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I had to shut down my PC due to a storm and I didn't realize that my iPod was still connected with the message "do not disconnet". Now my PC does not recognize my iPod. I've tried resetting it, uninstalling/reinstalling the driver and the iTunes [More]
I downloaded and redoes loaded good will hunting digital copy, included in my bluray. Well for some reason, good will hunting won't show up on my apple tv as purchased like other movies do. I know fox/universal digital copies won't work for now, but [More]
I reset the toolbar mailto gmail no changeDo you have 2 monitors? If so it may be related to For me I had to make arrange my secondary monitor to be level with my primary monitor and it now works.Rea [More]
Hello, I have 11g on my laptop running windows 7 64 bit. I need to be familiar with the report builder real quick. I cannot find the software to download for report builder for 11g for windows 64 bit. Can anybody help........Forms is the rig [More]
My N2K connected to N5K, why some ports can set the port speed, and some cann't set the port speed? int eth102/1/25     !!!No speed command (config-if)# ?   beacon          Disable/enable the beacon for an interface   cdp             Configure CDP in [More]
Hi Experts, While calling web service form my adobe form, i was getting an error as below saying "Error attempting to read from the file" followed by the URL of my web service. To create the above scenario i followed the following steps: 1. Crea [More]
Hi All, I am trying to configure OIM - AD communication in SSL mode. for that, I installed the AD connector MSFT_AD_Base_91100 and i deployed it. It was successfully configured. and my OIM version is OIM9101. I configured the IT Resource by mentionin [More]
Cannot update.  Get error message 1648, "no valid sequence could be found for the set of patches."Uninstall the corrupt Reader version using then download and install the latest Reader from htt [More]
hi, i created and bought a 74 pages book on iPhoto that costs me around 96 euros. It was delivered with a all 2 pages badly printed. It is not acceptable that there is no quality control at this level of price.I am very disappointed and won't buy aga [More]
Hi, I know how to use the xml objects to display data on Cisco IP Phone using Ip Phone services. Now I want to generate report in table format on the phone.But in the xml objects available there is no option display data in table format . Should I ha [More]