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I got a new computer runnning windows 8.1. I tried to use the installation disk that came with the printer, but it is not made for windows 8. I tried downloading software from the website, but it only had eprint and that did not work right. I removed [More]
Do i have to have a credit card to update my appsHi Playa1010, Welcome to the Support Communities! You don't need a credit card to update apps you have already purchased. The article you referenced will explain how to update your existing payment inf [More]
HI ML : 源库 : compress table target : impdp 源端的compress tables,在目标端是否是compress table 之前在10g库直接 通过impdp dblink 导入时候 发现,入库的表需要手工做move compress. MOS 文档给的的测试时 在10g开始 支持导入自动维护compress table : Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version [More]
I needed to power down computer, not even ctrl-alt-del was working anymore, what suggest a hang in task manager itself. Firefox was still alive. I could minimize LR window and click on a link in Firefox, only to see it hang than in that particular ta [More]
How do i interface labview program with real life appliances. For example: interface with light bulbI suppose you could also find some kind of adapter to turn it into an IP based appliance and you could control it through the ethernet.  Or you could [More]
Hi Experts, I want to disable disable/grey-out one of the Menu-list Ex: 'Document' is a Menu 'Display' 'Change' & 'Exit' are 3 lists in 'Document' Menu And I need to grey-out  'Change' Thanks in Advance.Hi Manoj, I think EXCLUDING addition with SET P [More]
This issue is new to our client that is running Outlook 2010 (on a Win 7 machine) and connecting to an Exchange 2007 box.  There is only one Exchange box.  I have tried the suggestions with assigning the certificate to the "Trusted Root Certification [More]
I've plugged my Hero 2 in, with and without SD card, but my Mac doesn't recognize it. The camera is not showing up at all. Anyone know if there's a fix?I have been using it on OS X 10..4, the 10.9.5 Preview for Developers and OS X Yosemite. Seems to [More]
 Can an individual have more than one Paypal Account?Yes you can have 2 but x1 has to be business and the other x1 has to be personal.      **************************************** I give up my time to help you so a thank you or kudos would be cool. [More]
Hello, I am a new user of JAXB. And I have a problem for one week. At fisrt, I execute jaxb with command line: "/java/jwsdp-1.3/jaxb/bin/ -p test.jaxb books.xsd -d Lundi" (books.xsd is the example of JAXB) It works perfectly after copy all [More]