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When I edit an image in Photoshop through Adobe Bridge and save it as a jpeg, it is not saving as selected. Instead, it is saving the edited image in an 'unknown' and unusable format. I loose  my editing work. I discovered this doesn't happen if I sa [More]
I updated my ipod touch, then a while later it said waiting for update then shut off. then started turning on and off, what do i do ?Try: - iOS: Not responding or does not turn on - Also try DFU mode after try recovery mode How to put iPod touch / iP [More]
My whole system is slowly falling apart, bit by bit. It started with little bugs here and there, but with each day it gets worse. Disk utility won't open, my battery/volume/time/airport status displays don't update, iPhoto crashes whenever I try to e [More]
My desktop is an imac with an Airport Extreme. I have a pc laptop running XP. The laptop is connecting to the Internet wirelessly and I, as of today, can finally event print to a printer connected to the imac. Can someone point me to instructions on [More]
I have Lightroom 2.3 & cannon 50D camera. Whenever i am importing the raw files into Lightroom it is not recognizing it. I have Camera raw 5.1 & 5.4 both. I am using Vista 64 bit.I am having the same problem.  I have LR2 and it does not recognize [More]
does java supports a transparent canvass or a transparent panel?The component which is embedded in html can't be transparent - this is not a java limitation, its just a limitation of all browser plugins. However inside of this area you can use e.g. t [More]
Hi I'm trying to parallelize a downloading process i'm developing, and my download started to behave a bit sporadic. The thread dies right after the System.out.println("1") in the following code snippet, s is an url. for(String s:urls) {   try { [More]
when learning the layout of dw6 i pushed files accidently to my and now it doesnt work and is all messed up can you reset to default and tell me how to reload from the remote files once its reset to defaultHi, Unfortuna [More]
Hi, We want to search our suppliers on the bank account number, which is stored at site level. But I'm missing the field Bank account number on the Suppliers Inquiry Page. Is is possible to add this field to the Suppliers inquiry page?Hi Please find [More]
Hello! I would like to ask whether do You know any side effects executed by installing of a support package (18 and 19)  in SAP BW 3.5.  If so, should any preventive steps be taken before, to avoid those errors. Many thanks RWThank You for Your answe [More]