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Ever since upgrading to the new version of itunes 10.2.1 my iphone will not work at all, it will not switch off and will not restore which itunes tells me is needed, cannot use phone at all, need help please.I only have songs no other media. The spec [More]
Hi all, I tried to consume a wcf webservice method on adf mobile by using java api as seen as below code snippet. I tried to run on classical adf generic application by creating webservice proxy. Then i could get response properly. But when i consume [More]
Struggling with this one, I have two apple id's. One old one that I use for store purchases asscociated with old email address, along with a considerable purchase history. I also have an id assciated with a [email protected] email that I use for all [More]
hi ... i am having a problem in creating a web service using netbeans .. i am using net beans 6 and glass fish v2 ... when i run the clinet appllication an exception comes that is Provider [More]
Hi, We have created a custom identity assertion provider in WLS 8.1. When we try to create a new instance in the admin console, we receive an exception (when clicking the 'Create' button). This problem only occurs in one certain test environment, and [More]
In Mavericks' new e-mail program, I cannot select multiple e-mail addresses for an individual e-mail without having to re-open the address book for every e-mail address I am opening. Please help.The new but not-ready-for-prime-time autocomplete metho [More]
I have my IPhone connected to ICloud and to IPhoto on my Mac. I've been organizing photos in my IPhoto so now I'm getting a multiples back into my IPhone - even photos that I never took in the first place. What can I do to stop this?If you're using M [More]
Hello, i have SRM ECS which uses BADI n steps. I want to know that if i my approver can add another approver in my circuit. i.e 1)i have created my SC. 2) Approver 1 approves the SC. 3) Approver 2 adds another approver( say approver 3). Is it possibl [More]
I'm able to manually send delivery information via EDI port when VL02N --> extras --> delivery output but i'm unable to create a new IDOC when changing a delivery or deleting a delivery and hitting save.  Can someone help me understand what has been [More]
Hi.. I am using 8 tables in the Universe Design. If at all I use 7 tables and one table left like that... can i use the left over table in reporting with out including here........ Regards L K VepuriAs long as the table exist in Classes and objects t [More]