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SAP route deny permission


Is this possible: SNC connection from SAP GUI to SAP Router, and ...

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Hi, I have (stupid perhaps) question. Is this scenario possible: SNC connection from SAP GUI to SAP Router, and non-SNC connection from SAP Router to SAP System. I know how to set up scenario like this: SAP System --- (non-SNC conn) --- saprouter1 --[More]

SAP router error on windows server 2008 64bit

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Hi All, I am installing sap router on windows 2008 server 64 bit. While trying to generate certificate request it showing below error. E:\usr\sap\saprouter\nt-x86_64>sapgenpse get_pse -v -r certreq -p local.pse "CN= solman, OU=000XXXXXXX, OU=SAPro[More]

JCO Creation error using SAP router string

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Hi All, I have created technical system using customer system IP. After that I have created the JCO I have given the details while creating a JCO: JCO Name : <Name> Client detail:  <Client> Message Server :< hostname> Logon Group :<SP[More]

SAP Router start issue

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Hello All We are facing the following issue while starting the SAP router. The router just hangs with the following statement in the command prompt. trcfile dev_rout no logging active upon providing trace level 3 and looking into the dev_route file,[More]

Connection to R/3 with SAP Router

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Hello, I want a connecton from XI 3.0 to R/3 with SAP Router. But if i want to import the RFCs i become no connection. I Edit Software Component Version, but there is it not possible to set any Sap Router String. For Connection Data you can only set[More]

I am trying to open a recent document in Pages. It says I need a newer version of pages to open document. When I go to install pages it says I already have on this computer and to check software updates. There are no updates showing. Now what?? I can [More]
My 17" G4 flat panel iMac can't get on my Airport Extreme network. It has been on the network for years. All of a sudden I can't get on my own network. The Airport extreme uses a WAP2 Security password. Everything else in my home is on this network i [More]
I've added several users to the www group using NetInfo. As you can see, it seems to have worked: whisper:~ mark$ sudo niutil -read . /groups/www users: www,mark,rbgramacy realname: HTTP Users name: www generateduid: ABCDEFAB-CDEF-ABCD-EFAB-CDEF00000 [More]
The question topic sums it up - after a recent upgrade one website stopped working properly in FF, even in Safemode, redirecting to subsection instead of opening main page. When I use IE Tab or IE, website opens fine.No, the problem is resolved. The [More]
Dear Expert, Would like to seek for your help,Does SAP have report display the history of dunning for AR module and what are the T-code and report? Please help. Regards, KHHi Dunning status is updated in customer master,you can get the required data [More]
Hi.. We enter Invoice No. in 'Delivery Note' field while posting GR and after we do capturing Excise invoice w r t GR in J1IEX. Is there any setting to get 'Delivery Note'  number flows/copied into 'Excise Invoice No.' in J1IEX. or How to it can be a [More]
I am runing lion and latest version of itunes.  I have match on, home sharing on and using icloud.  my itunes started hanging up and required me to force quit.  then upon restart of itunes and restart of computer itunes would take upwards of 15 minut [More]
Can you please tell me how I can change Bing as the default search engine setting on my browser? I have checked the internet option and account setting. It doesn't seem it can be done.Refer this : [More]
I continue to experience an aggrivating message from iCal. "The password may have been entered incorrectly. Reenter the password for account "Yahoo!" on the CalDAV server "" At the top of the iCal message [More]
After installing Mavericks, my computer is not responding and reacting as quickly as (I think) it should. Here are the EtreCheck results. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! Hardware Information:           iMac (27-inch, Mid 2010) [More]