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I have a ton of messages on iMessage I want to delete, but I don't want to go one by one deleting them so is their and easier way?As a new Mac user, you might find the following sites helpful: Mac 101 and since you're coming from using Windows: Switc [More]
Sometimes they get moved somehow. If I search for the name I have given the bookmark, it comes up, but doesnt tell me WHERE it is filed, in my many bookmark folders, so I can move it back where it belongs. This can happen to an entire folder, and can [More]
I want to put some movies on a DVD for some relatives to play on their DVD player in USA which uses NTSC I believe. How do I convert my PAL footage to play on their machine in iDVD6?Hi Alexander Two ways. One bad and one very good. • Burn a NTSC-proj [More]
We have recently upgraded from Server 2003 with MSSQL to Server 2012 R2 with SQL express 2014. When we moved all the databases and permissions to the new server, no one had any issues connecting to the database. Now it seems that after long periods o [More]
I have a sbc65ec which is a small Pcb with a ethernet port with it you can monitor voltages, operate relays from your pc and it works fine locally  i.e on my home network, but I would like to moitor the pcb from my place of work, it can do this but I [More]
I downloaded a movie but when i try to play it itjust shows a black screen and wont play. Anyone know how to fix this?Are you getting an "iTunes has stopped working" message after the black, screen? Or is something a bit different going on?Read [More]
hi,    can any tell me what is idoc trirrering prgm when we uploading transcational data for invoice in outbound, inbound system. if u have brief information ALE outbound interfaces for transactional data such as    invoice and SD send mehi bharathi [More]
Dear Experts, I am Trying to Add Task ..That Procedure Runing Everything Fine.. I am Trying to Assign the Attribute Value Through Add Task Program ..That Values are not Updated... Kindly Advice Me.. Given Below The source Code Body { pa_project_pub.a [More]
Hi, I am trying to login as a sys user.... but icouldn't, i am getting an error ORA-01017... but i have entered correct username and password.... still i am not able to login into the system........ now, should i create new password by deleting the o [More]
A number of people including myself have noted that the iphone dials premium numbers such as 09074734000 and 09825232415. I realised this when I received the phone bill from O2 last month. I have never dialled these numbers. Google search and talking [More]