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Hi All, I just purchased & installed Mac OS X Server 10.5.4. I would like to host a website & i think the DNS address is wrong. What do I set it at? Any help would be great. Thanks AYour post is a little vague on details. Is this server used only [More]
My iMac has always recognized my iPhone now, all of a sudden I go to sync it and nothing shows up. "Devices"doesn't even show up in the left hand side of my iTunes. Help? other 2 answers [More]
Hi,   I am trying to capture SOAP response into a file using the method mentioned in the below given wiki but running into errors. File gets read but it doesn't get deleted and it gets processed infinitely without creating any monitoring messages. ht [More]
My early 2008 MacBook Pro has a black screen due to a bad logic board. It would not be worth it to repair it but would instead like to sell it but I need to erase it and reset to factory settings. Would there be any way to do this without a screen?bu [More]
So the develop module is producing a different rendering than the library module is in regard to sharpening and noise reduction.  In develop the image is extremely blurry where in loupe view it seems to be previewed correctly. So I tested by bringing [More]
Please help!We need much more information. What iMac? What OS? How big is the HD? How much is free? For the first two, go to  > About This Mac > more info Post just these lines from the hardware overview; Model Name:    iMac   Model Identifier:    [More]
Is there any built in function in Oracle to get the Julian date for a given date? Or if you have written a good function to accomodate the same plese share. Example: 20080923 = getJulianDate(Today's date in date data type) Thank you, SmithFirst link [More]
Hi youall, I want to get thumbnails from my compact card inserted in the printer but I do most my pictures in RAW and the printer doesn't recognize a card with RAW pictures on it. I would be uploading first to my computer in order to keep the origina [More]
1)  My desktop pictures stopped filling the screen after a recent update to 10.9.5. In fact, no Desktop changes work -- I cannot even change a Space to a solid Apple color. 2)  I can no longer change Spaces using a 3-finger swipe on my Apple Trackpad [More]
I have downloaded several .dmg files and I get a message "geen activeerbare bestand" (non executable file) when I try to open and execute it. Can somebody help me with a solution. I am not able to installe updates etc. anymore.Is this happening [More]