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sync Iphone 3 to Imac 9.1 address book

Can you display or hide items dependant on the roles of the logged in user is assigned too. I know you can do this for the menu using menu.json "visible": true,         "applyIf": {             "userHasRoles": ["Administ [More]
We are trying to use Adobe Connect Professional to teach others at a different site and they can't read text on some of the screens.  We are using a live site via the web so we can't change font size like you can in a slide or document. Any ideas? Th [More]
I'm using Vista and iTunes 7.7. This started since I tried putting iTunes in compatibility mode. I'm having tons of permissions errors since the last update. This takes the cake though. When I launch iTunes both monitors drop to what looks like 16 or [More]
I have 3 Series' of The Big Bang Theory and as i have the laptop hooked up to my TV, i would like to be able to just put them all in a playlist and press shuffle, but it only ever plays one then stops. I tried putting them in a smart playlist, but th [More]
OKay guys, anyone have issues where they can not get the server to accept the .htaccess file while using MX 2004 on a Mac? On my old skool G3 at home, It looks like DW has checked-in or put the .htaccess file but indeed it isn't there because- DUH! t [More]
Hi, I have a facebook game with BlazeDS, Spring and Hibernate and in Firefox, Chrome and IE is working perfect. But in Safari doesn't work. If I put the Cookie Settings of Safari to Always accept cookies it works. But if my configuration is in "Only [More]
Hi All, Can anyone tell me about adapting oracle forms/applications to use with JAWS,ZOOMTEXT or Speech to text software. I appreciate an early response. ThanksHi Deepthi, 1. Can anyone suggest me how to do the testing A) Like message monitoring in R [More]
Tried to use Mosaic to make a CD insert that would show all the album covers in a playlist I was burning to CD. All tunes purchased from the iTMS and all came with artwork (it showed as I played the tracks). But when I chose Print from the file menu, [More]
Hello. I would like to turn on the backlight on my keyboard on my Toshiba Satellite A500D-10E. But I can not find the on button. I read in the manual and it said to use fn+z, however this combination does nothing on my keyboard. Is there another way [More]
I use Aperture 3.0 on a 20 inch iMac. I am considering buying a laptop MacBook Pro 13inch or 15 inch. The 13 inch weighs 400 grams less than the 15 inch but has a smaller screen area. I get the impression that using Aperture on the 13inch will be a r [More]