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Error 200077 during Strain Gauge Calibration in Measurement and Automation Explorer V5.3.1f0

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Hey Guyz! I am experiencing a problem perfomring my shunt calibration using a 350ohm(GF 2) strain gauge connected with NI9949 and NI9237 in a NI cDAQ-9178 Hardware. When i click on strain callibration under configuration-Device: R3 being my shunt of[More]

Can anybody recommend me on the strain gauges which are attached along a steel bar, say, 3 mm in diameter, and can respond at a sampling rate of 100 kHz?

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Or anybody has similar application, it would be very grateful if you can share your experience.Many thanks for your information. We are about to investigate the dynamic performance of soil anchorage subject to dynamic impulse in a geotechnical centri[More]

How to measure voltage changes using a NI-9219 with strain gauges and use the data in labview

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I am updating an old LabView/Data Acquisition system that uses strain gauges to measure two forces (normal and axial) as well as two moments (Pitch and Roll). I am having trouble reading the voltage changes over my strain gauges using my NI-9219 as w[More]

Setting up DAQ system for testing (using pressure transducer, linear position sensor and strain gauges)

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Hello, I like to get your suggestion in setting up the DAQ system. I am very beginner in this issue. These SCXI listed below are what we have in the laboratory. I will use DAQ card 6062E. SCXI 1000 SCXI 1520 SCXI 1140 SCXI 1142 SCXI 1305 , 1302 , 130[More]

How do I connect 16 strain gauges in quarter bridge arrangement to a SCXI 1322 connecter block?

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Specifically, do I connect 4 bridge completion resistors to each VEX- channel or do I need to wire them together somehow first?I have attached a bitmap image that explains how to wire a quarter-bridge strain gauge to the SCXI-1122 (with 1322 terminal[More]

Can I measure Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges using Field Point Inputs?

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Is wish to connect a Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge using Field Point. The sensor requires a swept frequency excitation (typically 400 to 1500 Hz) and then generates a frequency output proportional to the strain applied on the vibrating element. The fre[More]

I can not measure strain gauge

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I'm trying to work for strain gauge measurement with scc-sg04, sc2345 signal conditioner and ni-6223 DAQ card. Internal +2.5V supply I have used as excitation voltage. I want to get the data via Measurement & Automation explorer and I have created a[More]

Constant current excitation for strain gauges

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Ideally I would like to log 46 strain gauges using a scxi-1000. At the moment we have two 1102B modules, one 1100 module, and a 1122 module. The 1122 module supports quarter bridge strain gauges but is very limited in scan rates when logging 16 strai[More]

My strain gauges (full Wheatstone bridge) give me a constant negative voltage

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Hi, I'm currently trying to calibrate strain gauges to work with a one-axis tribometer...I'm using XP, LabVIEW 8.5.1, have the latest version of NIDAQmx and SignalExpress 2.5.1.  Right now the strain gauges are hooked up to a SC-2043-SG signal condit[More]

Where can I download Convert Strain Gauge ?

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Where can I download Convert Strain Gauge ?  I recently download the trial version of LabView 8.0, and looked for this .vi , but found nothing.  I know that its supposed to be under DAQ utilities menu. Hi, The Convert Strain Gauge Reading.[More]

Simulate strain gauge

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Hi everyone, I am currently developing a data acquisition program to measure about 50 strain gauges simulatniously using LabVIEW version 8. At the moment I only have one strain gauge so I would like to simulate the others. I am using the DAQ-MX funct[More]

9237 Strain Gauge Measurement

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My company purchased a Compact Rio with eight 9237 modules to do strain gauge measurement and I have to program cRio. Unfortunately I am very fresh in LabView and I don't know how to start. I have seen NI-9237-Getting Started-Scan Mode and cRio Embe[More]

Measuring strain gauge by using DAQ6251

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HI everyone  i hope that i will find someone who can help me at this point. i am new at labview and DAQ i cant buy new input module specified to strain gauge measurment becouse of it is high cost how can i use my DAQ6251 to measure strain gauge i hav[More]

Use NI 9237 to Measure the Strain Gauge

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I'm a newbie and I have no idea how to use NI 9237. I'm trying to meaure the strain gauge with NI9237. I dropped down  from . The data type of is Double. I want to know is it the output (the difference of Al+ and Al-) of strain gauge? Or is it someth[More]

What device I have to connect with my PCI - 4351 to mesure a strain gauge signal?

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Hi, I have a PCI - 4351 with a TBX-68T messuring some termocouples signals, but I want to mesure a strain gauge too, what devices I have to connect my PCI - 4351 to make it possible? Thanks. Rafael. U.F.R.J.  Engineering student. Brazil.Q: what do i[More]

System calibration of a cantilever with strain gauge atteched

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I have written a vi to measure the number of chocolate bars (this is a second year engineering design project) using a cantilever with a strain gauge applied. Part of the calibration is to plot readings of applied loads. Is it possible to add to the[More]

Is there a strain gauge bridge on the 6025E?

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Is there a strain gauge bridge on the 6025E?No, however, there are several ways in which you can perform a strain gage measurements with NI products, you can buy SCCs, which are small signal conditioning modules. There is a set of strain gauge module[More]

Strain gauge data acquisition

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Hi, Carried out first test for my data acquisition project for uni today. The general basic operation is I am carrying out a test on a super duplex steel tube. A new load is applied every 30 seconds and the program should record when the change in st[More]

Using the convert strain gauge reading vi

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I am having difficulty with wiring the convert strain gauge reading vi. Are there any examples of this vi showing how to connect it? thanks HS Solved! Go to Solution.Have you consulted the help file on it?[More]

Strain Gauge Bolts With cDAQ-9172

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Hello Everyone, I am using the cDAQ-9172 with NI 9237 connected to NI 9949.  I have some strain bolts that have a value of 2000u for 15.7 kN.  I was wondering what I should put in for gage factor?  Also what is an appropriate signal input range?  Tha[More]

Hi, Can anyone please tell me the significance of Supply guarantee field on installation? We have a requirement wherein in special cases we don't want the customer to be disconnected and in some cases to restrict the creation of new contract. I saw t [More]
I just bought Adobe Premiere Elements 10 to use with my Sony Handycam HDR-XR160 but it just dont work I first try to install on my PC: Intel Quad Q6600 with 8 Gig of Ram and a 500 Go WD Black Edition and a GeForce 9800 GT with 1 Gig of Video Memory . [More]
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How do you remove a function that is coded on a frame in the main timeline from within a movie clip?  I tried this, but no dice: infoGraphicDisparity.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToScene); function fl_ClickToGoToScene(event:MouseEve [More]
hi gurus, can anyone help me in providing documentation and test file( BAI fomat) totest  the functionality. My client wants to delevelop this functionality. thanks in advance.. regds, ramhi Lockboxes are a procedure used mainly in the USA to enable [More]
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