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Hi Everybody, How to Create the new UWL list view which can be attached to new role...? the actual requirement is to fetch the Process and task from the workflow and display them in new view with there many attributs... I am using NWDS7.2 CE and requ [More]
I'm using After Effects CC 2014 and doesn't seem to be the option anymore to export via AE to H264. There used to be a button in the preferences to enable outdated codecs... not there anymore with CC 2014. So... I added my renders into Media Encoder. [More]
I have just purchased a quad set of BT XB2500 - these were to replace BT Struass 1500 Trio that went 'faulty'. The fault was that when the answering machine switched in, it cut out and didn't offer the outgoing message and didn't record any messages. [More]
Hello, I am almost finished with a large Flex 2.01 project and wanted to see if there would be any problems with the Application porting to Flex 3 plus I wouldn't mind trying out some of the cool features that were implemented. After installing Flex [More]
Hello Everyone, When we display the Trip form in Travel Management on portal the PDF form in displaying only as a small window and the Maximize button on the window is also disabled by default. We want that to be active. Could anyone please help us i [More]
In continuation of this thread on the beta forums: This morning I tried to launch CS6 beta by double-clicking a Photoshop file (this is a file that was saved with CS5) and I'm again greeted with the Adoboe Phot [More]
I run VI Logger 2.0.1 with NI-DAQPAD 6015. I select the control logging with a digital channel for the logging condition of the task. The task logs data intermittently with an interval of few hours or few minutes. The cycle begins with logging data f [More]
We are calling a PHP file from Authorware 7. Originally, nothing would happen when the php file was called and the server would time out and act as though the php file could not be found (with a 5006 error). But we finally realized that it wanted to [More]
Hi,   Is there any standard program that can be used to restrict a list of PERNRS for read access to a particular infotype for a certain amount of time? The requirement is to restrict IDs(except batch ID) to change/create any time data in IT 2001/200 [More]
Hi All I have created Marketing Prospects and the respective target group using ELM. Now when i add this Target Group to my campaign it gives an error "selected segment is not a valid business partner segment" Also i wanted to know the following [More]