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Delivery related billing with VF04 based on sales group.

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Hi Expert I want to do delivery related billing in vf04 but sales group filed is grayed in vf04 so sorting is not possible if i not sort then it will bill to all customer that we dont want ,  i want to bill manually for different Customer on the basi[More]

Add selection criteria to Billing due date list VF04

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Dear gurus, I need to execute report VF04  but looking sales documents by material. is there any enhacement point or user-exit to add this option to program? Thank in advance. Best regards JuanHi, Take a copy of the program SDBILLDL. Add the field as[More]

Billing Due List based on Ship to Party

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Hi,             I have a scenario where in I have multiple ship to parties in a single sales order . So there are different deliveries for all the different ship to parties (i.e Delivery Split). But I need to process the Billing due List based on the[More]

Add bill-to party in billing due list

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hi, pls advice how to add bill-to party in billing due list thankshi, I can confirm that there is a limitation to the selection criteria (like salesoffice) in these transactions, because (SD Index: Billing Initiator (VKDFS)) does not have such field.[More]

My lap is compaq nc6220. I have two operating systems installed.It is windows and linux. The problem is that the sound system in linux works properly,but i dont have any sound in windows.Please help me out.Hi, Which Windows system are You using now? [More]
I am totally a novice when it comes to iPhoto. I took the tour of how to use it. My question is this. When I click on one of my photos and then click on the full screen button it takes me to the full screen but after a few seconds I lose the menu bar [More]
If you have an unfinished iDVD project in V5 and it includes media from an iPhoto 5 library there are a couple of steps you'll need to take to keep your project from getting trashed. iPhoto 6 changes the folder structure of it's library folder drasti [More]
Hello In Hyperion Planning version one could add custom grid spread methods to be used in planning forms. To add methods one had to add entries to the HSP_SPREAD_PATTERN table On migrating to version the values still exist in the ab [More]
I have implemented Ebusiness on all OS's - upgraded every OS - mixed environment, Linux migrations - CUrrently just wrapped up an 11.5.10CU2 - 10g - to R12CU4 11g RAC upgrade Call me for help - available - [email protected]Hi, First of all, you bette [More]
Hi, I am very new to orcale development.... as my requirement have asked me i have written a procedure Procedure create or replace procedure MEXICO_NAFTA_CERTIFICATE_EXT ( f_org_id NUMBER, f_customer_nbr_base NUMBER, f_customer_nbr_sufx number, f_yea [More]
Local zone was rebooted, but somehow the resource controls are not well configured and the oracle database did not start up. The cat /etc/project shows this : The local zone has 10 gb. The oracle database was started manually with the, whi [More]
hi gurus, i  have created a ALV report in which the output is coming allrt having 13 i have saved my layout depending upon some columns in the output name "AVI layout" containg 3 fileds. when ever i execute the report the layout havin [More]
Hi, I have a requirement to call a customized Oracle Form from standard Oracle Form (Special Information screen) and vice versa. Then need to display the person detail accordingly. Is it possible to be done? Appreciate guidance on this item. Thanks a [More]
Hi, i've a two node rac 11.2 on aix. There are some nightly job that consume high cpu. Looking awr i see: Load Profile              Per Second    Per Transaction   Per Exec   Per Call ~~~~~~~~~~~~         ---------------    --------------- ---------- [More]