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How can I at-a-glance review a server's SHA-256 fingerprint in Thunderbird?

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All my IMAP sessions are created via SSL/TLS tunnels to the respective servers. Thunderbird dutifully highlights that the connection is encrypted with the small grey padlock icon in the folder pane. This is helpful. However, I would like to check the[More]

Forms 6.0 and SHA-1 Encryption

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Where can I find information on the compatibility of Oracle Forms 6.0 and SHA-1? We have some users who just moved to new PCs with SHA-1 settings in sqlnet.ora for a different application and Forms gets error "ORA-12649: Unknown encryption or data in[More]

Creation of input string for SHA-1 in hash total calculation

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In order to create an input string for the SHA-1 algorithm based on the REGUH table I am searching for the ABAP source code which can be used in the user exit of transaction of transaction F110 (Payment Run). Can anybody provide me the source code or[More]

Any concern about upgrade SHA-1 to SHA-2 on Windows Server 2008 R2 PKI ?

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Hi, I have a little knowledge about PKI. I was saw about how to setting and configure CA server to support SHA-2/SHA-256. Has anyone know about what should be concerned before migrate or what have to be done after migrate. 1. Any impact with endpoint[More]

SHA-1 Encryption is not working in Container managed security

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Hi, I have to turn to your help after no luck with other possible resource. I implemented container managed security on my apps and it works well without the encrypted password(clear text) in the table column. Now I referred OC4J Security guide to im[More]

How to enable SHA-2 hashing algorithm support on windows 7

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Hello All, Please suggest how to invalidate SHA-1 and MD5 algorithm on windows 7 and how to enable SHA-2. As suggested by Microsoft, regarding the availability of SHA-2 hashing algorithm, security update KB2949927 is installed on windows 7. Thank You[More]

SET property step disappear when use Java SHA-1

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When I apply SET property with Java SHA-1,, the SET step disappear immediately. (It has been removed automatically.) My project requires for using SHA-1. How do I use SHA-1 hashing function in UCCX editor? Did UCCX editor[More]

IE 9, Windows 7, Windows 8, SHA-2 encryption, certificate

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Currently, I have I have an Exchange 2010 Service with 2 client access/ transport servers and 2 mailbox servers.  I use a barracuda load balance appliance to manage the CASarray.   Our SSL certificate for the service is currently SHA-1.  I would like[More]

ADF Mobile: Deployment Error: MessageDigest SHA-1 implementation not found

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-11-26Views:130

Hi, I was trying to create and deploy a test application as outlined in the online tutorial for ADF Mobile:Android After I hit Deploy to emulator, it fails with the fol[More]

Windows 7 Comparability for SHA-256 (Code Signing)

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Dear All    I want to know when the update for windows 7 (SHA-256 Code Signing Comparability -- for Kernel driver) will be available?Hi, I'm not sure whether you know this update KB 2949927, Microsoft is announcing the availability of an update for a[More]

SHA-2 and OS 10.8.5

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Recently USAA announced it was moving to SHA-2 security. Does 10.8.5 support this?Thanks for the help! I didn't want to burden my initial post with a ton of details, but the reason I want a smaller 2 Channel unit is: 1. Price / 2: Portability / 3: Sp[More]

What version of SQL Server support ssl connection with TLS. 1.2 (SHA-256 HASH)

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Hi, I just want to know, What version of SQL Server support ssl connection with TLS. 1.2 (SHA-256 HASH). if support already, how can i setting. plz.  help me!!! The following blog states that SQL Server "leverages the SChannel layer (the SSL/TLS laye[More]

Request Native Ability to Calculate CRC, MD5, and SHA Hashes

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// Requested via the Feedback tool also // Provide the ability to calculate and generate CRC, MD5, and SHA hashes via a right-click context menu without having to resort to third party tools.  In some environments, policy does not allow for certain a[More]

Dbms_crypto hash for SHA-1

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I need to implement Salted SHA {SSHA} passwords by updating LDAP using PL/SQL. These values should be stored in standard Base 64 encoded format. For this I am using DBMS_CRYTO, UTL_ENCODE and DBMS_LDAP. However, I am finding issues with RAW values. S[More]

SHA-1 Encryption of passwords

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I believe that in Netweaver 6.4 and above SHA-1 is used for password encryption.  Does anyone know if a 'salt' is used when encrypting?  If not, can use of a 'salt' be configured, and also verified?  Thanks in advance.Hi Ron, 1st of all: SHA-1 is a h[More]

Duplicate file: Module bean for MD5 / SHA

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writing my question...bad keyboard... bad web connexion... thread deleted! see new thread [Duplicate file: Module bean for MD5 / SHA (digital signature)|Duplicate file: Module bean for MD5 / SHA (digital signature); sorry for disturbing.Read other 4[More]

SHA-256 with WebLogic Server

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We are being forced to migrate our SSL certs from SHA-1 to SHA-256. We will be using Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.4 for Oracle FMW Portal. Can anyone tell me if WebLogic supports serving SHA-256 certificates? If so, is there any documentation on this?[More]

Java.lang.InternalError: internal error: SHA-1 not available

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Hi All, When starting my j2ee & portal I get the following error: java.lang.InternalError: internal error: SHA-1 not available Does anybody have an idea about this error? Thanks StevenHi All, When starting my j2ee & portal I get the following erro[More]

Validating a SHA hash with a 4byte salt in ldap

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I am using Sun Directory version 5.2 patch 6 on Solaris (5.10 Generic_118833-36) Is it possible to store and verify a 4 byte salted SHA in userPassword field in ldap? I compute a SHA-1 digest for the password using a 4byte salt. The digest and salt a[More]

Signature hash algorithm (e.g. SHA-1, SHA-256...) used in Apple Mail ?

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Would anybody know what is the signature hash algorithm being used by Apple Mail ? And can be selected ? As NIST recommends the use of SHA-2 in 2011. I have searched quite a while but no information is found in this area. Thanks your help in advance[More]

When starting my pc up and opening firefox for the first time, I always get a second window. which despite no menu or header behaves like a second instance of firefox. (not a tab). I have done searches, got add blockers on and removed all malware fro [More]
if you have several user profiles on a computer, can the downloaded pages be used for everyone or do you need to buy multiple versions?On a single computer, install the app in the <startupVolume>:Applications folder and it would be usable from every [More]
Dear Friends, I am getting bellow erron while creating a new employee and click on to Save FRM-40735:ON-INSERT trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-04098 While updating any information in Assignment i.e. supervisor getting following error. APP-DT-3 [More]
A coworker said he thought you could connect the MacBook Pro to a tv through the iPod AV cable? It should work for audio, but does anything like this work for video, or do you have to go through the dvi output? 15" MBP 2.0, Mac Mini 1.25, PBG4 667, P [More]
Hi, I am doing a form to automatically send mails (I use forms because I do Excel docs using OLE to link them to the mails...). It works but the From and ReplyTo properties. My code is: FUNCTION Send_a_mail( Recp IN varchar2,                          [More]
Hai Please help me out from this problem When ever I had created the order for consignement fill up and had already delivered and note down the document number.with this number the system is picking out for multiple invoices. I had already checked in [More]
I can access almost all web sites on my desktop, laptop, and smartphone, but there are a few that will load on the desktop and smartphone, but will not load on my laptop, with either Firefox or IE. There is no error message, and the animated icon tha [More]
Can anybody please help me on my problem? Before I upgraded to iOS 4, my photos are sorted by file name.. (Actually, I like it this way) But now, since updating my iTunes/iPhone OS, it seems that my photos are sorted by "date taken"... (I dont l [More]
Hi everyone, I have two sql instances installed in two node failover cluster mode, i want to rename one of my sql instance, is it possible to change instance name , if possible please suggest the way how i can rename the instance name. Hello, Please [More]
Hi. I upgraded to 7.1.1. Some apps are now showing 'waiting' on their icon and are unusable. The 'waiting' icon is when you download an app and it is installing but not completed. I tried uninstall and reinstall but still the same. It also includes S [More]