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MAC OS X 10.8.2  iTunes 11.0 (64 bit) Most questions I read here ask how to manually problem is just the opposite. Whenever I connect my iPod to sync, iTunes opens with the boxes checked for "manually manage music and videos" and " [More]
I am fairly new to Solaris. Does anyone know know to do an install to a completely separate ext. USB hard disk? I think that it can be done since I can get through the initial installation CD with the partitions, slices, and MBR being created and the [More]
I'm a newbie and unfortunately shot a bunch of HD video with my iPhone 4 in a vertical format - now on playback it's rotated 90 degrees to the right. Is there any way to rotate the video 90 degrees to the left so it appears correctly on playback? I d [More]
Hey guys, I am using Lightroom 5.2 64bit version on my windows. After I export my raw in to the jpeg it has noise. But in the develop module it hasn´t. Also it has got a little bit noise in the library, but it´s the same picture. Where is the sense? [More]
I have an old Airport Express (dome shaped) I want to use to extend the range of my Time Capsule. I'm using AirPort Utility v 6.3.2 which seems not to match the instructions on this page. Is there an updated set of instructions? I can't see the Expre [More]
Hi together, for all of you who might have to work a lot with the SNOTE transaction, there is a new collective note available which might assist you in resolving some issues you experience. The OSS note number is <b>875986</b>. Please consider [More]
Could anyone highlight on how India Localization Taxes be linked with Blanket Purchase Agreements and Blanket Releases? Any additional Setups required? Shubhendu Chakraborty Kolkata.INDIA.Only Amount Agreed field on header level can control the check [More]
I have a ISA570 at work and have set up an ipsec VPN site to site connection with my router at home which is a RV180. I'm trying to do large backups from my office to my home storage. Can you tell me what are the most efficient settings as far as the [More]
Not really any more to sayEither of the two styles should give you what you want, install the "Stylish" extension first. * Stylish :: Add-ons for Firefox<br> * Red: Mark visited links as rea [More]
I am trying to transfer my files and settings from old WinXP to new Win7 PC, using Windows 7 Easy Transfer. I am using the network transfer option on my home network. The wizard is pretty straightforward and all went well until I clicked Transfer. I [More]