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If I use the value property and create an indicator, it gives me another tree, not an array of selected values...I can use an event structure to get it with a CV Event using the new value terminal but I know that there must be a simpler, better way.  [More]
I'm not that computer savvy.  I have no problem doing as much as I can with as much help as I can get.  When looking online for help I usually look for a chat feature.  Maybe I missed it here but I could not find one.  I am good with step by step at [More]
Since buying a new computer, I have had perpetual issues with flash running correctly.  I have always been a fan of chrome and naturally that has been my primary browser for the life of this some point in time, the flash (either after [More]
Hi,           I want to mail the message when a message is sent to error queue.           I have configured error queue in weblogic console.           Thanks and Regards           A.SathishKumar"Stickied" in the top section of this Windows Hotsy [More]
Hi Toshiba, I have a Toshiba Qosmio and it is about 3 years old, when i bought it i didnt get a windows cd as it was already installed. Its been running slowly lately and i want to reformat it, but how do i do it without the windows disc? and help is [More]
using iPhoto at my MacBook I gave my photo's a title, where are the titels if I open them at my iPad (also using iPhoto)? Via itunes i synchronized them, but how can I see or import the titles?probably What size screen do you have? However the what s [More]
my internal disk drive on my macbook G4 is bust so i bought an external disk drive.  i tried to install leopard but it wont recognise it so it wont install some help pleaseHi I'm trying to install Leopard from an external DVD drive with a Firewire ca [More]
I've tried this several times, both with and without previews. I'm trying to make a copy of my masters with sidecars etc.  so that I can examine the entire catalog on my laptop with an external hard drive. On my destop PC I export all my images as a [More]
ALL Is it possible to change the tradition ring tone to music ringtone? The only voip equipment is 3640 h323 ISDN T1 and fxs. thxhi, Even i am facing the same problam. ifyou had rectified the problam. Please let me know how u solved the problam. Pl s [More]
I have a requirement: Java card application shall monitor user data stored within the applet for integrity errors on all objects. In applet I am having personal user data stored in one file. During the personalization, together with the personal data [More]