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hello all, i need to know the FM for finding the user status on the screen. i know there are FM's for finding the values on subject and external reference fields. similarly i want it for user status .please help me in this regard.... Thanks, Sreekant [More]
We have re-installed the system twice, after backing up and then wiping the disk clean, and doing a complete re-install of the system. The battery has an X through it, even though it is fully charged. Why won't the system recognize the battery anymor [More]
Hi , Not able to start ERS instance .Seems some permission issue has been occour. while starting instance giving error /usr/sap/SID/ERS11/exe/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr 11 -function Start startup of Instance failed See /home/sidadm/startsap_ERS11.l [More]
Hi Experts, I imported a SOAP->PI->RFC sync scenario from the old PI 7.0 server to the new PI 7.1 server. When I run the scenario for the first time in PI 7.1 I got the error XIProxy:INTERFACE_REGISTRATION_ERROR in the SOAP sender CC at RWB and &quo [More]
Hi, I'm a multimedia student and need to create a portfolio in Director and would like to know how to remove the white text box when writing text content? I already have a background and would like to have plain black or white writing on the bakgroun [More]
          Hi,           I am in the process of testing the XA behaviour of JDBC drivers in WebLogic server           7.0, for the purpose of integrating our middleware agents that rely on JDBC and           XA.           For this, I have implemented [More]
Hi Experts, Our copmany wants to use movement type (T-code MB1A) 201 and (MB1B) 309 in two way posting, like 313/315 like some body create the document and then somebody apporves the document then finance entry takes place. How can we map the same in [More]
Hi, I want to add custom color to barColor property of ProgressIndicator. How user defined color can be added to barColor? Thanks, ShashiHi, Just add a styleclass. .sapMPIBarNeutral { background: linear-gradient(to bottom,#B8DBEE 0,#006ca7 100%); Or [More]
Hi Ppl, Following is a part of my code in jsp.. <% try{ DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance(); String filename = "D:\\integral\\1.0\\Resources\\ApacheTomcat4.0\\webapps\\examples\\jsp\\cal\\input1.xml"; Documen [More]
Hey all! I have an applet that uses jdbc calls to an oracle database, and servlets calls to oracle's jserv servlet container. It has been requested to make these connections secure. Can someone please point me into the right direction on information/ [More]