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I am setting up a brand new iMac (10.9.4). I've put the two internal DNS servers into the network configuration (Windows Servers running DNS). However pinging by hostname and FQDN doesn't work Matts-iMac:~ mattgeorge$ ping victor.rafmuseum.local ping [More]
Hi gurus and experts, i need to consume a webservice using oaf. with great effort finally i created stub using axis s/w. now i dont know how to use the stub in jdev.where to write the code and what to write.iam strucked :-( . since there were no samp [More]
Hello forum, while installing msa50sp6 with outlook integration, I do not get any buttons/tabs into my outlloók 2002. No errors while installing. (outlook is closed while installing). Is it possible to install the outlook sync. manual ? Or has anybod [More]
Hai, We are uploading a CSV file though a Custom JSP page built based on Oracle JTF framework. The JSP page is loading the data into FND_LOBS table using JTF object, oracle.apps.jtf.amv.ServletUploader. The CSV file in the FND_LOBS table stored prope [More]
So I'm playing with stitching to allow images wider than my widest lens would take and to capture greater resolution for larger prints.  I'm playing with stitchings for 8-20 images.  I've been using File>Automate>Photomerge...  I've played with the [More]
I am not able to open up Safari, but I think that maybe I have a virus on my computer what is not allowing me to open it up. The Safari icon jumps when I click on it, but thats it. It doesn't open and I really need to use it! I have to use Google Chr [More]
My first gen iPad screen is zoomed in and I can't get it to zoom out. I have restarted, reset and done all I can think of short of doing a restore. Can I restore without doing the update? I don't mind doing a restore I just don't want to do the upgra [More]
OK im posting this again because i dont think people are seeing my post cause my post is in like page 3. I was wondering if anyone knows how to change icons on iPod 5g because my freinds ipod looks way better with custom icons and font. eMachines   W [More]
Why does Java allow this? long l = Long.MAX_VALUE / 10; System.out.println(l); // result 922337203685477580 int i = (int)l; System.out.println(i); // result -858993460The compiler accepts it and the runtime accepts it. Why? Complete nonsense is the r [More]
Hi There,I have an Zen Micro. I download podcasts to my computer (windows 2000) en synchronise the downloaded files with Creatieve Mediasource Organizer to my Zen Micro. Some downloaded files it won't synchronise. I think te reason why is that the ti [More]