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I am trying to acess I-Tunes but i cant get it to open! Instead i Keep getting I tunes has Encounterd a problem and has to close! I have tried defraging, reinstalling and system restore any ideas whats wrong?hi daytimer! The error message reads" itun [More]
Hi, this doesn't seem to belong anywhere else, since Java doesn't have a forum on I/O. This is pretty simple, but is there any way to go to a certain line in a RandomAccessFile (such as a text file)? seek() doesn't work, it only starts from the chara [More]
I have an iMac G5 running 10.5.8 and a couple of MacBooks running 10.6. I also have a cherished old PowerBook G4, which will only rarely and briefly start up these days. It runs 10.2.8. I would like to try to recover the original working environment [More]
I have a MacBook Pro running leopard, that just had the logic board replaced. I haven't picked it up yet, but I am told that my hard drive and data were not touched. I have read Pondini's very helpfull info/site, so I know that time machine will want [More]
My wife and I have separate iphones running on there own ids.  Cannot find a way to have both iphones feed photos into a common photo stream to the phones and our macbook pro.  This has to be supported and cannot figure it out.  Thoughts?Richmaster w [More]
How to use multiple data source(data on different DB) in single ADF application. >> I have one table in one DB (A) and another table in DB(B). When i used create table from business component ,i am able to create objects from two different table loc [More]
I am using LiveCycle Designer ES3 to design fillable forms.  Specifically, I imported a static *.pdf into LiveCycle Designer and added all my fields and properties the way I'm supposed to.  Everything goes great while I'm in the design view and previ [More]
I've noticed interesting behavior with NLB on Windows 2012 R2 and IPv6. I have two systems that use NLB on a Hyper-V cluster, each system is on a different node in the cluster. When I do an IPv6 ping within the same subnet, I notice that the reply ti [More]
Hi, How can I get the values of selected rows / columns when more than 1 at a time? Wha I need is the following: cell. What I am looking for is the values of multiple cells as follows: Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 row1 A B C D E row2 F G H I J row3 K L M [More]
Has anyone else had this problem with Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC?  The dialogue seems to be triggered by attempting to open a file.  It repeats and makes using the software impossible.  This has been happening to me for a few weeks now - very frus [More]