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Switch over between two SAP PI systems for downtime minimization

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Hello Colleagues, with our interfaces over our SAP PI 7.31 (ABAP/Java) system we assume we will run in a 7x24 h runtime scenario in the future. Regarding Business Continuity we have to think about solutions which help us to handle downtimes greater t[More]

New DVR Issues (First Run, Channel Switching, etc.)

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I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to find answers through the search with no luck, so sorry if I missed something. I recently switched to FIOS from RCN cable in New York.  I've gone through trying to setup my DVR and am running into issues and wa[More]

Data Federator - View Data in DF

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Hi, Can we view data in Data Federator if data source is SAP BW> > Although you may have tested the connection, check your "leselect" log file > Checked in leSelect.log Could not start server: Connect to SAP gateway failed > > Is[More]

Remote deployment switches for Jabber 9.2.2

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Are there any installation switches for remote install via the MSI/DMG? I will be pushing this backage via Dell KACE K1000 appliance and would like to configure default options for the users during the install/upgrade such as Disabling (or 'unchecked[More]

Switching to Arch: Outstanding issue w/ printing

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I've spent the last six months or so switching to Arch and intel (from OS X/Debian and ppc). I did think I was getting there but I've got stuck on some issues which seem small in some ways but are really problematic given the kind of work I need to d[More]

I have a problem with wifi in my iphone 4s, i already try everything and download latest version 7.1(11D167) but wifi switch is not working, its my humble request to Apple support team that pls resolve this problem as soon as possible because

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I have a problem with wifi in my iphone 4s, i already try everything and download latest version 7.1(11D167) but wifi switch is not working, its my humble request to Apple support team that pls resolve this problem as soon as possible because its a p[More]

DVI to Video adapter switches from NTSC to PAL

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I just bought an apple dvi to analog video adapter to connect my mac mini to my tv. It worked like a charm the first time, but seems to reset for no reason from ntsc to pal output. This is really annoying because the pal output is nearly impossible t[More]

My hard drive on the mac book crashed, so I replaced it.  Now I need to get my time machine back up on the new drive.  I've already started using the computer and reinstalled lion, so I'm not getting the original "backup" screen.  How do I find [More]
When I record a video message for someone, the audio does not work properly. It either doesn't work at all (silence is recorded), or cuts out after a 1-2 seconds. The problem seems to be confined to the MP4 video/audio encoder used by Skype for video [More]
hey pals, I bought the MC969 (11" 4GB 128GB) MacBook Air on 1st July 2012. Just wanna know that is the IVth Gen MacBook Air which is barely a week old, eligible for the mountain lion uptodate program?Caution! As stedman1's reference states, the custo [More]
Hey guys, I've had my mac pro for a little over a year now, never had any problems until this weekend. I was in the middle of playing Mass Effect 2 on my windows 7 drive and all of it sudden it glitched out. Turned it off and tried booting again and [More]
Using notes on iPad how do I enter numbers such that notes thinks that they are just numbers, not phone numbers, links, or calendar events? Example: Enter the line "Number: 00012345678".  The number is highlighted in yellow, tap it and I get the [More]
I am at the age of 10. Soon i will become 11 and my dad promised me that he would get me a Iphone or whatever. First, i did want a Iphone but now to think of it, i am also kind of interested, especially the Ipad 2. And now, i cant decide which one i [More]
One who need to initiate BI Publisher should follow this link. Good post to do it from scratch RegardsThanks for sharing. Good start for freshbie's. -Amith.Read other [More]
A couple of days ago after disconnecting my iPod in iTunes the iPod display went blank. It will not turn on nor will it display if it is charging if it is connected to the wall power adapter. I tried reseting it and I let it sit for 24 hours like the [More]
I had many probs with the hard disk and now have a happy healthy TC working great with time machine, so I though I'd share my experiences with others hoping it will save you my huge pain ! i, I've spent hours and hours trying to get the harddisk to w [More]
Dear Gurus, I am facing atypical scenario in Production and development Clients.While clearing open items for a BanlK GL (USD Currency) in production there is no exchange differences being calculated by the syste.There is difference in Exchange rates [More]