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I want to make a screenshot and then convert the image to a byte of arrays so I can send it through a BufferedOutputStream. try                robot = new Robot();                screenshot = robot.createScreenCapture(new Rectangle(500,500));         [More]
Does java.util.Properties methods load & store produce & load platform independent code?You mean that it is better to use loadFromXML(InputStream in) and storeToXML(OutputStream os, String comment) methods of this class in order to have platform i [More]
How do I change the default font for outgoing Mail messages? does not allow you to do this in any version of OS X that I am aware of. Don't shoot the messenger, Apple has decided it should be up to the recipient what font to view their messag [More]
Dear All, Any clue on attaching/uploading the document for a report in Web Application designer/BEx  with BW 3.5 ? Can't ask an end-user to go to RSA1 => Document Please share your expertise / prior experience on same. Thanks in advance. Regard, Pal. [More]
I'm on Win XP, CS2 (4.0.5). Our designer just upgraded to Mac os 10.6 Snow L using CS3. Before she upgraded her OS she would export an Interchange file which I could open, no problem. Now the Interchange file crashes my CS2 as it's trying to open the [More]
Hi people, i need some help working this out. I am about to buy a Tablet, it will be my first tablet. In a few days the iPad 3 comes out and that would be nice, But...I have 2 old PPC macs, both Running on 10.5.8 and an android Phone. I'm guessing th [More]
I would like to set up an apple script where I can run all cron scripts as well as repair disk permissions at startup.The actual code needed for the script is: do shell script "periodic daily weekly monthly" password "yourpass" with ad [More]
I've purchased OS X Lion for my Mac Book Pro but every time I try to download it it gets about 2 minutes in and then says there is an error and I should check my internet connection. My internet is working fine, I've rebooted the laptop and tried sev [More]
Hi All, Why Sybase Control Center on my PC does not launch (Internet Explore cannot display the webpage) ? I checked at my service, Sybase Unified Agent already started. Please help me ...Typically it is because you have not set JRE_HOME or JAVA_HOME [More]
I would like to write an application that takes a field and replicates it - everything except the name and rectangle. Attributes such as font, justification, format and maybe more complex stuff: actions, JavaScripts and calculated values should be cl [More]