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Hello, is it possible to include SVG`s to a pdf report, which is created with FOP? I read something like Batik.... Does anybody have any experiences about that? Thanks, TimThank you, CtDave, for your speedy reply and for the 'Acrobat Technical Evange [More]
how to export photos from lap top to ipad,i keep draging them in ipad devise logo,photos jump back in place.if i click on to export in i photo,it only would go to files??????help!!Use the photo set up in the iTunes sync LNRead other 2 answers [More]
Does anyone know how to fix this. I have my iTunes stuff in like 3 differnt places hoping that one of them is right. But i can"t seem to fix it.You should be able to: Backup the device to the new installation Transfer your purchases into a newly auth [More]
Process:    Pages [81254] Path:        /Applications/iWork '09/ Identifier: Version:    4.1 (923) Build Info:  Pages-9230000~1 Code Type:  X86 (Native) So I rebooted, still nothing. I decieded I wo [More]
I'm new to the Swing portion of Java. Most of the stuff we write is for backend processing and does not require any GUI's. However, I need to write a screen that needs to have a table and that table needs to have a checkbox. How do I add a checkbox f [More]
in Iphoto i dragged a group of photos into a folder on the desktop, they went in as thumbnails and i don't know how i did that. can anyone help me do that againDon't you mean Photos or are you still using iPhoto with 10.10.3? Normally one gets the pr [More]
During database creation, even if you choose "Dedicated Server Mode" instead of "Shared Server Mode" (for MTS), you will actually be using dedicated server processes for Net8 BUT you will still use MTS for IIOP connections. That's why [More]
Is there a version of Photoshop Bulgarian languagePhotoshop versions exist for two Platforms Mac with some Mac OS versions and PC with some Window OS versions...Read other 2 answers [More]
This must have been asked before, but I couldn't find it if it was. Can iCal be set to show from 6am to 6am? The default midnight to midnight leaves far too much blank space in the main viewing area for most people.I have this same question. I love t [More]
Hi all, We have a scenario which is idoc-xi-file. we are using the idoc WPDBBY01.this idoc generates bonus buys for number of stores. the file which has to be generated at the target is of the structure(CSV file) [Data.1] Promo,1000,,,,,,, Promo,2000 [More]