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Delivery related billing with VF04 based on sales group.

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Hi Expert I want to do delivery related billing in vf04 but sales group filed is grayed in vf04 so sorting is not possible if i not sort then it will bill to all customer that we dont want ,  i want to bill manually for different Customer on the basi[More]

Add selection criteria to Billing due date list VF04

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Dear gurus, I need to execute report VF04  but looking sales documents by material. is there any enhacement point or user-exit to add this option to program? Thank in advance. Best regards JuanHi, Take a copy of the program SDBILLDL. Add the field as[More]

Billing Due List based on Ship to Party

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Hi,             I have a scenario where in I have multiple ship to parties in a single sales order . So there are different deliveries for all the different ship to parties (i.e Delivery Split). But I need to process the Billing due List based on the[More]

Add bill-to party in billing due list

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hi, pls advice how to add bill-to party in billing due list thankshi, I can confirm that there is a limitation to the selection criteria (like salesoffice) in these transactions, because (SD Index: Billing Initiator (VKDFS)) does not have such field.[More]

When I bring the photos in, they are cropped.  For example, the photos are of a building and sky.  CS6 brings the photos in and has zoomed way in and cropped the building out to show only sky and clouds, so this is not as simple as using the zoom in/ [More]
Microsoft is releasing Windows Vista in January. Are there any plans for the iTunes software/IPOD firmware to be upgraded to be compatible with Windows Vista?!? I've found that the IPOD Shuffle Reset utility does not install on Windows Vista. ITunes [More]
How do I save the photo in a text message to my iPad air photos?Tap the image in Message. (If you touch too long it brings up the: Copy; Other... menu instead) This blows the image up to full screen. Touch the image again to get menu options. In the [More]
When I receive emails from Verizon users, embedded images do not display inline.  Each image(s) instead is displayed as a empty box with the red X boxed at the upper left.  The images are correctly displayed at the very end of the email. Additionally [More]
sorry - i've tried half a dozen times to load screenshots of 'the problem' nothing would load, not a word doc with the screenshots, not pngs, not jpgs, and trying to load actually crashed firefox at one point so - here's the problem but no supporting [More]
I'm curious if it is possible to reroute the power from 1 USB 2.0 port to the other one...? I have a WD ext HD and the power from one is not enough to get the little thing going. This is very frustrating...! There is the option of adding a Y cable sp [More]
I changed my sort by and now Aperture will not open. Just spinning icon and "Opening Aperture Library"I changed my sort by and now Aperture will not open. Just spinning icon and "Opening Aperture Library" Just a long shot - have you im [More]
Hi I'm new to the iCloud, and I wonder how I can change my name @ the LogOn screen from iCloud (next to my picture) regardsWelcome to the Apple community. If you mean in these communities, you cannot change your name. If you mean in iCloud, Start her [More]
Hi , i am installing content server & cache server on my machine. while installing i am getting the following error: "SAP DB installation failed" i had uninstalled once, and renamed the SAP DB to run the installtion only to find the above me [More]
I created a photo book on iPhoto and sent it to iDVD. Now I can't find how to put music with the photo book, but i know how to put music to the main menu. Any suggestions?Longer thread at i am still needing help gettting music I do not have cd's with [More]