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ok i just found out i will be getting about 3300 bucks for my tax return next year. i am contemplating one of 2 options. first an almost fully loaded 13 inch macbook air( 2ghz processor, 8 gigs of ram and 256gb ssd) and a cinema display or... a macbo [More]
Iam having nearly 2 crores records at present in my table.. I want to get the avg of price from my table.. i put the query like select avg(sum(price)) from table group by product_id The query taking more than 5 mins to execute... is that any other wa [More]
On my Toshiba Satellite 1550CDS laptop which has been upgraded with a K6-III+ CPU @ 500Mhz, 160MB ram and running WinXP Pro+SP2 with all latest updates, I've installed and deinstalled several times already and always I get Err # -2093 about 5 minutes [More]
Hi. After I bought my Zen Nano Plus it doesn?t work right anymore. It allways shut off after a while. Unfortunately it sometimes even won?t restart. So often I have to wait for hours before I can restart the player. I discovered that it works if I co [More]
I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem that I've been having. I just bought a new computer and had to upgrade my printer to Windows 7.   I had no trouble with the installation process, but ever since I've downloaded the update, EVERY [More]
Is there something I'm doing wrong parm wise? java oracle.apps.xdo.oa.util.XDOLoader \ UPLOAD \ -DB_USERNAME apps \ -DB_PASSWORD apps \ -JDBC_CONNECTION sand:1535:NADV \ -LOB_TYPE TEMPLATE_SOURCE \ -APPS_SHORT_NAME VCA \ -LOB_CODE VGMDQCARD \ -LANGUA [More]
Hi - I need help. I would like to use my old iPhone 3 as an iPod for music only. Problem is that my phone is locked with a password I can't remember. I havent used the phone since I got my iPhone 4. Anyone who know how I can reset the phone to standa [More]
Hi All, Since java.lang.* is the default package for all java file, Why do we need to import 'java.lang.annotation' separately? Thanks in advance.. Regards Karthikeya VKarthikeya wrote: Hi All, Since java.lang.* is the default package for all java fi [More]
Hello! I am creating a stop motion photography project in iMovie. I have a 3:31 song (Bob Sinclar "Love Generation") that I need cut to 2:05. I tried to edit down the song in Garageband and it won't allow me to import my song. Is it because it's [More]
Hi, I want to ask who know which one of all templates is the best option for a website dedicated to develop Apps Thanks in advanceThe following also might help in that situation: When you have a problem with one particular site, a good "first thing t [More]