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Hi gurus, In a support message when we create message from satellite system. System is not captuing automatically the "Reported by" field.(BP number of the creator). Can you pl guide me, is there any missing setting to capture this "Reporte [More]
After working the last couple of days to resolve the failure of an internal drive, now one of my external drives (LaCie fire-wire) will not mount. I was using it to back up the bad internal drive, and probably forgot to eject the drive before turning [More]
When I try to open a pdf link in my browser I am asked where I want to save the file.  I used to be asked if I wanted to open the file.  How do I get back to being asked if I want to open rather than save?What browser?Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi folks, I'm trying to get my program to access a database via a network and I'm testing (perhaps unwisely) with MS Access. The first step was using:     driver="sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver";     connectString="jdbc:odbc:Test";     C [More]
hi I have a client that is callling a websrvice passing it a message. Which in turn is passing that message to MOM. I can see the WS is active through browser but on console I get the following message and error. Hi Abhishek....... From Server for yo [More]
I am creating a page with 2 regions for for getting date range and other for getting Graph drawn on the basis of dates. But when I am using dates values like some field>=:PX_DAT1 the series doesn't work and gives data not found error. Some guru pleas [More]
Hate to raise a sleeping horse but was hoping someone might have some insight into why SCOM Report Server install is failing. I am using a domain account for SCOM 2012 R2 services in a distributive environment with 2 management servers and 2 SQL serv [More]
Hi, after upgrading our Portal from NW7.0 SP18 to NW7.01 SP6, our Custom Portal Theme shows a difference in the WD Abap Pageheader Control in some integrated WD Abap applications. The WD Abap Pageheader colour resp. underlying gif changed. Does anybo [More]
Hello there! (haven't been here in a while). I need to design a very simple photo gallery, where 3 slots are showing 6 photos. (each slot is automatically switching between 2 different photos). Simple. A good reference of such design will be the gall [More]
I have the Numbers-applications on both Mac mini and Macbook Air. My problem is that they don't sync so when I create a Numbers-file on the MacBook  while travelling, it will not be on my Mac mini when I get home :(((Hey iWeb plubishing problems, I w [More]