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whats the easiest way to connect my airbook to a tvOr a Mini DisplayPort | Thunderbolt® to HDMI® Adapter w/ Audio SupportRead other 3 answers [More]
Has Apple abandoned all Leopard users? I cannot get updated plug-ins for Safari and Firefox, therefore cannot access some internet sites. Seems Apple wants us to purchase Intel-based computers or be relegated to the trash can. I'd rather shift to PCs [More]
The update to Safari 5.1 caused my favorite Sudoku widget to stop working.  This happened twice on two separate computers (Mac Pro desktop and MacBook Pro laptop); both had been running Mac OS 10.6.8 and Safari 5.0.x before SW Update installed Safari [More]
Hi there, My new IX4-300D is not seening Xfinity Pro Series 2000VA 1200W Uninterruptible Power Supply connected by USB. QNAP TS-269L on the same subnet has no problem seeing the same Xfinity UPS. QNAP TS-269L is presently setup as a master. In GUI ad [More]
I hope I can get this problem resolved. While in Blackberry link I received a message to install an update As soon as this was done I started having connection problems. As soon as I connect my Z10 to my PC it says drivers not installed properly , th [More]
Hello Experts, We are trying to clear up the ledger for a particular Co Cd which had operations in 2 systems. During the course of clearing we have a unique scenario, where we a unique scenario where in the Subledger i.e the AP and AR balances are ma [More]
Hello Experts, I'm a bit new to J2EE programing and will appreciate your help. The main question is: What is the best way to return a table from a web service? In details: I wrote an EJB calling an RFC. The RFC returns a table. I've created a web ser [More]
Hi, Could any one pls help me? The following is a stored proc where I'm trying to upload data from different tables into one single table. Queries #1 & #3[within cursor loop] are giving results for each policy nbr but #2 is returning no row which is [More]
Hi at all,sorry about my bad english. I bought 2009 my 2nd iPod nano. ounly problems. iTunes don't work. i need special tools to restore my mediathek like copy trans suite, because if i put my nano close to the new computer, with this empty itunes ( [More]
hi all, we use DTS to extract data in SQL server. can you please suggest me what ETL tool is there in Oracle9i/10g to do the same purpose???? thanks & regards, PriyatoshOracle Warehouse Builder Home made PL/SQL Procedures You can also have a look in [More]