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Ever since I updates my MacBook air my home wifi ( the one I used for the update) no longer shows up on my computer. It shows up on my mac mini and iPad and my MacBook air can connect to other networks. Any ideas?No NAS other than an Apple one includ [More]
Why am I constantly having to sign into Creative Cloud and agree to the ELUA every time I launch an app?? I have to do this 2-4 times a day and it is reducing work efficiency.What did you phone carrier say when you contacted them about your cellular [More]
Hi, Experts, I am having a confusion that is there any "Configuration Controller" present in Web dynpro for java.Where as i know that it is present in Web dynpro for abap could u please pass some idea on it.And how can identify the type of compo [More]
I have a new surface and want to connect my Ipod to play the music on the internal speakers. What app is available to complete the connection? thanks.You do not install iTunes or sync an iDevice with a Surface tablet. The Surface is running an unsupp [More]
For several years I have had an active monthly subscription for unlimited mobile and landline calls in the U.S., but now when I try to make these calls, I am getting this message "Call Ended, not enough Skype Credit to call this number" Please [More]
I create photorealistic backgrounds for dye sublimation printing, amongst thousands of other things. These are large images, such as yesterday's which was 58x84 inches at 300 dpi, created from a scanned transparency. I tried Photoshop 6 from the Crea [More]
Hello - This is my table: SQL> describe UCCNET_REGISTRY_CAT_ITEM; Name Null? Type UCCNET_REGISTRY_CAT_ITEM_KEY NOT NULL NUMBER XML XMLTYPE EAN_UCC_PROXY_KEY NUMBER DOCUMENT_NAME VARCHAR2(256) SQL> and this is my statement that is supposed to extract [More]
My iPhoto wont display and i cant upload pics or even look at my library. how can i fix this?With the amount of information you've provided it's impossible to offer a solution.  We can't see your computer so we need to know the details of your proble [More]
Hello Experts our new IT strategy favours the use of Windows Terminal Server (WTS) concerning also the BW developers. From my experience it is very exhausting to handle several BW dialogs without short cut ALT + TAB and without the session menu down [More]
Hi, Is dmp file already ccompressed after export? Thanks alot FrankNot really, no. You can certainly compress it further with WinZIP, gzip, etc. It is a binary format, though, so it's going to be less bulky than something like a set of CSV files with [More]