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Will Logic Pro X allow me to whistle a melody, convert that into MIDI information,and turn those notes into chords?

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I'd love to be able to whistle or hum a melody, convert that recording into MIDI data, and then have those notes play back as guitar chords. Is this possible "out of the box"? How much would be automated, and how much work would need to be done[More]

24-bit audio files converted to 16-bit in Logic Pro 7

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Hello, I'm working on producing my band's demo and this is my first project in Logic Pro 7. The tracks were originally recorded into a Fostex D2424LV hard disc recorder as 24-bit wave files, then imported into Logic. At this point, I've done the edit[More]

Hi, can anybody convert me a .lso file made under v 4 for windows to logic pro x? please pm me !!

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hi, can anybody convert me a .lso file made under v < 4 for windows to logic pro x? please pm me !! or: does there exist a workaround to solve this problem? my e-mail : thanks <E-mail Edited by Host>Hi The Art Of Sound wrote: What is the problem[More]

How do I convert a Track Stack into a Take Folder in Logic Pro X?

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How do I convert a Track Stack into a Take Folder in Logic Pro X? I mistakenly took 13 takes and put it in a Track Stack instead of a Take Folder.   I'm afraid to lose the takes and I'm wondering how to convert this into a Take Folder so I can do a c[More]

Logic Pro X - Is there a way to convert a sample kick from audio to midi ?

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Is there a way to convert a sample that you drag into logic pro for example im using a sample kick for a dance track, and want to use it as MIDI because it a **** of a lot easier to edit than a audio file, is this possible?Not exactly. This site expl[More]

How to convert a software instrument recording to an audio recording? Logic pro X

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Hey I'm having serious trouble converting a software instrument recording to an audio recording. I'm trying to record this drum beat, then convert it to an audio file so i can chop it up and sample it on the EXS24. could anyone possibly provide any h[More]

Logic Pro dont work with ProTools HD3 with XD card and Apogee converter's

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My Logic Pro dont want work with ProTools HD3.... I have G5 dual Core with 2 GO Ram, and ProTools HD3 and a Apogee converter's (with XD card extention). I have in the same comuter Logic Pro 8, and i can't use the DSP of ProTools HD, and the Logic Pro[More]

Logic Pro 8 and Solid State Drives

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What if any are the advantages of using Solid State Drive with Logic Pro 8?hporker wrote: Well... I use the hard drive both for my wife´s pc and for the mac, so it is fat32 formatted. I did not have this problem with LE 7.2. Time to get a separate dr[More]

I can't find converted apple loops in the loop browser within Logic pro 7

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Hello There. I've cereated some apple loops with the apple loops utility. unfortunately I am unable to find them in the loop browser within Logic pro 7.2.1. I've scaned them using the project manager " so Logic knows about them" but still didn't[More]

Decoupling of Logic Pro Plugins / Convert them to AUs please.

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Dear Logic Pro developers, Would it be possible to decouple the Logic Pro plugins from Logic Pro in a future version / update? It would be really fantastic if Logic Pro plugins could become Audio Units rather than proprietary to Logic. Since Logic is[More]

How to Convert from Notator to Logic Pro

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In the 90's the precursor to Logic was called Notator. In the Arrange page you could place Verses and Choruses in any order you wanted to place them, which included changing the keys of any verse or chorus collectively or separately.  Slick. I've ope[More]

Logic Pro 7.1.1 stability

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Hi, I'v been using logic on mac since v6, I have never bin able to have logic run continuously for more than an hour!! It always locks-up on me (crashes). I am at the end of my tether. I love the look of logic and love the way it works, (wen it works[More]

Mac Shuts Down Unexpectedly in Logic Pro

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I sure hope someone can help me with this. For the last few months my Mac Pro starting shutting down unexpectedly typically when running Logic but not limited to Logic. I have updated everything that I can find. I have taken the computer in the store[More]

Sticky proposal: Logic Pro (first draft)

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Ok, here's a first draft of the proposed sticky for this forum. After looking at what we had, I decided to basically do it in four parts - introductory stuff (please post version numbers etc), problem solvers, tips, and audio general stuff. I'm not m[More]

How can I use my Dx7 as a MIDI controller for Logic Pro  9? I'm using MIDI/USB cable but Dx7 doesn't appear in the 'set-up' list, what am I doing wrong?

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I'm using Logic Pro 9 -  9.1.8 MacBook Pro Retina OSX 10.9.3 DX7 2 FD connected to my laptop with a MIDI/USB cable When I click the 'scan all models' search in the 'Control Surfaces Set Up' there is no Yamaha DX7 in the list so how can I make Logic '[More]

Logic Pro X inaccessible after waking from sleep when using an MCU Control Surface

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I'm having a problem I cannot seem to get around without force quitting Logic every time.  If I have a Control Surface setup as a Mackie Control (v1.0); and if the computer goes to sleep, and then i turn off the controller while the computer is aslee[More]

Logic Pro X crashes every time I try to add to loop library???

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Logic pro x 10.0.2 Mac book pro Retina, Mid 2012 Processor  2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory  8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 I have been using logic pro x for over a year now and have recently started creating my own apple loops. I am in the process of adding a big[More]

Logic Pro X v10.0.7 is out

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130 this is a looooong list...and the full list of changes and fixes ....... Logic Pro X 10.0.7 update New Features and Enhancements It is now possible to insert the current values of volume, pan, and all active sends o[More]

Score loses formating when printing to pdf in Logic Pro

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Logic Pro 9.1.6 shows score ok in page view but when it prints to pdf the formatting goes weird with notes dropping off the stave. How do I fix this so I can print a score?Michael: I have tested other programs ability to print to Acrobat and also tes[More]

How to reverse audio in logic pro X? Other thread didnt help

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Hello, i am trying desperatly to reverse a cymbal sound in Logic Pro X but i cannot find how to do it. Can somebody help me please I already activated the advanced options: i followed avery step i found in other threads but it doesnt work. (audio edi[More]

Hi, I am trying to set-up SSO for SAP Biller Direct aplication (deployed on SAP J2EE 7.0) using HTTP Header variable authentication. As per SAP documentation I have created a new login module "HeaderVariableLoginModule" pointing to class "c [More]
After all, sorry for my english. From a couple of months ago, when I turn on my iMac I can see stranger lines and colours on the screen. Once OSX is ready, lines disappear. Yesterday I take a photo with my celular phone: [More]
I have installed OpenSSO agent on my SGD server. I have followed this doc: Everything works except the part where the SGD server tries to map the username with the Local+LDAP [More]
I tried pdf printing enabling of a report region in APEX using the Tomcat/cocoon route, ended up with successful installation, but when I click the PRINT link, process just hangs. Now, I downloaded BI publisher evaluation copy, installation went prop [More]
Is anyone using 9iFS as the repository for their Portal documents but getting DRG-11602: URL store: access to <file name> requires authentication when synchronising the PORTAL30.WWSBR_URL_CTX_INDX index. This is run under schema CTXSYS, using ctx_sc [More]
When i add a music video or an episode of TV show to iTunes, it will always file it under the "Movies" tab. The music videos i buy on iTunes will always be filed under "Music Videos"...i have tried playing around to tag my own music vi [More]
I can't do a video chat, I can't do an audio chat and I don't even have the option to screen share even though I know I can. Keeps saying the user has timed out or there was an error in the connection. I have been searching the forums and cant find a [More]
I am attempting to down load apps, but they just say loading or paused.  These apps that haven't yet installed have been sitting there for weeks. How do I install?  I also can't delete them in that mode.Have you tried a reset to see if they resume af [More]
Hi Whenever a PO is sent to a vendor, he usually commits his  actual date of delivery through phone or mail. This  usually differs from the delivery date in PO. Now is there any way we can maintain the actual committed date of the vendor in the PO. R [More]
How can I get rid of the color bar? I can't read the type.Had exact same problem, driving me crazy and then I found solution: iTunes Preferences: General and make sure that the "Use custom colors for open albums, movies, etc." checkbox is checke [More]