2 primary site. After install in component status component SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER shows error 4951. This is a chunk of mpMSI.log file: Property(S): CcmValidateServerConfig_ActionText = Validates that IIS, BITS an [More]
A few days ago, I was asked (by iCloud) to create an iCloud email address because it would be "better" than the email address I've been using. Since then, most of my contacts have disappeared from my iPhone 4s. I have noticed that the newest con [More]