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Post Author: tdecicco CA Forum: General We have a report created in Excel that we want to use in Crystal. We've explored the possibility of inserting it as an OLE object, but find it difficult to edit it in Crystal. Is there another way we can use th [More]
Im using the most recent version of Lightroom 5.3 (updated through CC - even though this has shown up on previous version) on Windows 7 and all the folders in my library are showing up with the directory path in front of my folder names. How can I ge [More]
Here is the problem: A few months ago my iTunes no longer recognized my pod even though my computer did. I went through Apple's suggestions, reinstalling software/iTunes to no avail. I reset my pod to factory settings, but it would still not be recog [More]
I was recently forced into getting a Macbook Pro (I would have preferred an iMac if I had to buy a Mac at all) and everything has gone as well as can be expected (background: I build PCs and am a Linux user. I am proficient in Mac/Windows/Linux with [More]
Hello i've installed MBAM 2.5 following the indication from Lancecr. But i've some questions The corporate image have 2 partition, and the user Profiles are in the second partition. I've bitlocker the drives. When i start up i can't complete the proc [More]
Hello, I upgraded since several muonths from now, but: I installed Ps CS3 > Activated before installing Upgrade CS4. I already unactiveted CS3, but wonder if i may deleed Ps CS3 and having Ps CS4 still running correctly ? I have the same situation wi [More]
I have recently installed a Chinese version 8i to my computer with Windows ME. There appeared to be some incompatibility between the Chinese and the English. I wanted to uninstall the 8i but there seemed to be no proper uninstaller provided. What I c [More]
I inadvertently deleted my entire junk folder which contained some valuable messages. I then right clicked and deleted my trash. Can this junk folder or its messages be recovered?If your mail server has a browser interface (webmail access such as mai [More]
Hallo, I am integrating e(fx)clipse in my development environment to build a JavaFx Applications based on GEF4. I would like to understand the difference in the content of different update sites. As example i consider the three following update sites [More]
My iphone deleted certain events added in my calendar.  How do I retrieve them?  I have no idea how it happened.If these are older events that are disappearing, go to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Sync (in the Calendars section) and set this to a [More]