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Hi, I'm currently pursuing 2nd year of pharmacy programe, and I'll be moving abroad to finish another 2 more years of my studies. And before that, I want to replace my current Macbook White Unibody Late 2009 model. I know it still works well, at leas [More]
10.6 and this is still this is a problem?!?!?!?! Not like this is an obscure issue only affecting a few noobs. Google returns 11,200 results on this issue!t' Can we PLEASE at least allow the list of broken files to be dumped as a text file so I can f [More]
Can someone please assisst we are leasing a mac desktop whoever had it previously set themselves as administrator and then when they returned it they didn't take themselves off so now then company we leased it from has no idea what the password is an [More]
I had everything running fine for over a year with no problems but I decided to reinstall everything just to clean out some stuff. When I reinstalled OS X I had some issues rendering website across many browsers (Firefox 3, Safari, Camino, Opera) wit [More]
I can't top up and it says to check my details. They are all right and my card is active. I even tried a different card and paypal.Running games at full resolution may produce occasionally-choppy video, but nothing that would prevent you from playing [More]
it says fatal error... system halted  CNU9030602 This question was solved. View Solution.Hi, Enter:      e9lo1f1g17      ( 3rd character is a lower case L ) Regards, DP-K ****Click the White thumb to say thanks**** ****Please mark Accept As Solution [More]
Hi Gurus, We are trying to upload the GL Account Balances, period wise for 2 years from SAP3.1I to ECC 6.0. Is there any standard program or process to: Download GL Account Balances period wise Upload the GL Account Balances to ECC 6.0 Thanks for you [More]
Hi All I facing a problem while creating ARE1 and AR3 document number ranges are jumping ,not coming in sequence what should i do ? SandeepT-codes: SNRO, SNUM, J1i9 here give your ARE Object  and check buffer is maintained for this object. make it to [More]
Hello ! First of all I use Garageband 10.1. I just created an apple loop and i want to delete it. How can i do this ? Thanks in advance !Theodore, quit GarageBand and delete the loop from your user library. The loops get installed in the folder       [More]
Hello all, The db13 job "compress database"  that is running every 4 weeks in an ECC 5.0 system running Oracle with size 180GB is taking 11 hours to complete. I am not sure how much time this is supposed to take, but 11 hours looks exces [More]