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Index > select role# from defrole$ d,user$ u >

select role# from defrole$ d,user$ u


GRC CUP - How to add a custom field in "Select Roles/Groups" form

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Hi Forum, I created a custom field "REGION" in CUP configuration. I used this field in "Role Attributes" In "New Account" workflow, when i click on Select Roles/Groups" a screen for Select Roles/Groups will display to se[More]

Issue with the ROLES in Precalculation of WebTemplate in Reporting Agent.

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HI BWers, I am having trouble in understanding the functionality of ROLES and USERS in the Reporting Agent. My goal is to pre-calculate WebTemplate,so the users can get the data results based on their ROLES. -> When I select ROLES under Authorization[More]

Cannot edit any roles in CUP5.2 due to "Enter a valid Role Name" error

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We are running CUP 5.2. I am having a problem with our Roles after they were uploaded into CUP; I cannot make any changes to the Role Details because CUP returns an error stating that our Role Names are invalid. First I uploaded the roles (I continue[More]

How to highlight the selected value in a table

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Hi All, I have list of roles in a table like admin,dba...etc. i will select the current selected role using   Stgin role =wdCotext.currentElement().getRole(); After getting the role i bind this value in context. now my requiremnet is i will navigate[More]

Integrate GRC 10.1 with CUA and how to import roles from CUA & Child systems into GRC for provisioning

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Hello, I am trying to integrate CUA into our GRC 10.1 system through the below steps and so far I have completed the below steps following SAP Notes 1680108 and 1616121: 1. Connected CUABOX to GRCBOX like a plug-in system. 2. Updated CUA Global Syste[More]

Problem with Role import in GRC 10.0

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Dear GRC Gurus, I want to import roles from backend to GRC 10.0 system. for this I am using NWBC. In NWBC --> Access Management --> Mass Role Maintenance --> Role Import --> in this age below OPtions are selected: Role Selection --> Technic[More]

Getting the active role of an user in a trigger

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Hello forum!! I've been searching to find out if and how I can get the active role of an user when programming a trigger. Unfortunately I did not succeed in finding some information about this. Is it possible? If yes, how? Thanks for any hint regardi[More]

Hi, User has by mistake cancelled the Depot Invoice, reversed the goods issue for Delivery, Deleted the Delivery and Deleted the Sales order. He missed to cancel the Depot Excise Invoice. Now how to Cancel this Depot Excise invoice. In J1IJ, system i [More]
As topic says, I can not add a picture to the JFrame from an ActionListener class which is a class inside the JFrame class. I have a class where I load an image with ImageIcon chosen with JFileChooser. I my window class (main class), I have [More]
So, I upgraded to iTunes 6 and I installed the upgrade Quicktime 7.0.3 that came with the upgraded iTunes. I have all the current XP Pro updates installed, I have all the memory, videocards, etc etc that are in the system requirements for iTunes 6. I [More]
All, I just wanted to bring to the ApEx developers something I just noticed... I use the Shared Components > Database Object Dependencies report to make sure all is well before moving applications into production. The Parsing Errors feature of that r [More]
I am having problems opening a bi publisher report from a colomn link in a standard report. My standard report is select reg_id, frg_no from my_tableThen in the REG_ID column, I place the following in the URL link. javascript:popupURL('BI_URL.Guest/M [More]
I just bought the new Canon S95.  I download pics off of a reader and usually go directly through LR.  This time, LR would only download the few Jpgs I had on the SD card and showed me "The files are from a camera which is not recognized by the raw f [More]
I have two laptops, one is a Mac Pro - newest computer to the family. And the other is a PC running Windows XP. I have the software loaded on PC to use my 8330 as a modem to connect to the internet. My question is can I load the same software onto th [More]
Hello, My requirement is to create a folder in presentation server using webdynpro abap.. I tried on this CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICRES classes ..but its getting an short dump. Is there any way to create folder using classes / FM.. Regards, Praveen kumar [More]
Hello, Like most folks I have a number of calendars - home, personal projects, work, etc. Each is handily color coded in Calendar, which is great. So far, so good. However, in my *single* work calendar (which is served from a company account on Googl [More]
Hi, Here am trying to work with an ADF application to suport bookmarking. Following are the steps I did to create a sample application. Created a bounded task-flow (user-details.xml), which has the "Method call" as default activity along with an [More]