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IPhone 5s voice dial always asks to confirm

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I am able to voice dial most everyone in my conacts database without problems - except my wife. I say 'Call Jane Smith, mobile" and the display correctly interprets my voice and displays 'Call Jane Smith". Then it asks "Do you mean Jane Smi[More]

Flash stops working and freezes firefox. I have Fast dial and dont want to lose it so what can I do to fix this?

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It doesnt matter what site or what I am doing it will come up randomly and freeze firefox then finally a box pops up and says Flash is busy or not responding continue or stop plugin. Naturally I stop plugin. I always install the latest flash versions[More]

Did you know that verizon charges ¢50 for calls from the US to Canada?  Just dialing an area code like 604 (Vancouver, CA), will create charges at a rate of ¢50/minute.  Amazing that they can charge this much for a call to Canada.  I know they have it som

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Did you know that verizon charges ¢50 for calls from the US to Canada?  Just dialing an area code like 604 (Vancouver, CA), will create charges at a rate of ¢50/minute.  Amazing that they can charge this much for a call to Canada.  I know they have i[More]

HT3986 Hi, i have a macbook pro version 10.6.8 with boot camp version 3.0.4. I managed to install windows 7 professional x64, however when i insert my OS CD to install the drivers using the boot camp method, it says unsupported to this computer model

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Hi, i have a macbook pro version 10.6.8 with boot camp version 3.0.4. I managed to install windows 7 professional x64 bits but however when i tried to install the drivers using the OSX MAC CD using boot camp, it prompt me boot camp x 64 is unsupporte[More]

I lost the dial up connection dialog box. I unchecked a check item in the dial connetion box. How do I get the dial up connection back?

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I established a dial up connection by updating to automatic the remote managers and telephony in administrative tool services area on my XP system according to firefox help instructions. At first I had a dial up connection but I unchecked an item in[More]

Can't open adobe files in my documents. Message says may be unsupported or corrupted.

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Cannot open Adobe files in my documents. They opened fine before.  Get a message that file is unsupported or possibly corrupted. But they were not e-mailed and I could open them a week ago.Hi, Please refer to the help article here for probable cause[More]

Upgrade from SCCM 2012 SP1 CU4 to R2 Fails - Unsupported Upgrade Path

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Hi everybody, I'm currently upgrading our SCCM infrastructure to SCCM 2012 R2 after have finished with the upgrade from SCCM 2012 RTM to SP1 CU4, thus far everything works fine, but when I try to update any of the site servers, whether CAS or Primary[More]

How to trigger a pop-up on click of dial button on IC web UI  - CRM 7.0

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I want to enahcne the standard button 'Dial' that is displayed on Interaction center web UI. I am trying to show a custom popup with list of phone numbers of the BP for the sales agent to select from. I created the custom component to display the dat[More]

CDR by Outbound Dialed Number

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Hello, Is it possible to run a report on an outbound dialed number? I have been tasked to find how many times a number has been called. I normally did this with query analyzer with an if statement in older versions of CM but this is on UCM 8. Any hel[More]

IOS 8 voice dialing, "Just to confirm..."

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What a huge step backward in the usability of my iPhone.  Instead of telling Siri, "call Mom mobile" and getting the response "calling Mom mobile" followed by the call going through, Siri now responds with, "Just to confirm, would[More]

Siri is prompting to unlock Iphone 6 when pressing home button for voice dial of existing contact

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Just upgraded me to an IPhone 6. I restored my new phone from recent back up so all contacts, etc. are there. Also updated to latest OS. If I depress the home button Siri is now prompting me to unlock my IPhone. Scenario: Depress Home button to activ[More]

Hello all! I have a Microsoft Exchange mail account setup on my iPhone 4 (iOS 6.1) which works wonderfully, short of one aspect:  Emails deleted from my phone do not go to the accounts standard 'Trash' folder, but to a different 'Deleted' folder.  I [More]
Hello there, I just ran into a small problem with Muse where an adobe edge animate file I placed in fails to loop when previewing in the browse. The file loops fine when I preview it in adobe edge animate but for some reason Muse only plays it once. [More]
I am using Lightroom 3.  I have been using 3 Nik Software plug-ins from my edit key.   All of a sudden only one plug-in will work.  The other two are not even showing up in my edit box.. They are in my system, because they appear when I click on thei [More]
Hi All, i am working as an SAP Security analyst and i am trying to find out the roles related to some customer in BW. I have tryied to find the roles under the object Z_G8D_SALE and under the object Z_G8D_VL3 with the technical name of the report. To [More]
I have a 32 GB 3rd iPod touch. And earlier after I had finished downloading some new music, I tried to sync my iPod. First it told me I had to restore my iPod, because it couldn't be read. I did. And three hours later, it was done. So once again, I p [More]
I thought I knew it, but I am not able to reset the password.If you have the Install Disc, boot from the disk while holding the c key. other 2 answers [More]
David Powers had an example with creating spry data sets and using the filename in the database linked to images in the local files as data sources.  The pages shows the images with the specified information requested, however all of the images displ [More]
Hi Guyz, I'm new to this forums and also to OAF. Oracle Applications Version: 12.0.0 RUP6 Oracle JDeveloper: I've just went through the OA Framework Developers Guide, OA Framework Beginners Guide Chola Press and Deployment of OA Framework [More]
I just downloaded the latest version of iTunes (11.0.4). Now I both unable to make purchases on iTunes and unable to sync my iPhone with my computer without restoring it to factory settings (which will erase my data). Is there someway to revert back [More]
Hello, I have a 64-bits Linux box with RHEL4, and PHP version has been upgraded from 4.3.9 to 5.1.6. I try to make the connection to remote oracle server. I download , and follow the instruction to i [More]