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Connection error to OAS

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hi, the following error occurs when i try to connect discoverer plus to OAS10g. A connection error has occurred. - An error occurred while creating the session. Please check for other errors. - oracle.discoiv.connections.ConnectionStoreException: Una[More]

Data Federator data source not available causes Universe Connection error

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I created a Data Federator project that connects to 20 servers across US and Canada.  All data sources are SQL Server 2005.  The DF project maps 40 source objects into 4 target objects.  I created a universe based on the DF project and we have been q[More]

RFC connection Error in SLDCheck

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Hi All, I am trying to logon to Integration builder for that i getting the ESR builder address is not maintain. for this i have chk in SLDCheck t code ,there i am getting LCRSAPRFC connection error.I have test the RFC connection in that i am getting[More]

RFC connection error between Netweaver 7 EHP1 and Ides ECC6

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Hi Friends, I try to create  source system  in BI from Netwever EHP1 to IDES ECC6 EHP3. During the creation I get a connection error, says. check connction parameter. I checked the parameter, everything is fine. Server, System and number. When I went[More]

RFC connection Error

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Dear All,     when i connect our BI System to R/3 system via RFC in SM59 ,i am getting following error in BI system and also The problem occur  in particular instance .(Other instance working fine in BI system) Logon     Connection Error Error Detail[More]

RFC Connection error in SM59 for SAP J2EE

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Hi All, i am getting the following error description while testing the connection for SAP J2EE ... Connection Test SAPJ2EE   Connection Type TCP/IP Connection   Logon              Connection Error Error Details     Error when opening an RFC connectio[More]

RFC connection error (VPN-access)

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Hi! I have the following error for the RFC connection: The RFC connection is setup as follows. /H/ = IP of our SAP Router = IP of customer system The RFC connection is established: SAP Router (i[More]

RFC connection error when registering PROGRAM ID.

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Hi, I created a RFC connection of type T. I gave the following parameters -> gateway host: hostname and then ip-address gateway service: sapgwxx Registered program id: xxx It is giving me the following error: Error Details     Error when opening an R[More]

RFC Connection Error during Web AS ABAP Database Instance

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I keep getting RFC Connection error installing the database instance.  The following are the pertinent logs: INFO 2007-05-09 20:10:04 Working directory changed to C:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\NW04\SYSTEM\ABAP\MSS\UC\DB. INFO 2007-05-09 20:10:04 O[More]

Haven't been able to connect to itunes for 3 days. Says connection error but im connected to the internet

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I haven't been able to connect to itunes for 3 days. It says theres a connection error, yet I am connected to the internet.  I have redownloaded itunes and still get this message.Close your iTunes, Go to command Prompt - (Win 7/Vista) - START/ALL PRO[More]

Problem with scanning - printer display shows "Server connection error"

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My printer has been working great and I have had no problems with scanning.  But two days ago, all of a succen I rec'd message "server connection error".  I tried to send to email as well as computer.  Got the same message.  As usual, I don't re[More]

TCP active open: Failed connect()    Error: Connection timed out SMTP

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Hi, Messaging server version is, ./imsimta version Sun Java(tm) System Messaging Server 6.2-6.01 (built Apr 3 2006) 6.2-6.01 (built 11:20:35, Apr 3 2006) SunOS bglbbmr1-a-fixed 5.9 Generic_118558-28 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V440 17-Dec-20[More]

Connection Error when trying to Video Chat with a PC

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I recently purchase my first Mac, a 13 inch 2.0 GHz Macbook. I have been having problems with iChat. I couldn't even get it to work in the beginning. I am using my AIM account, I do not have a .Mac account. I called Applecare and they did not help me[More]

I have a netgear router that I am trying to hook up to my emac and I keep on getting connection errors messages on the emac. why?

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I recently received an eMac as a gift from a friend. I am having some problems setting it up. First, for some reason, I cannot get my osX disks to install onto my eMac. the eMac tells me the install disk is not bootable. Why would that be? So, I have[More]

Weird internet problem / ssl connection error, site loads in safari not in firefox or other way around

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I really can't figure out this problem. Search the internet tried all kinds of things, nothing help so far. I have a Macbook Pro (Lion originally installed) running on Mavericks (all latest updates). SSD installed and the DVD tray is replaced by the[More]

Database Connection Error:BAPI Error #0

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I have a problem when I preview a report in Crystal Reports 2008 using BW MDX Query I had recieved the following messages: 1.Failed to retrieve data from database and then when I click ok 2.Database Connection Error:BAPI Error #0 Error occurred  when[More]

Failed to open the connection error using Business View OLE DB

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I have a Crystal Report built on a Business View with the db being accessed by an OLE driver.  Everything works fine using Crystal Designer, but when I try to access it through BOE I get the "Failed to open the connection" error.  I have the ole[More]

Database Connection Error Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory

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Hello everyone, Background: I have a newly installed and configured Ubuntu server running Tomcat5.5 and Mysql 5.0. This server was created in an attempt to migrate from a Red Hat server in a similar configuration, running the exact same webapp. Most[More]

Database Connection Error

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Hello, We have crystal reports published on the BOBJ system and the datasource is SAP BI system . The reports were working fine untill last monday when they started giving error " Database Connection Error " . This is what happening, when we run[More]

How to fix connection error on facebook via iphone 4s

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How to fix connection error on facebook via iphone 4s?I had the same problem for days. I reset the phone bu holding down the home button and the on off switch together. Don't swipe to turn off. Just hold down the two buttons until phone switched off[More]

I'm using the interface (Firmware V1.24) on a D-Link DPR-1260 Print Server, connected to an Epson Printer/Scanner. When I hit the "Scan" button, I get an "uncaught exception" error. This firmware has been working for years (at least ba [More]
Hi, I'm working on NT4.0 with jdK1.2. I'm writing an array of bytes in a Socket OutputStream. The size of the array is about 7k. The problem is that i often get a socket writing error(code error = 10053). Could anybody help me about this? ThanksSocke [More]
Can we talk in groups on face timeNot unless you're all in the same room. Facetime doesn't support conference - as in multipoint - calling. It's a 'person to person' program. THe only way you can do group calling is for one group to be on the A end, [More]
I purchased Nokia Lumia 638 a couple of weeks back from Amazon India. The phone came preinstalled with Lumia cyan update. Therefore I checked the availability of Lumia denim update for my device. When I checked Microsoft's website it was mentioned th [More]
Can any one help me out in how to grant rights on classes to different schamas. Your Help will be highly appericiated. ChandanSee if this makes a bit more sense class Employee   String name;   double sales;   double commission;   public Employee(Stri [More]
We are using Cost Center hierarchy as a free characteristic in the report and when the user tries to apply a filter for selecting a particular cost center, we are able to see both the Key and Text.  But after the query applies the filter and if we go [More]
Hi, Is anyone knows how to correct inconsistent sales organization in DEV, QAS & PRD, meaning number series of sales organization units in DEV is not same with the QAS and PRD. With this situation, pricing in CRM online and internet sales is not cons [More]
Hi While searching for the old threads I could not find the threads that have been created in the years 2006 or 2005. SDN is only allowing to search from 2007 year.... Where are all the threads of years 2005 and 2006 have gone?? Are they archived? if [More]
In this last few days, I got a message to reinstall whatsapp mesenger with a newest version. after trying few times, always fail. Anybody can assist???? make sure the application is not limited to, note the date settings are correct. download from yo [More]
I have Elements 12 Organizer and am getting an error message that states " The requested operation could not be completed because the catalog is currently locked by another process'.  I cannot access anything becaus eof this,  Can anyone help me? Tha [More]