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Automatically creation of storage location for material, in MF60

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Hi all, my collegue of PP module uses MF60 transaction. When he puts XXXX as Replenishment storage location, the system tells him this error: To stge loc. XXXX does not exist for material M1010000182 in plant 0001. In MM i have activate the automatic[More]

Material stagging at storage location level

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Hi Guys, When i do material stagging at storage location level (MF60) material moved from one storage location to another storage location 311 and material document is created in system . I want to do it through two steps that is material issue from[More]

MRP at storage location level with external requirements

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HI, We have to have reorder point planning at storage location level. Also we need to consider external requirements. When I am setting storage location MRP indicator as 2 and putting Reorder point and replenishment quantity, then after running MRP i[More]

Stock transfer between Plant/Storage location to Plant/Storage location

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Dear Experts, This is a MM component of SAP Retail. We have 4 brands ( Plants of type B, Plants of type C etc) that needs inventory from the same Distribution center (Plant A) for some common products. Here the direction is to prioritize the inventor[More]

Erorr while changing storage location in VL02N

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Guyz, Firstly despite the plant+storage location + warehouse no. assignments are done , my replenishment delivery (delivery for stock transport order between plants under same company code) is not picking up storage location and warehouse no and thus[More]

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