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Sun Ultra 20 M2 fails to boot if an USB storage device is plugged in

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Hi. If any of my LaCie external USB disks are plugged in my Sun Ultra 20 M2, BIOS hangs and fails to boot. Bios is upgraded with latest version (Tools and drivers CD v. 1.6a). Furthermore, my LaCie mobile disk is listed on Solaris HCL. LaCie Lacie Mo[More]

Sun Ultra 3 Mobile Workstation aka Mezostation999 - lack of documentation.

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Hello. For a long time looking for documentation and drivers for this model. I understand that without a service plan i will not get the drivers. But there is documentation available somewhere? I'm really desperate - pre-installed Solaris 10 (03/05)[More]

Sun Ultra 25 - Bad magic number in disk label

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I have a Sun Ultra 25 SPARC that is booting fine to it's 80GB SATA drive. Solaris 10, OpenBoot 4.22.19. Here's what I did: I installed a 2TB Western Digital SATA drive into the HDD1 slot. I formatted the disk in the HDD1 slot via the format command,[More]

Donwloading right OS for Sun Ultra 40 M2

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Please help I will appreciate your help, I am trying to download the OS Solaris on the web for a Sun Ultra 40 M2 workstation machine. Please some one guide me the steps by step or path to download it. My problem I don't understand what to select the[More]

Sun ultra 40 boot problem  AMD Opteron

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Hi, my Sun Ultra 40 will not boot, it is an AMD Opteron based machine, the cooling fans are spinning, but there is no msg to read on the monitor. Occasionally I got it to boot, it ran for two weeks, but at next reboot it displays no signal to the vid[More]

Prom Security on Sun Ultra 10 Workstation

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Just purchase a Sun Ultra 10 Workstation from my company. When I took the system home, it would boot with the follow sequence: Boot Device: disk File and args: SUNOS Release 5.7 Version Generic_106541_09 64-bit [UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0] Copyrigh[More]

Sun Ultra 20 Workstation - working very slow

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Dear sir, I have got 20 nos of Sun Ultra 20 Workstations, with AMD opteron 64 bit processors.i have installed Windows XP 64 bit o/s where in all the systems are facing the identical problems. it is that the system are working very slow. The users are[More]

K9N Ultra wont boot up anymore

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Hi, 1st time poster here. I have about 2 years old "K9N Ultra - 2F v. 2.1" non-SLi MB, wich just wont boot up anymore. I have readed the post about the same MB having some condensator problems, the sticky considerring it, and found that my MB sh[More]

Upgrade for Sun Ultra 60 without DVD--Act II?

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29 January 2012 As I previously marked the original version of this question as Answered, let me return to it in a new thread. I have a Sun Ultra 60 Workstation running Solaris 9, and I wish to upgrade it to Solaris 10 (8/11 version). It will not tak[More]

Sun Ultra 24 - BIOS Update problem

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I have a Sun Ultra 24 where I attempted to update the BIOS to v1.5 using the Sun Tools CD v1.3. After successful install and validation of the BIOS, I am at a POST screen where I have the option to press F1 to load default values or F2 to run setup.[More]

Unable to install Solaris Sparc 10 on SUN Ultra 10

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Downloaded ISO of SPARC 10 DVD from Oracle site, burnt it and tried to install on SUN Ultra 10 (300 MGz / 256 MB RAM / 80 GB IDE HDD) Followed the process as specified below: 1. Stop+A to stop the current boot process.(Already SPARC 8 is installed) 2[More]

Sun Ultra 5

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Hi everybody, I have buyed a Sun Ultra 5 used with Solaris 8 pre-installed. When I turn-on power the system starts but I havent openboot prompt. I want install Solaris 10. How I can start openboot's prompt and run the command "boot cdrom"?The ST[More]

SUN Ultra-2 with Solaris 9 constantly self reboots

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The Ultra-2 self reboots several times per day. It is a kernel problem but I was unable to find a solution, so I hope that someone from this forum will help me. The uname information is: SunOS ermis 5.9 Generic_118558-14 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-2 The[More]

Yet Another CD-ROM problem Sun ultra 10

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Hello There. I just got a Sun ultra 10 and I am trying to install Solaris 10 on it using the original DVD that I got from sun. However when i try running a boot cdrom at the ok prompt I see that it cannot read the label. Im sure it is because it is a[More]

Upgrade for Sun Ultra 60 without DVD?

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20 January 2012 Greetings, I have a Sun Ultra 60 (SUNW, UltraSPARC-II, 64-bit) currently running Solaris 9. The Ultra 60 was listed on the HCL for the Solaris 11 Express release last year, so I assumed it would run Solaris 11. But having downloaded S[More]

Sun Ultra 5 / Newbie Question

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Hello. I am a student preparing for a career in Deskside Support. I recently purchased a Sun Ultra 5, so I could increase my experience with UNIX / LINUX. When the system powers up it goes through what seems to be a normal boot process and then keeps[More]

Sun ultra 45 auto shutdown

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Dear Expert , We have new ultra 45 with preloaded Solaris 10 11/06 s10s_u3wos_10 SPARC , after around 40 minute running suddenly the workstation shutdown Automatically. We already setup dtpower to disable mode , but the workstation still shutdown Aut[More]

Sun Ultra 40 Suppl. CD V1.3 Bios + SLi Broadcast Aperture + Nvidia 91.29

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I am using a Sun Ultra 40 with dual Opteron and dual Quadro FX 4500 in SLi-Configuration. I just upgraded the Bios to the new release V1.3 and I just noticed an entry inside the Bios regarding the "SLi Broadcast Aperture". Following values are p[More]

Installation Failures - Sun Ultra 60

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Hello. I am having an issue installing Solaris 8, 9, or 10 on a newly acquired Sun Ultra 60. I am new to Solaris Hardware and SPARC but I have installed the above operating systems on x86 systems before. The installation CDs are also for SPARC. Here[More]

Sun Ultra 40

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Has anyone gotten dual-display to work with a Sun Ultra 40 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4.0? The dual-display works when booting and shutting down but doesn't work in normal operation when the machine is booted. I've tried both the nvidia driver[More]

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Hi, I try to get a bean-managed transaction example running with EJB 3.0 under GlassFish v2ur2. In order to demarcate the scenario I have to get me the UserTransaction which I get from the SessionContext. I would like to use it then like: UserTransac [More]
I think I downloaded the latest Solaris Studio version.  When I compile my code, I got the following error: bash-3.00$ gmake -f Makefile.sun CC -c -o metadata.o metadata.cpp -I. -I.. -g -O0 -std=c++11 -I/export/home/oracle/zhifan/boost_1_55_0 -I/expo [More]
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So I have an applicational prototype that I need to have out by the end of the day today, and all of a sudden Flash Catalyst states that the project cannot be published due to an error. It also said to check the Code view to see what's wrong. Yesterd [More]
The following error: Hello, I am not able to reproduce the behaviour you are experiencing.  The installer downloads fine and launches without getting the damaged disk error.  Have you tried downloading the installer again?  Please delete the file you [More]
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