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My friend recently bought a Dual Core Intel Mac mini and when hooking it up to a 19 inch MAG monitor there are often wavy lines on the edges of the screen. They go up and down both sides, are jagged, and also are not static but moving quickly. Someti [More]
Most cameras support manual, or even automatic rotation, and keep this setting upon download. Furthermore, most applications both shrink-wrapped, and online (Flickr, e.g.) read this rotation meta-data and display the photos properly. AppleTV, however [More]
So I installed the newest iso, got things ok in terminal and installed SLiM, but I'm stuck at the SLiM login. Neither root nor user works. I've tried console as username to force xterm, but all I get is a black screen with an X for a mouse. tried exi [More]
II've just upgraded to IOS 8.1.2. It became so slow. How can I roll it back to 7.1.1?Sorry. There is no support for iOS downgrades and Apple no longer has iOS 7 on its download servers. Before you did this upgrade you should have done a web search ab [More]
I have an iMac running 10.8, a pre upgrade image created using super duper for this same computer and a mac pro running 10.7.  I'm getting random pictures that have not changed for years showing "unsupported image format" in Aperture and they al [More]
Hii i have a requirement where when an Zidoc is being process if a certain condition is met we should insert in a custom table and not process the IDOC What status should i put the IDOC in a sort of stand by process so that the user can process it la [More]
IBoot into safe mode and then restart normally. That resets the font databases and should do the trick.Read other 2 answers [More]
Adobe Premier Pro CC: is hear accelerated viewing of video (preview)?See this video about using the  J,K, and L keys for preview: How to Use the JKL Keys for Trimming in Premiere Pro - YouTubeRead other 4 answers [More]
hi every body i need help in report9i after i was write all code to call report after call report this error comming 'FRM-41213:Unable to connect to the report server rwservletHello Tareq, It appears that you have specifed the report server name to b [More]
Hi, We are working in a sap upgrade project ECC 5.0 to ECC6.0. We have found a issue in the features ( PE03) after the upgrade of the dev system. The modifications done to the features has now been overwritten by sap. eg: The dates maintained in the [More]