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View 'CUT Home Page View (CME)' is not licensed for this site.(SBL-DAT-0032

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Hi Siebel guru, I am getting below error when i login in to sibel server. View 'CUT Home Page View (CME)' is not licensed for this site.(SBL-DAT-00327) can any one help me out to solve this issue ASAP. Regards PrabhatHi Goud, In Installtion time it a[More]

Error in Account related information sections Access denied.(SBL-DAT-00553)

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Hi, I have 2 users, 1 from Spain and the other from Italy. The spanish user is the owner of an account and adds the user from italy to the account team section with full access to the account. The italian user is able to view the account. However the[More]

since i have updated my iphone 4 to the new software it wont let me download new apps or update old ones on my phone as it has an old email address as my apple id......ive checked on the bottom of the featured page and it has my new ID and on my lapt [More]
Built Apache using openssl 1.0.1e (updated LD_LIBRARY_PATH to reflect the correct openssl libs) and pcre. Configure for build was: configure --enable-ssl=shared --with-ssl=/usr/local/ssl  --enable-so --with-included-apr --with-pcre  --with-perl Also [More]
Hi, I'm new into IT and I was wondering if somebody could help me set up Port Mapping. Here's my scenario -  We have set up an Asterisk VoIP server that uses UDP port 5060 and another port range, and we want any public incoming connections destined f [More]
Hi All, I am developing an application that needs to sync for different users in Windows Mobile. I had setup publication, publication items etc. and was able to sync for different users from the mobile. What I notice is that there are no separate dat [More]
So, Apple in it's infinate wisdom has nearly ruined my honeymoon and I'm at my wits end to save what is left of my digital archive of the trip.  How on earth can I SAVE my photo stream pictures OFF of an iDevice??  I have 210 pictures that I desperat [More]
Hi, I'm a pc user and am trying to access an ical via the icloud. This ical houses information about work etc and it is quite important that I can gain access to it. To that end I have created an apple id and password and downloaded the icloud for th [More]
Sorry for the poor grammar and spelling, but was trying to get in my question in the limited character window.. The how to link that most folks get sent to , say's I need to create at least 1 contact in Outl [More]
Hello People, I´m wondering if anybody knows a better way to make two user share the same itunes library without duplicate it... ´couse My Wife and I become to a point where we decided to have diferent account session... but the topic about the share [More]
Hello I am new to Macs and bought my iMac a couple of years ago.  Since that time, I have not installed any programs and have all of my photos, music, and documents on an external hard drive.  Whenever I use my computer, I mainly use iTunes, Safari,a [More]
I am trying to update my itouch to the ipod 2.1 software, but when it tries to backup my itouch, it takes about 30 minutes and then comes back and says "an error has occurred while attempting to backup the ipod, error code is -6971. It then asks if I [More]