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I've tried to burn two separate DVD files to disc using iDVD 5.0.1. Both times a dialogue box came up saying "Burning Finished. Errors were found during the burning process" The recording device reported the illegal request: Cannot write medium [More]
Hi, We have a Cisco3845 router that acts as a VoIP gateway that is, it converts TDM traffic from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) into H.323 traffic. My problem is that we would like to know how many calls are going through the gateway an [More]
Hi, I made a mistake of buying this card MS-6957 TV-Out card. I didn't receive a driver CD or disk and I could not find anything about this card or driver. I installed this card on AGP slot. My XP machine didn't find it's presence. I just gone nuts   [More]
well i was putting new songs on my new ipod and my computer froze....then all my songs were gone and my computer or itunes couldnt see my ipod...i tried the new updater and now everytime i connect my ipod my computer slows down and ipod is seen as re [More]
I loaded a McAfee program that wasn't very impressive so I uninstalled it. Now Safari will only open with a partual window (not fillng the screen) and defaults to  an "Apple - Start" homescreen. Any changes I make to the perferences won't stick. [More]
Hi, When I use the SDO_AGGR_UNION function, the geometry objects (linestrings) get reversed by changing the order of the vertex Here's a SQL sample code that illustrates this issue : Code : DROP TABLE tmp; commit; CREATE TABLE tmp ("ID" NUMBER, [More]
I am logged in a SYSTEM user. Now I want to create a table aaa. The owner of this table should not be SYSTEM but user KARL. and the TABLESPACE should not be SYSTEM but the (existing) TABLESPACE tttt. As far as I know I can achieve this by issuing the [More]
When a client tries to leap authenticate how is it sent out? UDP, TCP, RDP and what port numbers does it run on? ThanksWhen leap client has to get authenticated, the packet goes to AP (Access Point), and the AP sends it to the Radius server. So follo [More]
This rule of thirds. I know it applies in photography, does it apply also in web designing? Does the placement of objects in a web page must adhere to this rule? I would appreciate some enlightement on this issue.Does the placement of objects in a we [More]
i have an application which is a multi-user login(say public portal) for this i used struts fram work how can i manage the sessions for thisUse iTunes on your computer to store items that you want to save but are not needed on the iPad. Learn to sync [More]