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Why does my iMovie Crash when i open a library from an external hard drive? It used to work fine but then today it starts crashing! We just went on a big holiday and it has all the footage from it!!! Please help!!! This is the message it gives me whe [More]
Hello, I was wondering if the Jabber client displays the presence status of other phones in the culster (linked to a user, but the user himself does not have a Jabber client)? If yes, can you provide me the steps required for this setup? We have a cu [More]
Hi All, Kindly help me answering the following questions. 1) Please give me the guidelines on testing and how we can test the layouts and forms that are being     developed using PDF printer. 2) Why we want to test using PDF print ? Regards!got the a [More]
My 20g ipod started giving me trouble a few weeks ago after I loaded some post-Christmas purchases. It wouldn't load the last few songs, and it was half-empty, so capacity wasn't an issue. I next tried to restore the iPod, but my mac mini then seized [More]
I have been scanning 30 pages at a time and scanner has stopped in the middle of it. Can someone advise my problem. The diognostic tool states I'm missing a driver? Thank you. Barbara This question was solved. View Solution.Hello Barbara, aka @Maltes [More]
Good evening! Purchased This guy: Seagate - Backup Plus 4TB External USB 3.0/2.0 Hard Drive to transfer files from multiple smaller portable drives onto one drive. Wide variety of files; music, audiobooks, movies, photos, work files (CS Suite, fonts) [More]
... Someone invited you to an event using an email address that is not in your "me" card in Address Book... So this is the error message I get occasionally although my email address is in me card in Address Book. What to do with that?Ever find a [More]
I did not have success trying to get my MacBook to pair with a Typhoon Bluetooth Audio Receiver Set ( ). The Typhoon device claims to be a A2DP-SNK (stereo audio sink) . My MacBook (10.4.8 up to date, with [More]
I need help! My 2x2.0 G5 died. I ran 10.41 and Logic Pro quite well. I got a temporary 2X1.8 G5 that had 10,5 on it. I installed 2 1/2 days worth of software and everything worked but Logic was unbearably liimited and sloooow. To try to get a few wee [More]
Is it possible to limit the users selection to just Sunday dates? If so what would be the best approach? Thank youHi This macro should do what you're asking. Private Sub DTPicker1_CloseUp()     Dim MyDate As Date, MyWeekDay As Integer     MyDate = DT [More]