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Delivery related billing with VF04 based on sales group.

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Hi Expert I want to do delivery related billing in vf04 but sales group filed is grayed in vf04 so sorting is not possible if i not sort then it will bill to all customer that we dont want ,  i want to bill manually for different Customer on the basi[More]

Add selection criteria to Billing due date list VF04

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Dear gurus, I need to execute report VF04  but looking sales documents by material. is there any enhacement point or user-exit to add this option to program? Thank in advance. Best regards JuanHi, Take a copy of the program SDBILLDL. Add the field as[More]

Billing Due List based on Ship to Party

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Hi,             I have a scenario where in I have multiple ship to parties in a single sales order . So there are different deliveries for all the different ship to parties (i.e Delivery Split). But I need to process the Billing due List based on the[More]

Add bill-to party in billing due list

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hi, pls advice how to add bill-to party in billing due list thankshi, I can confirm that there is a limitation to the selection criteria (like salesoffice) in these transactions, because (SD Index: Billing Initiator (VKDFS)) does not have such field.[More]

I am running Vista and have taken all downloads available that I am aware of. I just purchased some new music from the ITunes Store. I am getting this message: "Some of items in the ITunes Library (those are the new items) were not copied to the IPod [More]
Hello, After Iu2019ve created a security deposit (FPSEC1) and paid it for example with the cash desk. What I understand is that before you can release the security deposit you first have to u201Clocku201D the deposit using FPSEC2. This sets the restr [More]
I have an annoying problem with my new computer. Whenever I want to add songs that I purchased from itunes to my ipod and connect it to my laptop, it requests I choose to erase and sync or to add my ipod songs to my library, either way it's a disaste [More]
Hi all, So I am the proud owner of a new iPod nano that won't sync up with my PC when plugged in via USB. I also tried this with my 20 gig iPod and get similar results. I first used the nano with my work PC, and everything went fine. When I came home [More]
I just got it from a friend who didn't know how to fix it, and I really just need to know the parts I need. Has the battery problem been resolved which was the root to this overheating?Hello You are right. WLAN card in your notebook is Intel (Golan) [More]
I want to transfer my stored songs which are on a Mac to a Sony PC Viao. Can I do this? Secondly, my iPod has all the songs on it from the Mac. I have purchased some songs and they are on the PC. Is it true that if I connect my iPod to my PC, all the [More]
My account is registed in the USA and is an account with all features free. My whole family and many friends live in USA I spend much of the year in Belize. I set up SkypetoGo numbers for my Belize phone, The phone is serviced by the SMART phone syst [More]
We have a function group ZGROUP. In this group we have several function modules.(ZXX,ZXX1,ZXX2, etc) Now we have to make some changes : One Abap consultant (A) is changing one function module(ZXX) in the group zgroup. Another Abap consultant(B) is ma [More]
I have been using MS Money for years and would like to use the previous data on an equivalent Apple software. Is there a financial management program for Mac? And can you transfer MS data across?The only Mac finance app I know of that imports MS Mone [More]
I am having problems with the commit function on forms 6i, it keeps crashing my forms. I have a forms set up in which when the user enters the information and then presses the OK button. The code in this button is a simple insert statement followed b [More]