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Attempted to move calendar from Yahoo mail page to Palm Desktop in my Macbook-- Yahoo page says "don't use Intellisync" --thre is a new program called Autosync--but it turns out it doesn't work for Macs --clearly, many instructions on Yahoo page [More]
Hi i have a string value as IN's/Out Report for Repairs i need to take the count of table records for above matching string value ex select count(*) from Table_x where doc_type in ('IN's/Out Report for Repairs') its throwing me sytanctical error as s [More]
Hi everybody ! I've been using keytool for years to generate client certificates that I would send to an enrollment server to get it signed by the CA. Here is the sequence : (1) Generating the key pair : keytool.exe -genkey -alias client-cert -keyalg [More]
hello i have a polygon that i want to trace the inside of... using: g2.setStroke( new BasicStroke( 20, //float width, BasicStroke.CAP_SQUARE, //int cap, BasicStroke.JOIN_MITER, 1, new float[] { 12, 12 }, 1 g2.draw( myRect ); this code traces the shap [More]
Most of my PrPro editing has been done for website video, but now I am needing to do some DVD authoring. I am not totally inexperienced with this, having done some home movies that way, but this project is too important to cut corners, and will be sc [More]
Hello again, I have another question. Just to refresh I am using DWCS3 with MAMP on my MBP Leopard 10.5.6. I have created a form with the form wizard and a Transitional <!DOCTYPE> I have added the php validation code pages 481 to 485 The Essential G [More]
I am enrolled to start the desigh course at Sydney TAFE in July. Will a receipt from TAFE allow me to puchase the student version of CS6?Hi, Please refer to it [More]
I have a simple bpel process that calls only one webservice. The service is hosted on my machine. I can call it when I deploy BPEL process to ActiveBPEL but when that exact same BPEL is deployed to OracleBPM; the process times out and I don't get any [More]
Hello there. I've been running OS X 10.4.11 on my MBP for two years, and I'm interested in upgrading to Leopard. I can't find it in any stores, so that leaves eBay, I guess. I am wondering what the difference is between the Leopard "Drop-In" ins [More]
Gurus! How we can find the last character in a string. e.g i have a string say "Str" with value "10-01". Now i want to find the last character in "Str" i.e "ONE=1". i am using Oracle developer 6i with Oracle 8i(1.7) [More]