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Gray display using S-video out on Satellite A200-24B

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Hello every one I have Toshiba Satellite A200-24B , provided with S-Video port, when i connect to my TV, at always display in Gray scale mode ( No colors ) I tried to use other Cable and other TV, but still with the same problem. the cable i used is[More]

Satellite A200 - need help with USB boot

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Hi to all, I have a startup problem with my Satellite A200. I am booting from my USB key. It is bootable Linux to install the tutorial is this: Insert the USB key or drive you want to boot from. Restart the computer. During startup, when prompted, pr[More]

Is it possible to upgrade or exchange graphic card on Satellite A200?

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Some one please tell me if its possible to install anther graphics card in my laptop.I have a Satellite *A200-1Z3* which has an on board display adapter (MOBILE INTEL (R)965 Express Chipset Family).Unfortunately something like this is not possible. T[More]

Satellite A200-AH5 CD/DVD drive does not burn any CDs

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I own a Toshiba Satellite laptop (A200 -AH3) running Windows Vista Home Premium. For what it is worth, the processor is a T2085 @ 1.73 GHz. It is a 32-bit Operating System. In Device Manager when I click on DVD/CD Rom drives, I get TSSTcorp CD/DVDW T[More]

Satellite A200-1vp with Vista - CD/DVD drive failure code 39

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Hi, I have been burning and watching DVDs on my Satellite A200-1vp, with vista, since February, the last time I burned anything was a couple of weeks ago. Suddenly there's a problem, no response when I load a disc and my divx player tells me no recor[More]

Hi I encountered this error while creating a SC. All attributes for this user are maintained and the "check user" transaction does not give any error. Amol Mate Error when processing your request What has happened? The URL http://punhjwsapsrm:80 [More]
Hi there. I have a MSI KT3 Ultra ARU motherboard, AMD XP 2600+, 2x 256 MB Apacher DDR 333 and a Radeon 9700 Pro card. Yesterday I changed CPU from Thunderbird 1.4 to XP 2600+. I had some memory problems with one of the apacher modules, but everything [More]
Hello Partners! I have the following mashine: (sorry for Russian, but i see - it is the clear information) Название модели:          Mac Pro   Идентификатор модели:          MacPro3,1   Имя процессора:          Quad-Core Intel Xeon   Скорость процесс [More]
Hi, I have the 2009 mac mini (2.2GHz cor 2 duo nvidia 9400 256mb) and I recently purchased the Panasonic TC-L37D2 LED LCD tv. I use the mini dvi to dvi adapter with a belkin dvi to hdmi cable I purchased at the apple store to connect the mac mini to [More]
Hi. I'm having a big problem with my Macbook and a projector (a cinema theatre projector to be more accurate). The projector stays 10m away from the computer. The screen flickers all the time, and colors doesn't appear right. I already spent so much [More]
hi, i need to check the word space in a pdf file. if the the space between any two words exceeds 6pt i should be get alerted. also such events should be displayed as a log file. is there any possibilites to check the above criteria in adobe professio [More]
Wanting to upgrade my RAM and need to know how much it can handle. HOpefully someone can answer this for meBe sure you buy from a reputable Mac-friendly supplier as Macs are notoriously sensitive to memory.  Two of the best are Crucial and OWC, http: [More]
I have two accounts (A and B) from the same provider on my pc, B is also on another pc and used by someone other than me. Thus, B on my pc is a duplicate and I do not want it displayed on my pc. How do I get it off?What's wrong with deleting B?Read o [More]
When I open my computer if I check mail on entourage first and there are 30+ messages I can not use other apps at the same time as the mail is downloading, is there a way to have email operating in the background. Curiously if I am using another appl [More]
Hello... I have edited action footage (featuring football) in Final Cut Express and the exported it as a .mov file. When I played the .mov file from Quicktime, it plays great. But, when I imported my movie into iDVD, burned it to a DVD+R, and watched [More]