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Hi all, So the short of it is that my work iMac (bought new with 3 others), every so often, shuts down by itself and then restarts by itself as well with a message saying something along the lines of 'you have shut down your computer because of a pro [More]
Hi All , I have created an ALV grid with a dropdown as one of the columns. This all works fine, except that I want to be able to react to a change in the value of each line's dropdown the next column values should change according to the user selecti [More]
Hi We have an interface which uses ABAP proxies. This is used to send a message with attachment, but when i send the message I am getting a 401 error message which says unauthorized. I checked all the configs on the sending side and i cant fine anyth [More]
I have creative suite cs2 on my windows xp computer and illustrator has been acting kind of funky lately. Now Illustrator CS2 won't even start up. A Runtime error comes up. It says Runtime Error! Program: ...rator CS2\SupportFiles\contents\Windows\Il [More]
Dear Experts, My requirement is to put validation on Posting date during MIGO. How can i do that? Can i do it from OMJX? Regards,Dear, You do this with screen or tannscation variant through SHD0 for MEGO here make filed posting date as display field [More]
I heard that as of September 2005, Apple had completly updated there Mac Mini's.. I heard that they put in a 64mb 9200 Graphic Card, and all had Bluetooth and Airport.. But, how would I know that what I am getting is the updated version? Compusa's Ma [More]
Hi ! We need to send some files from one server to another. On the source, the filenames have a fixed prefix and a timestamp. On the target, the files should have a fixed name (time stamp trimmed). We would like to use one sender channel with the adv [More]
hi iam doing an enhancement in which i have to validate whether a g/l account that has been entered by the user in transaction fb50 is valid for the cost center and the profit center that has also been entered. i.e validate for a given profit center [More]
Hi, Finder's inbuild preview as well as the quicktime player won't display flash 8 swf's It can only show earlier flash movies. I have flash 8.022 pro on mac os 10.4.7 I can however see flash 8 content in all of my browsers. Is there a component or p [More]
Not sure why but it would download and then the install would error out and I would get a cryptic "sandbox" error. Strange. Never had that happen and why with an Apple product. I did have to do a system restore last night as the Thunderbolt upda [More]