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I am having a problem connecting my macbook to a wired internet connection in an area in my workplace where there is no wifi.  The macbook works fine on the same internet connection via wifi in other parts but when I add it as a wired connection it d [More]
I have a following XML file. and I want to read it in internal Table with deep structure.   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16" ?> - <asx:abap xmlns:asx="" version="1.0"> - &l [More]
Running Snow Leopard I used the Terminal (defaults write DUDebugMenuEnabled 1) to enable the Disk Utility Debug Menu. I then turned on the Show Every Partition so I could see the hidden partitions (but grayed out) in the disk/vo [More]
I just attempted to calibrate my year-old 23" ACD using a Spyder2Pro. The resulting profile looked much brighter and redder than any of the other profiles such as Apple RGB, Adobe RGB (1998), Generic Monitor, NTSC (1953), etc. In fact, clicking throu [More]
I have windows 7 on a new computer and when I try to send a link it goes to my gmail account instead of outlook. This is a new computer. On my old computer with the same operating system the email link button opens my outlook account so I can send th [More]
Hi, We are using version ecc5.00. Now i am trying to post some documents through F110 and printing of payment advice. We are using the payment method "c" to pay our vendors. When i am executing F110, I am able to generate the payment document, b [More]
Is there a developer forum area specific to the iPhone?Not yet. I requested one in the feedback/discussions forum, you can add your 2 cents there. Hopefully someone will see it and create one.Read other 4 answers [More]
I would like to create a wavy line (the zig zag feature is not exactly what I need here) to outline a shape and then fill it with a solid color. Any ideas? This is approx what I want; however the undulation needs to be more round and less peakedBarba [More]
Hi folks, I have an iPad 2 32GB WIFI in black, immaculate condition with Smart Cover and Camera Connection Kit. Just wondered if anyone could recommend anywhere apart from eBay? Many thanks, Chris.Any micro-SIM card made for the AT&T iPad will work, [More]
Is There a way to move an email list intact from one BC account to another without any data loss or need for further formatting?I'm afraid you can't do this. You can't delete an iCloud account, and even if you delete an alias you still can't move it [More]