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I recently upgraded to Windows 8 on a brand new computer. My faithful laserjet 2100 would not work. However, the printer (several copies of it) show up in MS Word, Excel and other programs when I go to print. I replaced the printer with an HP LaserJe [More]
Hello Experts, I making a small change to an existing Web Template namely changing the tab page 1 to tab page 2 and  vice versa. I could see the message Changes are saved but at the end web template is same like as it was. Any idea why changes are no [More]
Someone provided me with (2) DVD's which have video on them that plays in a 4:3 player window when I pop it into DVD Player on the Mac. However, the video is obviously squeezed. When I play the DVD's on my HDTV 16 x 9 TV (and my external DVD player), [More]
Happy Holidays all!!! I bought my boyfriend an IPAD for Christmas and saw somewhere an Audiobook for Texas Hold Em Poker. He wants to learn to play the game better but it needs to be an audiobook. I actually bought him the IPAD primarily for this rea [More]
Hi Experts, Please guide me to complete this assignment. The requirement is to fetch the material tax classification and customer tax classificaion into COPA through derivation rule. we can fetch material tax classification through table VBRP. Please [More]
I'm using Keynote '08 and I've got a slide that has a heading that asks a question. I'd like to be able to add audience responses while in Slideshow mode.  Is that possible?You don't.  ARe you saying you lost your ipad and you want to back it up? If [More]
Is it possible to add additional tags to the finder? There are ten by default, and I know that I can edit them, but can I add an 11th, 12th, etc. tag? And if so, how?You can add a new tag when saving a file.  But I would like to add tag without first [More]
I want to use my PCI 6624 for measuring of frequency signals from a gear flow meter. The problem is that when I start running the VI there is no pulses from the flow meter and the VI stops to run and I get a Timeout error message. I.e is it possible [More]
HI have lost I touch do have serial number how do i track it- Unless you had alreay set up the FindMyiPod feature. wfi is on and other conditions ar met,you can't track your iPod.  The SN will only idenity the iPod if it is found. Apple will not help [More]
In "The Apache Derby 10.2 API Documentation" is in html format and cannot be added to Netbeans IDE as Javadoc . Is there also in zip file format ? Many thanks.No, but you can download the Javadocs [More]