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I recently upgraded my 3gs to a 4s. When I synced it to ITunes it did not transfer all my text conversations, contacts and emails. Is there a way to do this?Try restoring the iPhone 4S from the iPhone 3GS's backup.Read other 2 answers [More]
I just recieved a new iPod and I cannot remember what the summary tab is. If anyone knows, that would be a great help.It's the first of the iPod preference tabs. From there you can update the iPod's software, restore it to factory settings, change it [More]
Do you have the steps required after a host for an 11g server is renamed? tnsname and init.ora is easy, but it isn't that simple these days. dbconsole seems to be an issue. Can't find it on metalink.dbconsole seems to be an issue. Can't find it on me [More]
Hi , My client has a requirement where they need to raise Zero Value Purchase Order to IT Service Desk for procuring  IT Equipments / Phones / Laptops . So the service desk is our internal vendor who negotiates with IT Hardware providers to procure s [More]
I have a simple thumbnail gallery to which I am attempting to apply the Spry Sliding Panels widget. I am creating the gallery from an xml file, and this seems to be working fine. I looked at the code of the Sliding Panels examples, but being the Spry [More]
Hi, Could you please help me "How to manage wait time in between pages loading while playback script using etester? Thanks, RJ.RJ You can edit the think time in eTester by: Expand the tree node and right click on the address bar to select Address Pro [More]
Hi all, We have PeopleSoft application running on Weblogic 5.1 SP12. How do we use JSP files in this weblogic version ? We are trying to use a custom jsp file. Quick help is much appreciated.. Thanks MaddyWebLogic 8.1 supports JSP 1.2, which doesn't [More]
Hi All SELECT DATE '2009-08-10' dt, 'CP' TYPE, 500 amount FROM dual When we execute the above query its fine. But when we specify datatype for the second column TYPE like the first date column dt. Its shows error "ORA-00936: missing expression". [More]
From a command prompt: dfsrdiag dumpmachinecfg Look at the debug log file path, is the drive it's hosted on full?So I ran dcdiag again and this time actually had a DFSR event on the PDC. 3 Events all the same all about 2 hours ago:TextThe DFS Replica [More]
I have the serial number too! Thanks for any help.Hello, in my eyes you only have to install your CS5 on your new PC, as usual. For further informations you can use Troubleshoot launch issues, problems | CS6, CS5.5, CS5 Good luck! Hans-GünterRead oth [More]