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I have just updated my camera to a Canon D5 Mark III only to find that my version of Photoshop elements 10 will not open these files (RAW). I have tried to download a patch, but it said the patch was not applicable to me. Does anyone have any suggest [More]
there are about 100 files in the preferences folder all with a different file name - e.g.: I can also see file name: According to the dates - these started appearing in January 2011. I upgraded fr [More]
How to run Web Camera on to the Web Browser through JAVA and JMF?How to run Web Camera on to the Web Browser through JAVA and JMF? As someone who has written dozens of applets, and helped debug hundreds of them, I can tell you that applets are not fo [More]
Heyo. Searchings the forums for the terms "3-way", "three-way", and "conference" yielded nothing so here goes. Can FaceTime do three-way (or more) video chats? Thanks, ALFOk, thank you! That's what I thought but the person at [More]
Can I create a column using custom datatypes? Something like this????????????? ALTER TABLE ed_fotos ADD foto "ORDSYS.ORDVIR"; The datatype "ORDSYS.ORDVIR" has been created to replace a virage datatype on my development environment. CRE [More]
what is in the 2.2.1 update...looked everywhere and cannot find anything on the issueI have made repeated attempts to download the latest firmware by clicking on "Check for Update" when iPhone 3G connected. I continue to receive the message that [More]
Hi all, My requirement is to find the label names form the JSPs so i have done it but the problem i am facing is that File f = new File("D:\jsps\filename.jsp"); FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(fis); but if i pass it like that it will n [More]
Can anyone tell me the easiest way to extract 401K info out of Oracle HRMS so that it can be sent in a format that our 401K management company can update our accounts.Your first step is to ask the benefit company what format they require. It has been [More]
I am working with some templates right now that are apparently set up in Grouped layers.  I've looked into it, and the best result I can find is that I hav eto "simplify" the group in order to be able to edit the layers.  That doesn't seem to al [More]
Can any one help me? I keep getting a big white stripe at the right of the frame when exporting from HD (XDCAM HD 422) to DV. It makes itself visible when you watch the DV in  full screen mode. It covers the whole screen from top to bottom. Any Ideas [More]