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Hi all, i need to get the region name for a selected page, but i don't know how to do it. Does it exist a method called 'GetRegionName' or 'GetRegionId'? Thanks bye, Simonai have a page with 2 tabs and i need to get the unique name or the unique id o [More]
Hai experts, It would be garteful if you can clarify my doubt. In ECC we maintain pricing condition records in VK11, do we down load them to CRM? if so what is the Load object name(per say for PR00), and the path where can we see the records in CRM a [More]
I'm a fresher. I want to publish and record video stream in h.264 and audio stream in AAC format . Does flash player support to publish video stream in h.264 format ? And which version of flash player and FMS could implement this function ? Thank you [More]
Greetings, I have the version BO XI Release 2 with service pack 5. When I try export a specific universe I received the error message of the subject. The DB is in Oracle. Support me in this matter.Hi, Did you use import wizard to migrate the universe [More]
I have an Adobe AIR application that connects with a java server using AMF Streaming connection(mx.messaging.channels.StreamingAMFChannel) in BlazeDS. The web server used is jboss6.1.0. When I connect to the server from my 64bit Windows 7 PC, the Ado [More]
I recently made the move from film/video production to Legal Video. Pa(and most other states) requires date and time stamping to be visible on screen at all times. I am using a JVC gy DV500, and unfortunately it will not stamp it for me(visibly durin [More]
I think this topic has been addresed...sort of. I bought my wife the Nano 4gb and sport kit for xmas. Now I want to use it. I understand my gate is different and I can get skewed data. The solution I read was to get another sensor and link to the cur [More]
I've been able to do it before but now whenevr I try it says, "iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. The network connection timed out. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active. Then try again". My [More]
Hi, i want to write an sql query, which might extract only the data with ('s) as given below:      ADDRESS_FORM      116 NORTH 'C' STREET      MCWILLIAM'S ROAD      MCWILLIAM'S ROAD      FISHERMAN'S WHARF      22 ANDERSON'S LANE      NED'S BEACH ROAD [More]
I am trying to get skype but I need iOS 4.3 and I tried to update but the option software update is not in my setting how else can I update? Hello pleaseTo update iTunes 10 for Windows: Update and restore software on iPod, iPhone, or iPad A 1G iPod c [More]