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I occasionally stumble across previously purchased songs, for example "Time of the Season" by the Zombies, which are now in the plus format. They don't show up in the "Upgrade My Library" area in the store. There are also lots of cases [More]
I download the adobe Master Collection for my college class (which provided my keys) The only issue I have is when it came to installing Adobe After Effects CS6, i would get this error list ... -------------------------------------- Summary --------- [More]
I took a new IPhone 5 on the 2nd Nov in India; I am unable to copy or Sync songs from my iTunes library to my iPhone ( The IPhone symbol appears on my ITunes screen , But when I drag the songs my library to IPhone I am unable to Sync songs ) Can anyo [More]
I am so incredibly frustrated with Verizon right now!  We had 5 lines- 4 smart phones (one of which still had unlimited internet), and a regular flip phone.  We wanted to put our youngest son on our plan, and upgrade flip to smart,  but were trying t [More]
We develop instrument cards in CompactPCI that use NI-Device and a PXI-GPIB card for their GPIB interface. We'd like to be able to put multiple instrument cards in the same CPCI chassis with the one GPIB card, but give each instrument a different add [More]
Hi All, I can create new entries in a z-table. But i am unable to edit the existing rows of a z-table in the Production server. The same can be done in DEV and test servers. How to come out of this issue? Kindly Help me.... Regards PavanHi, For this [More]
My old 24 iMac has died following a terrible fall. Fortunately, my insurance company have allowed me to replace it. Despite the online buzz about the display and fan problems, I am inclined to replace my 24" iMac with a new 27" - the insurance c [More]
Hello, I have a inbound Idoc of type HRMD_A (basistype  HRMD_A07) which is processed by Function module (FM)  IDOC_INPUT_HRMD with  proofing. After processing an Idoc the status Monitor for ALE messages (BD87) tell me that my Idoc has status 53, whic [More]
When I used to plug in my iPhone it would show up in the My Computer page as an external disk. If I clicked through the folders I could easily move pics from my phone to the computer. I had already shut off the auto open feature of the program select [More]
Howdy, My iPod nano is stuck on the main selection screen. When I attempt to connect it to my computer iTunes will not recognize it, but the iPod will charge and shows the "Connected" screen. I have reset it numerous times using the Menu/Select [More]