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When I upgraded my phone I lost my unlimited data.  My wife and I are on a family plan.  She still has unlimited data on her line, but rarely uses any data.  Is it possible to shift her unlimited data to my line and my 2gb plan to her line?No. You ca [More]
Is there any way to resize a project once it has been recorded so that it fits on the screen?  The person who recorded the project set the resolution at 1280 X 774 pixels and it's too large to see the entire project on the have to keep p [More]
For years now I've plugged my iPhone 3Gs into my Mac and downloaded the images and video from it into programs like Photomechanic, Adobe Lightroom, Image Capture, etc... Sometime within the past 3 months this functionality has quit. None of the above [More]
I've had this on image previews since LR5. It happens in images with deep shadow - often with lots and lots of +shadows & blacks). It persists from library to develop module, and then sometimes in the develop module will disappear. Sometimes I have t [More]
I want to download Photoshop CS5, but it needs the Adobe Application Manager. The problem is that the AAM works for Mac OS 10.6, and I have the 10.5.8. What should I do?Direct Download Links for Adobe Software MyleniumRead other 2 answers [More]
Entering text in popupHi, Apart from Connection objects and Prepared Statment closure declarations the Constructors public CandidateMgr() { this.nicno = nicno; this.title = title; this.firstName = firstName; this.civilStatus = civilStatus; this.tele [More]
Am setting up iPhone for my Dad and he uses a PC. Where exactly in Outlook are the contacts saved? Seems to have ordered them rather strangely but can't find where they are stored in order to alter them. Thanks.Thank you. Feel like such an idiot when [More]
I've uploaded 14,000 songs to the Cloud.  Now most are grayed out.  Sometimes they show up and sometimes they don't.  This happens on my MacBook as well as my iPhone 6.  I'm signed in so that isn't the issue. Also, why did the iCloud delete a whole b [More]
I realize that i have to send my mini ipod back to Apple to have it replaced becuase of problems that have occured with my battery not being able to stay charged. And i also realize that it is my responsibility to backup my you suggest bur [More]
I would like to be able to retrieve the version number from the manifest file from within my application. I know that I was able to do that when I was working on an ME project, but can't seem to find a method for it in regular Java. Any thoughts?Hmm, [More]