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I get the above error message when trying to copy in my library into itunes. Is there a log file generated somewhere that says what this file is, or is there some way of locating it?found a program that should locate the possible trouble here: http:/ [More]
I downloaded the latest iTunes software, but the install-procedure stops with a fail-message and even the older version is not functionning any more. The only way to use the older version of iTunes is when I reset the complete windows-software (syste [More]
Hello All, When a purchase order is created in SRM with additional text - ie. Vendor text. ( Either at item or header level) This text is not visible when viewing the purchase order in SAP R/3.Does it not come default ??? i am expecting the text to b [More]
Hello, I am able to create reports in APEX to create PDF-Files. We are using the BI Publisher. Now we have to design a rft-Template with a checkbox. In BI Publisher it works with the checkbox greate, but if I create in APEX report and a layout the ch [More]
II would like to know if there is a way to configure PAGES to always start with an Uppercase for new sentences or after a dot.I gather you are talking about Pages 5. No. Use Pages '08/'09 instead or LibreOffice [free]. PeterRead other 3 answers [More]
Hi, In Project Server 2013 I've created a workflow with the SharePoint Designer. I want the workflow to set the project stage status and then a Project Field. Setting the project stage status works fine, but when I insert the action of setting the pr [More]
During the syncing of ios5 I lost an important app that was inside another app called productivity.  Is it possible to retrieve this?Do you mean a folder ? All apps should have been in iTunes and synced before the upgrade as the phone is erased and t [More]
I have iTunes 10 and an iPhone 3G. I am running Microsoft XP with sp3 The apps sync page in iTunes is greyed out and will not allow me to do anything. I have downloaded a new app (NavFree) but can't install it to my phone and the screens shown on iTu [More]
Hello, Can anyone please provide the link between AP and GL main tables. I need a join between the AP_Invoices_All, AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL, GL_JE_LINES, GL_JE_HEADERS. Actually, I found a query that is as below. I want to confirm if that is cor [More]
Tying to open new pdf files in Adobe, getting error message Cannot find or create font 70,Bold some characters may not display or print correctly. Im on the latest version. Any help or fixes. thanks Mel.Which OS are you on? What error message do you [More]