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Hi Gurus, While i creating a purchase order (me21n) , the process runs for a while and then i am getting a SAP GUI message "Work process re - started , session terminated" and the session is closed.Can anyone give me the cause of the problem and [More]
Hi, We have started to setup some of our suppliers to use iSupplier, to automate the process of shipping and invoicing. With some suppliers, once they create the ASBN/Invoice the goods may take up to 30 days for delivery. Invoice are being automatica [More]
I know my iPod touch 2nd gen can't go past 4.2.1. ICloud requires at least iOS 5. I plan to upgrade soon to a new iDevice when it is released. How will my purchases go into the cloud if my iPod is not supported? I asked this already in a different di [More]
Windows XP on Dell Dimension 4600. Updated Firefox to 4.0.1 successfully but Roboform didn't transfer. Help told me I needed to update Roboform. I did and paid for a new version(7.?)which was $9.95. Roboform wants more details but I can't tell what t [More]
Can no longer open PDF files from my emails sent from other websites. Problem seems to correlate with automatic upgrade of free adobe software (from version 11 to Reader DC)?To configure the browser to use Acrobat or Adobe Reader to open PDF files: 1 [More]
Dear all We are trying to establish an EtherCAT communication between a cRIO 9024 as EtherCAT master with a 3rd party frequency comverter (bmaxx 4432) as EtherCAT slave. CanOPEN over EtherCAT is industry standard. The slave device has a CAN in Automa [More]
I had problems with an older version of Firefox so I backed up my passwords and backed up my bookmarks and put the backup files on my desktop and then reinstalled a the new Firefox 9.. I cannot find out how to reinstall the passwords or bookmarks int [More]
How do I access preferences when restarting my external hard drive?  When I tried the first time to use Time Machine it failed because the external hard drive was too small.  When I ejected and restarted Time Machine I am not now able to access prefe [More]
March 1 2015 I'm just gonna keep updating this as I can't really do anything else. I've found several more questions like mine with no answers. I did find one with an answer that mentions that it may be the video card acting up, so I'm gonna post a s [More]
Hi experts, I need your help in a special activity that I need to do, I'm going to enhance the 2LIS_17_I3HDR to include some standard fields through LBWE transaction, the complication that I see in my future is activate the delta extraction, because [More]