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Since my upgrade to 1.1.1, my iPhone has had HORRIBLE battery life. I charged it all night last night and it is only almost noon, and I have not used it much at all, and it is already DEAD. It forced shutdown just now. Another issue that I have been [More]
Background: I have a small applet that uses the java plug-in. This applet displays a navigation tree for my intranet site. The applet is archived in a jar file. The applet fetches an XML file from the hosting server and then uses JAXP SAX2 parser to [More]
Captivate 2.0 We entered a link to open a webpage containing a related lesson. The lesson opens just fine in a new window. However, the lesson itself progresses as if the user clicked on a continue button or text box. Is there a workaround for this?N [More]
Hi All We have ojdeploy to compile our app. We notice in the log that not all jars are used in classpath arguments when we explicitly set them up for compilation. eg:   <path id="classpath">     <pathelement location="../. [More]
whats is the use of change of and at new?could u plzz tell me?Hi sonyia.. The Major Difference is : a) When AT NEW occurs, the alpha-numeric fields have ******* in their value, b) where as in case of ON CHANGE, the alpha-numeric fields have their cor [More]
Hi Team, I am new to SRM Workflow. I have a task of Offline Approval. I have one file for which we are developing offline approval process in SRM 5.0 for that we are developing workflow. I know there is a report  in SRM which we can use for offline a [More]
Ive been using it, and its better then any other netbook ive owned, despite the small storage capacity of the 16gb SSD... Okay but I wanted to update everyone on my experience. HP included a real Windows XP SP3 CD and an Applications DVD right out of [More]
We have a two server Cluster.  Each server runs a SIA Node with a CMS and all of the typical Servers. On Server1, if I look at the Metrics for any of my Servers (except CMS) it looks like this:    Machine Name:    Name Server:  Se [More]
how do I import a song which is in 'music' on my iPad into 'GarageBand' on the same iPad - I do not use the Cloud currently but I should not need to for this simple import (sorry, just starting to use the iPad today for the first time) thxI believe a [More]
Hello, All of a sudden on Monday, 11/3/14, I started getting reports from Mac users that they were running into the spinning ball of death (SBOD) during login. The Macs in question are all running OS X 10.9 (between 10.9.3 and 10.9.5), and bound to a [More]