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Hi, I have installed Oracle VM (Xen) and within it 2 VM Templates: One for Oracle 11g DB and the other with Siebel App. RHEL5.3 x86 The problem is that I cannot get the xen network bridge to work properly and get no ping to the gateway or any other i [More]
Firstly, I'm new here so if this is in the wrong section then I apologise now I recieved my MacBook Pro 13" in September '10 for my 18th Birthday off my Dad. My Dad says he remembers buying Apple Care for my MacBook but because I was an Apple N00b ba [More]
Hi, I am using APEX 2.0 (not bundled with Database Express). I issued the following sql in SQL Developer: select id, name from htmldb_application_files; I get zero rows returned. I then created a Reports region in APEX with the same sql statement and [More]
I'm not able to create ivars for my outlets in Interface Builder. I follow these steps: Open the header file in the Assistant Editor Ctrl-Drag from a UILabel in the view to the header after the @interface line When the popup appears, select "outlet&q [More]
Hi, I am trying to find a way to automatically generate clean-out orders in a certain resource. The restriction I have is that after 7 times I use that specific resource I have to clean it. Is there a way to insert the cleaning order or some other do [More]
Hi, I need to find out Number of messages received, successful, unsuccessful per trading partner. How do i know on B2B 10g console or is there any database query ? Please help. Thanks, SamHi Sam, You may gather these statistics from console itself. I [More]
Hi I have developed several applications using java. I'm trying to run them on windows platform. The way I run them now is by openning a CMD window and by typing java -jar myjarfilename.jar This way cmd window remains on windows taskbar/desktop until [More]
My keyboard and mouse are frozen when laptop awakes from hibernate. Running XP Pro SP3 with latest drivers etcUpdate:I found that I can get keyboard response when the laptop wakes up from Sleep  mode.Updated BIOS to F.23 - No improvementUpdated Touch [More]
I have deltalinks pointing to iviews in the ESS business package content (under "Content provided by SAP"). When a new business package is imported during an upgrade, will the deltalinks be broken or will they still work ?Hi, Here is the definit [More]
Hello, I'm in the early stages of developing a site using ALUI. My agency is customer-service oriented, and there are some terms on our site that we would like to set up a means for our viewers to quickly access the definition to these terms. Our pre [More]