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Hi friends; Is there a report or a transaction that would list the details (expense accounts, cost center an amounts) in the account of vendor invoices not received ? ThinksHi , me2n report in which u get total amount for invoiced and another column [More]
I'm using Mountain Lion Server primarily as a web server, but as a retired tech writer/programmer I like to fool around with things in case I ever need to return to work. I set up the Open Directory master as part of the installation process, but I'm [More]
Dear apple support !! I can't update my app ! Just b'cuz I am. At Iran ! Please give me a reason to solve itThere is no way to solve it. The iPhone is not supported in Iran; there is no App Store.Read other 3 answers [More]
How can I set up an SMS group so that all group members can dial a group number and have a text sent out to all members of the group This would be an SMS group similar to an email listserv but running on the SMS network I have seen private individual [More]
Hi experts I've always wondered if there is a configuration option in NW BW 7 where it can be set whether double clicking a workbench object will show the maintenance screen for that object in change or display mode (default is display). Because is a [More]
I wish to use a DVD drive as a now calls it file history... drive.  The flash drives and HDs show up an an option but not the external or internal optical drives.  Can they be used? This question was solved. View Solution.Which OS are yo [More]
Dear Consultants, When i am trying to save a document in storage category thru tcode cv02n, its giving me error:- Error while checking in and storing document "c:/desktop/content.doc", while there is no error in csadmin and OAC0 tcode repository [More]
Hi, I'm facing problem while opening Oracle 11g Reports URL. I was able to start the WLS_REPORTS. The status of the same in Oracle EM is up. But when I try to open the reports using http://<servername:port>/reports/rwservlet I ensured that the port [More]
I have two libraries in Itunes, one for music and one for books. I use my Nano for music. After I organized a second library for books, I bought a Classic. It uses a USB cable. After my first hookup of the Classic, syncing the book library. The firew [More]
I just installed Win8 and downloaded the latest version of itunes now my ipod nano isn't syncing. I followed the troubleshooting steps with no results.Hi there franscard, You may find the troubleshooting steps in the article below helpful. iPod not r [More]