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I get this error message when trying to connect to the radio stations on itunes?  "an error occurred while trying to contact the radio tuning service"  My computer is definitely connected to the internet as I can stream from pandora and safari a [More]
I have created the basic table to display some data. But how do I change some of the data in the table. I generate the data within my program and then need to display the new table data in the same original table.So far I am just testing with the exa [More]
I rented a movie, tried to put it on my Ipad, it didn't work. the movie has now disappeared from my library.  when I tried to sync, it said I had no internet connection which is not the case. how can I get it back????Once you move the movie from iTun [More]
          Can somebody please throw some light on this error?           <Mar 5, 2001 10:07:26 AM EST> <Error> <HTTP> <HttpServer5173817,null           default ctx,POSDev01) found no context for "GET /classes/ringout_statelessSess [More]
Sorry for the newbi question. I searched for an answer but didn't find it. Each time I go to sync my phone (for the first time) I get a warning that "Syncing with this phone will change more than 5% of your contacts on this computer". In that th [More]
I just want to assign a function to my function key. For Eg:  by default f6- is assign to mute audio,  f3-is assign to increase screen brightness but f5 doesn't have any function , so i would like to assign a funtion to it, like when i press f5 my sc [More]
Hi All, One CUBE is getting data from two DSO's.     1st DSO contains Sales deliveries data     2nd DSO contains Sales Billing data. Mappings between CUBE and two DSO's     Sales Deliveries DSO to CUBE : - Key fields are DELIVERY NUMBER, DELIVERY ITE [More]
Hi Experts, We have following two demantra installations on windows XP box - When starting the tomcat for, we are getting the following error : Using CATALINA_BASE: .. Using CATALINA_HOME: .. Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: ..\temp U [More]
My ipad is disabled and I cannot restore it because the Function Find My Ipad setting was on, and I cannot get in the ipad to turn off the setting in order to restore the ipad. Does anyone know how to solve the problemForce iPad into Recovery Mode. F [More]
Hi! at "preferences->Audio->Core Audio" this Tab. what's the mean "Maximum Scrub Speed" ThanksFrom the Logic Pro User Manual pg 99: "Maximum Scrub Speed This pop-up menu allows you to set the maximum scrubbing speed. You can [More]