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sap excel 2007 download format error


Excel 2007 = Refresh All = Error Message "Initialization Data Source Failed"

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Excel 2007 => Data Tab - Refresh All => Error Message "Initialization Data Source Failed 2nd Error message: The following data ranged failed to refresh:  ExternalData1 - Continue to refresh all How do I resolve this? Trying to connect to Oracle[More]

Excel 2007 and Excel 2003 format

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Hi all, we have some problems with Excel file format on BPC 7.5NW SP06: 1- We save input schedules or reports woth Excel 2007 file format. Then when we try to open these report they are corrupted (we click on "Open" and nothing happens). We can[More]

BSP - download xlsx(excel 2007) document - error

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Hi all, i have a requirement to download different types of documents saved in server. All MS office documents are downloading correctly. it is supporting .xls files but .xlsx files are beiong saved and opened but with empty data, when opened in text[More]

Error - using MS Excel 2007

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Hi All, Very recently I have upgraded my system to MS Excel 2007 from MS Excel 2003. Now when I try to refresh a workbook the system throws an error message saying " Run time error '13' - Type mismatch ". And then gets disconnected from the BW s[More]

Error in Excel 2007.

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We have a user who gets an error when he will start the BPC for Excel in Excel 2007. And he can not open the BPC for Excel. The following error message appears: "In order to open the file Ev4Excel.xla the file had to be repaired or it was forced to r[More]

Getting Runtiime error while exporting to Excel 97-2000 format (URGENT)

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Post Author: net_us2001 CA Forum: Exporting Hello Everyone, This is my first time in this forum. I am getting runtime error while exporting the report in EXCEL 97-2000, but exporting perfactly in MS-EXCEL (Data only) format. I found the reason is, us[More]

Hello, I am trying to restrict the values available for entry into a SELECT-OPTIONS at run time depending on user input. The logic is as follows. The user has two input fields. A PARAMETER field which has the type RSDIOBJNM and allows them to choose [More]
hellow, i am creating a user exit , The user exit run when i use tranzaction fd02 and fd01 which sy- do i have to use in order that this user exit will run only in fd01-? IF SY-???? EQ 'FD01'. ENDIF. THANKS.Hi, Use System field SY-TCODE = 'FD01'. Tha [More]
hi all     can anybody tell me the coding lines for 1)when checking a check box 'test run' in selection-screen, a particular output field(for eg.,itab_final-WBS1) has to be updated in standard table(e.g,CATSDB-WBS)  ,if not checked,it should not be u [More]
Hi, I have been trying to build a table in a BI Report that does the following my attempts so far have not work. What I would like to happen is to have a table that has 15 rows displayed even if there are not 15 line items and in the event of more th [More]
My mom has an iPod 2nd gen. I have been using it this whole time until Christmas. I got an iPod 5th gen. We listen to the same type of music and hers is on iTunes on the computer. I want to have my own iPod (set up as new) not set up with her account [More]
How do I get past a forgotten passcode and reopen a ipod touch?Connect the iPod to your computer and restore via iTunes.  yu may have to place the iPod in recovery mode to restore. For recovery mode: iPhone and iPod touch: Unable to update or restore [More]
Hi All, I am a newbie in Oracle reporting. I am using 10g. I have an oracle report whose output format is PDF from the user interface. User asked for Spreadsheet output. I changed the JAVA CODE "desformat" = Spreadsheet and got the report in Exc [More]
hi all, m using netbeans to design a web app. it got to the point of connecting to a mysql database, i tried to follow the recommendation of using a datasource instead, and i edited the META-INF\context.xml and WEB-INF\web.xml as follows respectively [More]
I have been using my Ipad for about two weeks. All of a sudden I cannot access Mail any longer. Cannot get to it through Preferences either to effect settings. Any help?You might want to check your process for moving your iTunes music against this: h [More]
When the my HP color laser jet 2600n print a page, it is no question if this is blank or colored, the paper show 2 vertical strips constiued for more parallel very thin lines. One strip is large about 1.2 cm at 3,5 cm from the edge; the other is larg [More]