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Hi I am configuring OAM based on the - "Enterprise Deployment Guide for Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 1 (". I am executing this step: "11.6.2 Configuring Oracle Access Manager by Using the IDM Automation Tool" But I a [More]
Hi All, Just wondering which would win out in terms of efficiency, a tagging interface (say for e.g. "Containable") and then calling: if (obj instanceof Containable)or a method in the relevant subclass (which extends throughout a tree of other c [More]
Hi, we got a requirement to hide/mask few columns in the reports for the bo production support login. for the end users this data should be visible. is there any such option in BO for this. thanks,you can solve that by using variables and the CUrrent [More]
Hi, Am working with AdvancedDatagrid.. Following arraycollection i used as Heirarchical Data for Dataprovider of ADG. [AS]private static var dpHierarchy:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([ {Region:"Demand", children: [ {Region:"Forecast [More]
After upgrading to Weblogic 8.1 SP6 from SP3 we had problems starting the Node Manager process as windows, we were able to successfully install it as windows service but when starting Node Manager process it was crashing with below exception in Event [More]
Seeing postings for unsupported image format I found one to be reproducible: - scan a picture in black & white, store it as B&W jpeg (I use Vuescan for that) - import it into aperture - change the date of the picture to the past (I scan old postca [More]
Hi Global Error: [nQSError: 77006] Oracle BI Presentation Server Error: Unexpected end of file encountered. 4 bytes were requested and 0 bytes were read., Error Codes: KUWODMKH (multiple iBots with same job id) what do you mean by this? Thanks in Adv [More]
Is anyone else having problems with their songs skipping on itunes (both saved audio files and audio cds) when they play fine on other players like windows media player. My itunes was working fine until about two weeks ago when the program seemed to [More]
First off, before you tell me to look elsewhere (since I'm sure many have posted on USB 3.0 recently) Hear me out.   I have read the backwords compatibility rules for USB 3.0.  My understanding is that I can use a 2.0 cord on 3.0 device (it fits) but [More]
CS6 Production Premium Suite Win7x64 Canon XA10 I shoot a continuous one hour talk. Using Windows Explorer, I copy the BDMV folder from the XA10 to my project folder. Using the Media Browser, I import the clip (which consists of multiple MTS files). [More]