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RC=-5 NIETIMEOUT from peer


Dial-Peer matches but fails to call out

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Hello, Am trying to get my CME configured for Callcentric.  I have both an inbound and an outbound plan. With my dial-peers configured for standard 11-digit and 10-digit dialing, calls go to fast busy after all digits except the last two are dialed. [More]

SAP PI 7.3 Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

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Hi     We upgraded the PI systems(Dev and Quality) from 7.0 to v7.3 Before the upgrade https scenario was working fine. Important thing is we were not using any certificates to transfer files to our vendor.  All the SOAP receiver adapter with HTTPS u[More]

Cisco 5505 VPN assistance - Resending P1 and Peer to Peer List No match

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Hello and thanks in advance to anyone that can help me with the IPSec connection.  the VPN were working when i first created them but now they wont connect.  Here is the error on the primary (local) firewall: (yes i know the time isnt set yet on the[More]

I just PAID for Black eyed peas Time of my life and now iTunes says I can't put it on my iPod 5th gen ? What? Why? And how can I get it on my ipod?

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I just PAID for Black eyed peas Time of my life and now iTunes says I can't put it on my iPod 5th gen ? What? Why? And how can I get it on my ipod? And if I can't put it on my ipod how do I get my money back? I registered my ipod on iTunes, why was a[More]

SAP Business One 8.8 running on a server with Peer to Peer

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Can SAP Business One 8.8  be install and run in a server with a Peer to Peer Operative system?You have more than one Oracle Release on the Server. hence more than one ORACLE_HOME. Check which is your default ORACLE_HOME on the server and check which[More]

Socket read error: connection reset by peer

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Hi. Has anybody experienced the error message �Socket read error: connection reset by peer� Please see below for detailed information. Appreciate your help Regards RT Enviroment specification Server: HP/UX 11.00 64-bit, Oracle RDBMS 64-bit[More]

Peer not authenticated?

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Hi, I have an agent running on a windows machine and I am getting a "peer not authenticated" error message when trying to configure it. Also I am getting errors when trying to access the "performance" link and the "administration&[More]

Error propagating servlet user to peer?

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Hello, We currently have a Windows 2003 Server 32bit running ColdFusion 8.01 with 3 instances named: cfusion, Instance1 and Instance2. Instance 1 and Instance 2 are clustered together and serving all our sites in IIS. We're hosting just over 200 site[More]

How to use the LAN NetStream for peer transmission, please help, write a sample code

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How to use the LAN NetStream for peer transmission, please help, write a sample codeNo reply, I reply, OhRead other 3 answers[More]

How do i set a peer to peer network between my iMac and windows machines?

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I want to set up a peer to peer network between my iMac and Windows based computers in my house.  I also want it to a wireless set up.  Mostly being done to share videos, pictures, and music. Any insight would be appreciated.I'm trying to connect my[More]

Site to Site calling issue - Cisco 2911 Dial Peer Configuration

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My customer dials from remote site to main site to their main site number, the call by-passes their auto attendant and goes directly to any random available party.  At first fingers were pointing to the their PBX, however we noticed one of their site[More]

How to make a peer to peer connection in a network using sockets

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My Project is about a multi agent meeting scheduling system.. I've kept the DB in the server and I only use the server to retrieve data from the database. I have used sockets to communicate with the server. Each peer in the network is an agent for a[More]

Sending a message to only one peer after NetGroup receive

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Hi Folks, I'm learning stratus and NetGroup to develop a P2P application that shares xml file between thousands of users. After a search by string over peers the user will receive xml files containing the searched string. So, see How I think it will[More]

SSL: Connection reset by peer ; Failed to enable crypto error while calling the report using bing API with SOAP client

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Hi, I am trying to fetch report using bing API and making a SOAP call for fetching the data. I get the following error: [Warning] fopen(): SSL: Connection reset by peer [file] /var/www/sites/psmedia/perfectstormmedia/tools/class/msn_api.class.php [li[More]

PIX-515E - Reason 412: the remote peer is no longer responding...

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Hi, I am unable to VPN to my network from outside using cisco VPN client to PIX-515E. When I try it say: Reason 412: the remote peer is no longer responding... From inside everything work ok, I can connect... (same computer, same settings...) Maybe t[More]

I want to set up my router for Peer To Peer connection.

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I recently started playing a new game that requires Peer to Peer connection, and I lag a lot when I log in, so I was wonder what options I would have to check, How to enable/disable options to optimize my gaming connection. What kind of router I have[More]

Windows 7 Home Premium Peer-to-peer network over a switch

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Sorry for asking such a basic question here. I am trying to setup a small office network. There are 5 computers all running Windows 7 Home Premium. Using a switch I want to connect all 5 together. I have a software package running on PC1, which will[More]

How to increase built-in cisco vpn peer response timer?

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Hi, I use OS x in-built cisco vpn client to connect to work VPN. The VPN server, or perhaps the radius server, takes a long time to return a response. OS X always try for 10 seconds, then drop the conneciton when no response from the remote peer. Whe[More]

This must have been answered before, but I wasn't sure how to search for it, so apologies in advance... I have several Apple devices and I want to put the paid apps I have on one device on another as well. I would have assumed this was possible - per [More]
Hi All, I have migrated the BI Publisher from 10g to 11g. The upgrade was done using the upgrade assistant and the installation process was a success. However whenever I try to access the reports in 11g after migration I get the following error: orac [More]
I did this quickly (relatively quickly anyway) to get close to the effect that I'm going for. I'd like to have the cube roll in the three words seperately. There's got to be an easier way than trying to line up the layers the manually in 3D space and [More]
Hello, I was recently playing one of the popular games from Storm8 (iMobsters, World War, Kingdoms Live) and I noticed some people were able to use a special font. The word "the" was shown vertically; as in, the "t" was on top of the & [More]
Hi, we are on BI7 and some of the BC masterdata extractions are not working correctly.  Some masterdata working fine, consequently communication between systems working, but some master data fields e.g. 0co_area, 0chrt_accts and more are not working [More]
my ipod touch has a screen saying tht i need to connect it to itunes but when i plug it in my computer it doesnt show up and the screen doesnt go away. i dont know if it's a problem with my ipod or with my computer. please helpppppp- You can try anot [More]
Hi, We are using SRM 4.0 classic scenario. Having two issues regarding Vendor Bid.. 1. When the Bid invitation is submitted we would like the system to send the Extranet alias URL to the vendor for logging in rather than the original ITS URL for vend [More]
In, I have an Analysis pivottable that I can insert into Excel via the OBIEE Office Add-in. However, you can't use hierarchical columns with the add-in, only attribute columns. Nonetheless, attribute columns like "Per Year Name" are dri [More]
I used migration Assistant to Migrate to a new Imac(late 2013), The new machine was 10.8.4 so the very first thing I did was add an account so I could update. I suspect this was the root cause of my problem because then when I migrated the account I [More]
Hello,  I am trying to build an application in C# which will be able to send commands to more than one device on the GPIB BUS. For example I have 3 devices connected to the computer with addresses as:"GPIB0::18::INSTR","GPIB0::19::INSTR&quo [More]