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Hi! I live in Switzerland and my iTunes and AppStore are in German. I would like to have them in French. Is this possible? ThxSelect the Inbox folder to see emails. click on first email to get focus. Hold down 'Ctrl' key and press 'A' key This will h [More]
Hi all, I am suffering in java regular expression, and I hope you guys can help me out. I want to use the String api ".matches" to find out any string pattern like "xxxx.xxxx" where xxx can be only english word(both upper and lower cas [More]
Just had my Mac Book at the Apple Store for tests because the fan was running a lot & computer was running really slow.  They found no hardware problem but suggested my problem was that the 2G of Ram was not enough because the system with nothing ope [More]
I developed a page according to the examples on the following link. my problem is, that i want to use different pages as content. How can i do this?? do i nee [More]
Our APEX (v3.1) applications use quite a bit of stored procedures to implement the business logic. What do you think is the best way to maintain some complex state on the server (where complex is anything more than a string)? Ideally I would like to [More]
Hi Ive noticed seven shared iMac items in Finder, Ive no idea what they r or how to remove them. See attached file. Can anyone help? Thanks BazYou do reboot or somehow restart when you are on your different network, right? I suggest going to System P [More]
Hi, My program is something like this: Content.jsp <script type="text/javascript"> function clicked2() var x2; for (var i = 0; i <; i++) if ( x2=([i].value ); document.form2.hiddenTextBo [More]
Last time I have encounter  this problem (the wifi is dimmed or greyed). The problem was fixed after following some instructions here in the community but now seems likes its not effecitive anymore. I've tried the steps like many times. I raped the l [More]
hi all can we display picture on report by using form form? like we display user name on report. is there any way to display employees picture on report? sarahHello, For the question : "can we display picture on report by using form form?" ... i [More]
I have not been able to use Facetime for almost a week. What is the status?You can check the status of Apple Services here other 4 answers [More]