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[Synth 8-2715] syntax error near default ["ipif_pkg.vhd":203] - vhdl-2008 content

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Hi, I have a project that fails when I try to use a vhdl-2008 package. Without it all is good. The file is part of the project, set to vhdl-2008 but unreferenced. When i add use work.mypackage.all I get the following error: [Synth 8-2715] syntax erro[More]

Syntax error while writing a select query.

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Hi all, I have a requirement where I have to pick a value if the text for that value is MYCARu2019S Lovliest Car. And so I wrote a query that SELECT     RUECK INTO XRUECK FROM AFVC WHERE ltxa1 = ' MYCARu2019S Lovliest Car'.                 ENDSELECT.[More]

Syntax error while running a driver program

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Hi experts,              I have developed a smartforms,in which i have declared the following,                 ITAB TYPE TABLE OF MARA, in import tab of form interface... and in se38 i have declared... data: itab like mara occurs 0. bujt when i am ru[More]

Select-options in SELECT query - syntax error

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Hi all,   I get the error below when I try to use the select options in a SELECT query . Please help me. "The IN operator with "SO_AWART" is followed neither by an internal table nor by a value list." The code i have used(Logical datab[More]

Can not use SUM in a simple query because of a syntax error?

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Hi Thank you for reading my post. I am trying to execute the following query: q = em.createQuery("SELECT SUM((NE.pipeLength - 0.6)+((NE.networkDepth-NE.initialDepth)*0.41)+ NE.standLenght)  FROM NExpansion NE  where (( NE.contract.contractor=:contrac[More]

SYNTAX_ERROR unable to log in to SAP system Syntax error in program "SAPMSE

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hi SAP Experts, I have applied Basis patch 12 and I scheduled the background.  Backgroud job was terminated. System became slow. Then I stopped the server and restarted.  Now, I am unable to log in to SAP GUI by entering Username and Password and get[More]

DB2 9.7 DFACT.SQL syntax error in Import ABAP phase - System Copy

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Hi all. I'm trying a system copy with a source system SAP ECC 6.0 ehp4 based on NW 701 and db2 LUW 9.1 . As it seems supported by SAP, i'm using db2 LUW 9.7 in target system. O.S. is Windows 2008. I got an error in phase "Import ABAP". Sapinst.l[More]

HELP NEEDED ,Syntax Error.

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Whenever i try to execute the following program, i get the following syntax error. "ALPHA AND IT-F1 ARE TYPE-INCOMPATIBLE." data: begin of it occurs 12,           f1,           end of it,           alpha(12) value 'ABCDEFGHIJKL'. do 12 times var[More]

Syntax error in program "SAPLXRSA " -SENT

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Hi Guys, I have done user exit in R/3 datasource when I do the test extraction using RSA3 and geting the data without any error. I've transport the requet to Test Box and tried to do the extraction in TestBox and getting the below SYNTAX Error messag[More]

[SOLVED] Php.ini syntax error, unexpected '&'

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Hi guys, I'm having a trouble setting up a local hosted LAMP, I want to enable the error reporting and display, but it's giving me this error: [[email protected] albert]# php PHP: syntax error, unexpected '&' in /etc/php/php.ini on line 105 Line 105: ; err[More]

Why am I getting a syntax error on the /head line in DW CC?

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I am getting a syntax error in DW CC.  Other threads have indicated this was a bug in CS6 but had been fixed in CC.  That leads me to believe it's my fault, but I can't figure it out.  Can anyone help based on the information I've pasted below?  Than[More]

Source code has syntax error in SAP PI7.1 Mapping Test

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HI All, IN SAP P7.1  created simple two data types, message types and Message Mapping with only 2 fields. While testing the mapping in Message Mapping it is giving the error as Source text of object Message Mapping: MM_Source_to_Target | http://abc.c[More]

Start Routine: Syntax error in routine 2LIS_03_BF Transformations

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Hi experts, I enhanced the 2lis_03_bf data source, and replicated the data source in bw system, i have mapped the transformations and when i try to activate the transformations it is giving the below error. Start Routine: Syntax error in routine when[More]

Error while transporting Transformation: Syntax error in Start Routine

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Hi Everyone, I'm facing a strange problem during transporting one of the Business Content cubes from Dev. to Quality. I'd activated the DSO 'Purchase Order Items (0PUR_O01)' and its entire data flow from the 4 datasources 2LIS_02_CGR, 2LIS_02_SCN, 2L[More]

Syntax error in start routine

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Dear All, I have activated the infocube 0sd_c03 with grouping "in data flow before" and the infocube is activated with datasources 2LIS_11_VAITM 2LIS_11_VAHDR 2LIS_12_VCITM 2LIS_12_VCHDR 2LIS_13_VDITM 2LIS_13_VDHDR in 3.x where as TRCS 2LIS_13_V[More]

Syntax error in Start Routine routine 9998 in transformation

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Hi Guyz, I am getting the below error while doinf the syntax check in start routine in one of the transformation in BW production after the failed TR movement E:In PERFORM or CALL FUNCTION "ROUTINE_9998", the actual parameter "SOURCE_PACKAG[More]

Apex Listener File path syntax error: ILLEGAL_CHARACTER

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Hi all, I tryed to install Apex Listener into Tomcat 7.0.42 and I got the error : INFO: Deploying web application archive C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\apex.war ago 16, 2013 9:15:19 AM oracle.dbtools.c[More]

Short dump in VF01 - Syntax error in program "RKEAK9RECP3000001"

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Helo all, We recently copied our production client to a QA client and when we try to save an SD invoice (VF01), we get a short dump titled - Syntax error in program "RKEAK9RECP3000001". The dump long text states: "The Dictionary structure o[More]

Basis SP 18 to 20, can not logon through SAPGUI - Syntax Error

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Hello Experts, We had started ECC6.0 SP18 to SP20 patches and now we are getting Syntax error in program "CL_WB_CROSSREFERENCE==========CP ". for most of the transactions executed. 1. Job RDDIMPDP is also failing with message Program RDDIMPDP is[More]

After upgrading to Yosemite, Thunderbird does not recognize email addresses: "syntax error" in recipient address. Fix?

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After upgrading to IOS Yosemite, Thunderbird will no longer send emails to the contacts in my history file that drops down when I "write" a new message. I continue to get a return response that there is a syntax error in the address field of the[More]

I recently downloaded the app because I was curious about using it. Now I'm having issues on my print files (end of file) and the stability of Photoshop CC when I do things like adding layer masks and vector masks. When I look at the dump for output [More]
Ok, I have latest updated version of firefox. I have hp510 laptop with 1 GB of RAM. My problem is that firefox is really good but uses too much of RAM(100 MB or more) while in usage. How can I tweak firefox to use less RAM, as my system gets hammered [More]
Hi Experts, Please guide us how to kill the RFC Connection from web dynpro java as soon as the execution is completed.The FM connection (Adaptive RFC) isnt getting closed in IS-U side. Please guide us how to close them explicitly. We are getting the [More]
I need to search the third word of all lines in a text file. Also,if the word is found, the total number of times the word appears should be counted. Is that possible?try looking up "split" or "stringTokenizer" in the java api these me [More]
Hi, Is it possible in captivate that a user can enter the user name and date in the beginning of the project which later can be displayed on results slideHi there, Welcome to Adobe Community. Yes it can be done with the help of variables. You can hav [More]
<p>The current vision only support JDBC connections?</p><p>when I organized the datasource or datalist in the application, if this datasource or datalist can connect the data connection?</p><p> Thank you!</p><p>je [More]
Hi, How to find user info in essbase v.7.1.5 such as: who created the user, previleges, when the user is been created, etc. I know that there is no security file export in version 7. suggestions pls. Thanks, Jeeth Edited by: Jithendra on Jun 10, 2010 [More]
I currently use a form as a photo log for tracking the image number and a photo description.  The form was created in MS Word.  I would like to create this form using LiveCycle Designer and have tried a few things but nothing works the way I would li [More]
I have a 2009 iMac and a new iPhone5c.  I can't sync my music because I don't have a new enough version of itunes on my iMac.  I can't get the version I need because my operating system is too old.  Can anybody help please? I'm not very good with thi [More]
Hi there, I've mucked around with the drive accidentally in the past trying to do clean installs and just want to remove any partitions I've created or random and unused drives. I just want it to look and be like when I first opened it out the box if [More]