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Satellite L655D-S5050 will not start

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Hello! I have owned my Satellite L655D-S5050 for a little over a year, and this is the first major problem it has given me.  I'll try to explain as best as I can. A few days ago, I was using my computer as I usually do, and closed the lid when I was[More]

Can't get Satellite L655D-S5050 to reinstall W7 with Geek Squad Discs

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Hello, My nephews Toshiba Satelite L655D with Win7 got so slow, it was also sending out e-mails to his Contacts without him doing it. So I tried to use the Geek Squad 3 DVD's they made for us when we purchased Laptop about year ago & a Windows Recove[More]

Satellite L655D-S505​0 Problems With Start Up

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After one month of usage my Satellite L655D-S5050 would not start up. It keeps referring me to a blank screen and a cursor. What can I do before trying to get the recovery discs?During Boot, press repeatedly F8 to see if you can access the Windows Bo[More]

My Satellite L655D S5109 will not start (as happens to many users)

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Hello I was reading different entries and many users saw the same thing happens to me. After using my L655D laptop normally put into hibernation. The next day, when turned on nothing happened: no boot image appears, the HD LED is not lit and the LEDs[More]

How to connect Cam to Video to Satellite L655D?

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My daughter has a Toshiba Satellite L655D and wants to get Video footage she has shot on a Sony DCR-HC51 camcorder onto her system. The camera supports DV iLink s400 with a 4 pin IEEE1394 firewire connector. The laptop however doesn't appear to have[More]

Satellite L655D-S5109 Volume Control?

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Does anyone know how I can control the volume on the Satellite L655D-S5109?  I have no wheel or anything on the computer.  I do notice that on the number 3 and 4 keys there's an icon which I assume is for volume up and down, but I have yet to figure[More]

L655D-S5050 Internal Mic Not Plugged In? Stumped!

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I reviewed related forum posts without success.  My Toshiba laptop L655D-S5050 hard drive failed a few months ago so I replaced the hard drive.  The recovery disks I originally made did not work (no apparent reason why) so I ended up reinstalling dri[More]

WXP support for Satellite L655D-133

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I would like to buy A Toshiba L655D-133 but i need to know drivers are available for Windows XP if anyone knows i would be most grateful.Hello Satellite L655D is preinstalled with Windows 7 as you can see on Toshiba website but thats no problem: If y[More]

Satellite L655D S5 - S5055: No power to screen, wifi antenna, HDD

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I am having an issue with my Toshiba Satellite L655D - S5055.  The other day I went to go use it and after a short amount of time of being logged into Windows(7), it shut off.  It did this twice, making me think it was overheating.  I tried it after[More]

Satellite L655D-S5116 - Recovery wizard asks for disk

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When I get to the recovery wizard on my toshiba l655d-s5116 i should be able to select it and move to next screen where I can select recovery (out of box state). I have done this in the past without a problem but now when I click on recovery wizard t[More]

Satellite L655D won't start anymore

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So I spilled ramen soup onto my cousin's laptop (so stupid...) on the body below the keyboard... She took it home to clean it some but I guess she did a poor job because it started for a few hours and then the next day, it refused to start... I kind[More]

Satellite L655D - user profile service will not load

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I have not been able to log in my partner on a new user account, keeps showing the message user profile service will not load - I have previously tried to use Face Recognition, but was not able to configure this properly, and deleted the account. The[More]

Satellite L655D S5109 display problems

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So this is what happened before: 1. I don't know if this is related but like two months ago there was a day where the batery would't charge. if i plugged it to a power source the % of the batery would remain the same, if i disconnect it it would go d[More]

Installing Arch on Toshiba Satellite L655D

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Okay, so on m other machines, I've had no problem installing arch. But on my laptop I recently bought, I came across one that halted the entire installation process. Basically, I go to install arch, and my network drivers are non existant. The only i[More]

Satellite L655D Monitor

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I turn on my laptop and the screen just stays black...the fan runs and  the lights come on but other than that nothing. I've tried unplugging it and taking out the battery and holding the power button down for 30-90 seconds...but no dice. Any ideas o[More]

Satellite L655D-S5093 error

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Hello! I am getting this error every time I start my Toshiba laptop saying "Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (Build 083) Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation For Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller v2.0.1.9 (12/15/09) Check cable connection! PXE-M0F: Exiting In[More]

Satellite L655D S5055

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I have a problem with the processor fan. It will run loudly at 5 to 10 mintues a time every hour. Today it has run for 20 or so minutes loudly. I have checked but there is no BIOS update. Is there a program that regulates fan speed and noise? Thanks[More]

Some software are not working properly,don't know why?

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I can't convert video files to mp3. I tried with different software;real player, format factory, etc. But every time pop up msg shows "RealConverter or format factory has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Window[More]

Can't initiate factory restore

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The sound card on my recently-inherited Toshiba satellite L655D-S5050 has been malfunctioning so I want to try to repair it via factory restore, except I can't find/access the factory image.  Seriously, I've tried everything.  The boot menu, the setu[More]

Toshiba Satellite Won't start up

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I have a toshiba satellite L655D-S5095 laptop. I bought it from a rent to own store. It came with no discs or a manual. I was online this morning when my PC froze up and stopped responding. A blue box with a message about the bios. I turned it off an[More]

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