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We found that AP aging report from SAP  is not tie with Balance in Balance sheet.  Please advise how to find the report which match with our requirement. Concept of the AP aging report is to age outstanding AP as at the end of month (Open item date). [More]
since purchasing my lap running windows 8.1 I have been unable to scan from my all in one printer to my pc. all it allows you to do is to scan the document to a memory card or reprint the imageHello , Welcome to the HP Community. I'd like to help you [More]
I am trying to load two ID documents as an article for a DPS folio. One document 'xx_h.indd' which is 1024W x 1060H, the other 'xx_v.indd' which is 768W x 1200H. When I try to upload the two orientation by Folio Builder>Add article, then select "I [More]
Hi, I've tried to use Sente and Papers as citation managers with Pages, but none of them seems to work with Pages 5.5.2. Is there a free or non expensive citation manager for Pages 5.5.2. If not, which version of Pages do I have to use to work with P [More]
i wanted to add gui to this code.. the codes are pasted with their names.. COM PORT field and MESSAGE CENTER no.(smsc) are not being accepted.. pls help..i have bolded the parts which arent being acccepted import java.util.Date; public class Sender i [More]
is anyfuction module to get inbound delivery number by using material serial number? input---material serial number. output--inbound delivery number.Hi, BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE it's ok with the Function module CALL FUNCTION 'WS [More]
I am useing a 15 inch Macbook Pro that I bought in August 2011. Some time last week Silverlight asked me to do an update while I was trying to watch Netflix on Chrome. I went ahead and installed the update, but decided not to bother watching Netflix. [More]
How can i unlock the country lock of my iphone4 that i bought from South KoreaIt is a carrier lock (not country) and only the carrier who has locked the iPhone can unlock itRead other 3 answers [More]
i'm not a technical person and i hoping that i can get a help to create a custom applescript app. i'd like to create an applescript app to run video files from any folder to encode (using ffmpeg) and save the re-encoded version in a new folder inside [More]
Windows 7 64-bit, CS5 64-bit 12.04, Canon Pro9000 MkII. Many/most files go back to CS4. I just started printing on CS5. I have a way to work around the bug, but maybe someone from Adobe will see this and duplicate and fix whatever the issue is. I can [More]