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My 120GB IPod classic is not recognized by my Windows 7 PC.  When I plug the ipod into my computer I receive a message saying that the USD device is not recognized.  The Device Manager lists it as an Unknown Device.  I've tried uninstalling iTunes an [More]
I have an old Canon A540 camera that takes Secure Digital cards. The card I bought many years ago is not seen in the SD slot of my MBPro (latest version). If anyone has experience with that camera and the Mac's card slot I would love to know which ma [More]
I've got a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop which I sometimes use to give presentations at my school. Last time, in mid october, it worked perfectly, but now my laptop and the digital projector seem to ignore each other. The only difference between last tim [More]
Hi XI Gurus I wanted to know the delta between SAP XI 3.0 and 2.0 and delta between SAP XI 7.0 and 3.0. Regards Madhan DoraikannanHi Madhan, You can refer to to the release notes for all the updates in any SAP Products at following URL. http://help.s [More]
Hi all. My deep apologies for crossposting; this question was posted first to "WebLogic Server - Upgrade" forum and just later I found this webservices related topic. I'm copying it as it for for the sake of convenience. I'm facing a problem to [More]
Hi All, This is a very simple question, for some reason the data available at a subvi indicator is not making it to the top level vi. I think it might be something to do with the while loop I am using but I cant figure it out, any help will be apprec [More]
Hi Everyone, Whenever I post/replying anything on facebook from my MacBook pro it doesn't show anything like "via Macbook Pro". How can I customize this in such a way that the apple logo also appears on each post on facebook. Please advice!You c [More]
Does apple have a diagnostic app, mainly interested in data usage and what app/service usses my data that one can get acces to? For 3 times in the last 3 weeks I have used upp my 5GB of data (had to buy more) It is almost imposible to track it down s [More]
Hello, <b> J2EE 6.20 Java Cluster -> Synchronisation of EP AND J2EE Components </b>  We have a productive SAP Enterprise Portal J2EE Cluster Farm with 3 Server. The version of EP is: 6.0 SP2 Patch 28. One State Controller, one Backup Contro [More]
Every time I go to set the time on the timer on my iPhone, it's at 1:30. At one point, in the past, wasn't there something where it would stay at the previous setting? Is there a way to make it stay at the previous setting when the alarm goes off?If [More]