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sims freeplay purchase not received


TS1702 I recently downloaded The Sims Freeplay and whenever i try to open it, it just crashes.

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I recently downloaded The Sims Freeplay and whenever i try to open it, it comes up with the EA Games logo then it seems to freeze for about 15-20 seconds, then it crashes. im not sure if this problem is with my ipod or with the app, anyone got any id[More]

TS1702 When I try to reload The Sims FreePlay (sister deleted accidentally) from Apps Store I keep getting an error message "There is not enough avaiable storage to download "The Sims FreePlay". I check my settings and I do have enough available storage.

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When i try to reload The Sims FreePlay (sister accidentally deleted) from App Store I keep getting error message. There is not enough available storage on my device but there actually is enought storage. Not sure why I cannot get App to reload. I hav[More]

Sims free play.. purchase not received!

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I purchased 500 LP for sims free play and never received them! The purchase went through, I contacted them and never received an email... I want my money back or the 500 LP's.If you haven't received the item, then have you tried what it says on the d[More]

Purchase order received directly in customer consignment

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We are entering a business relationship with a company where we will send the goods on consignment basis  (W stock) procured directly from a vendor. The SAP documentation tells about using the consignment fill up process etc., that we would have to d[More]

I have purchased 50GB, received receipt, states my current plan is 50GB, but still states that total storage is 5GB and will not back up.

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driving me nuts..have purchased 50GB extra, received receipt that i have bought it, on my ios5 devices when i click on 'buy more storage' it indicates that my current plan is 50GB, but when looking at storage and back up it still indicates that I onl[More]

On four occasions i have bought items for my game sims freeplay but once the order has been placed, the money has been deducted from my bank account but has not been placed in the game, this last one was for nearly £35

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On three or four occasions i have purchased items on my sims game for the ipad and koney has been deducted from my account but the items have not been purchased. Now about 10 minuted ago i purchased money for the sims game of a cost or around £35 and[More]

Okay, dont laugh (if it is stupid question) But when i connect my new 2GB ipod to either of my 2 computers i get message with a triangle like on this picture: e/61003/61 [More]
As i said i purchased 7500 T-coins for tetris and i run out of ower coin in seconds the T-coins seem to NOT be doing anything to help my game if that is the case i want to cancel my orders for a refund .Maybe i am using them wrong or they didnot kick [More]
Hi all. I am trying to create a UserMembersRule to be used for provisioning an Organization. This rule should select users with a given value for an attribute mapped in a distant Resource. For instance, it would select all users with "typeTest = test [More]
Im new to editing and trying to get to grips with the basics, so I'm hoping someone can help. If I select an Event clip to use in a project, bring it in, trim it down (and anything else I might do) - does that alter in any way the original Event clip [More]
Hi whenever i try to run this method from a different class to the one it is declared in it throws invalid class exception, (in its error it says the class this method is written in is the problem) yet when i run it from its own class in a temporary [More]
Hi, my wife has 2 different .me e-mail accounts. She uses one of them on her old mac-mini, that account was .mac and then updated to .me, and so she sends and gets mail there. Now she a new mac mini and she is using her second .me account on the new [More]
Over the years my husband and children and I, have had itunes accounts linked to our email addresses. Usually the preamble doesn't change but the @ ...... does. This is because of jobs, growing up, or the apple system changing (mac, me, icloud). Is t [More]
Hi All, I am getting "VGS-1501: <message not found>" message while opening the canvas. Actually in my machine Oracle Apps R12 is installed. To work on forms I have opened form builder and created a data block manually and created a canvas [More]
Tried to download and install 1.1.3 update, but received message that there was a problem with the download that the network connection could not be made. Can anyone help?the update system of apple is currently flooded and busy because of many people [More]
Hello My 5th generation iPod was synching just fine with iTunes 6.0.5. Then, I upgraded to 7.0 and it's no longer recognized, though Windows sees the device just fine. I followed the troubleshooting steps at article 93716 ( [More]