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How do I mount a partition at a specific mount point? For example I see a Vol01 disk image, which is a partition of one of my hard drives, sitting on my desktop. Under the disk utility it says that its mount point is /Volumes/Vol01. How do I mount th [More]
When I try to edit a photo, the photo gets all pixelated (like a checkerboard pattern) and the same thing happens if I try t edit and switch photo to B&W. I have been using iPhoto for years and this is a new occurrence......Thanks for trying to work [More]
So I have Photoshop CS5 extended and Im using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 260m 1gb video card. A Asus G60Vx laptop. 4gb of ram. So heres the story. When Im drawing on a picture it could be from 5 to 45 minutes of drawing ph [More]
When I try to add the Philippines to a map in iPhoto, it only highlights one island.  I'm entering other countries in the map, and it doesn't seem to have a problem with e.g. Vietnam or Cambodia (when I enter those it highlights the entire country). [More]
hello, I have a service class that automatically and successfully creates a Service Request from Email although it does not update email status in Agent Inbox. my situation is very similar to this one. [CRM ERMS workbench & Agent inbox status differe [More]
Hi All Will you be able to connect to a local iTunes Server from your iTouch, or is this a no go? More precise - Can a iTouch connect to a LAN Disk that has support for iTunes Service? Regards Torbeni mean in different machine.. like i have an applet [More]
I currently have a 15in Macbook Pro ( that I've had for over 4 yrs, so it has older software on it.) A couple weeks ago it broke, so I am looking into getting a new computer. My question is whether I should get the newer 15in Macbook pro or get the i [More]
How do I select Polyphonic Score Styles? Logic pro needs this selected before I can use the separation tool in a piano part.Click and hold your current score style, choose a piano score style with multiple midi channels. Change midi channels on notes [More]
Hi Everyone, I have been breaking my head with this problem for over a week. When initially installed the reports worked fine but now when I try and access the Report Selection I get the following java.lang.NullPointerException error. I am running EP [More]
Is there a good way to save a tif or jpg image as a vector image?Tomy, Presuming only web/similar use, you may Save a Copy (or Save As, but this may give some danger of ruining your AI document) as PDF as follows: 1) Use the setting Smallest File Siz [More]