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All the blackberry users in the corporate are on BES server. When user enters the first few letters of a person or the # sign and the first few letters for the distribution list in TO: field, the email addresses are showing up from Global Address Lis [More]
Hi There I am trying to import a project from RH 6 to 9. I have managed to do it successfully once but when click to Open a Recent file Online Help HHP file I get an error message "No current file". I have tried to Import HTML Help Project I get [More]
So I replaced my hard drive in my MacBook Pro with a 500GB and when in reinstalled leopard i jest did a time machine restore, now if I check the permission i have this long list that it jest can not seam to fix. Here is the list. What should i do abo [More]
I need to put a link of my website address on another website. I looked it up under "help" it said to go to edit-add link etc... I do not have 'add link' under edit, or any where else for that matter. I do not know if you would need this info bu [More]
I have a existing internet connection thru a motorola SBG900 cable modem connected to my imac, i purchased a macbook pro but the signal is not strong, so i purchased a airport express but i dont know how to install it, do i have to install the CD on [More]
I don't know how to use differenet classes. Please tell me how to write class to suit Start. This stuff me up. Please .... help me <<My program>> //Start public class Start {  private Artist[] Artists; private Record[] records; private Person[ [More]
Own a small business, have two locations, I need to use Windows via Parallels on my Mac Pro 2009, but I am forced to spend most of my time at the other location which has a MacBook Pro 2011. Will Remote Desktop allow me to use the MacBook Pro 2011 to [More]
Hi all, running some tests checking some Xi interfaces we have the following problem : going to Runtime Workbench --> Component Monitoring --> Adapter Engine e clicking on the Tab "Test Message" we insert Service, Interface, Namespace, Qua [More]
I need to go back to Firefox 3.5-3.6 because 90% of my extension do not work. Where can I find the download to Firefox 3.5-3.6? Thank you for the link.You are a "life saver". Thank you very much.Read other 3 answers [More]
Waited in line since 4am to get my iPhone only to bring it home and try to to restore from iTunes when I find out I got a bad cable. When I plug it into an outlet it won't charge and when I plug (even just the USB end) into my laptop, it gives me an [More]