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Hi Gurus, The data loads have failed last night and when I try to dig inside the process chains I find out that the cube which should be loaded from DSO is not getting loaded. The DSO has been loaded without errors from ECC. Error Message say u201DTh [More]
I posted this help request in a different thread on 11/14/09 and have not received any comment or reply. It seems that being a Lenovo product (at least, as far as I know) there should be many people in these forums, including people from Lenovo, who [More]
The airport only finds other networks.  Not the home network which I have used before. It doesn't help to search for new networks, try to manually search or add the network.  Doesn't help to turn off/on the airport or even the mac.  Doesn't help to r [More]
This is a stupid question, but...How do you convert OutputStream to a String. For example i get output stream by: OuputStream os = process.getOutputStream(); Now I want to convert that stream into a string. How would I do that? How do I use the write [More]
I just moved into a new house and now have a new problem: static electricty.  Almost everytime I come to sit at my desk and touch the computer, mouse or keyboard, I feel a small electric shock.  Sometime, I even see a spark.  Last night, while pluggi [More]
Hi gurus, I have a general question: We have the task to select entries from a certain database table (that possibly holds millions of entries in the productive environment). We also have an internal table at out hands that holds all candiates e.g a [More]
My audiobooks keep stopping at about 8mins. Only the older audiobooks in the audiobook section. Not the newer ones if played from Purchased or Recently Added sections. What can I do? Thank you.have you ever copied those audio books in another locatio [More]
Hi I have a field F1 of type select list with redirect. It has an LOV with 2 values USA and Canada for eg.. I choose USA and hit save and saved it to DB.. now f1 is stored in table with my User ID and value is USA. when I log in next into this page, [More]
I installed Master Suite CS5.5 a couple of weeks ago, and all programs I opened worked fine.  The one thing I used immediately was Acrobat X Pro to edit .pdf forms and save them.  Thnking it would be a good thing, In Acrobat X Pro, I used the "Check [More]
I just wondered someone could help me out with a problem I've got. I am quite new in BW, but my team recently finished the first phase of a project (a nice looking management cockpit). I have been learning a lot, but I have a lot to learn. I will pla [More]