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Cannot open/view/access interactive pdf form on iMac after updating Adobe Reader to Please help!Here is what it says: Please wait... If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document, your PDF viewer may no [More]
For the past week or so, everytime a link leads to a PDF file, Safari loads the file and then immediately crashes. I have checked my disk, verified and fixed any permissions, etc. but the problem persists. Although I checked the "report" button [More]
Does anyone know why Sherlock has been Scrolling Through Languages and Not Accepting Channels lately/ how to fix the bug? I have deleted the Web Content folder in the Cache Folder of my Library and locked it. Still no improvement.Sometimes, if enough [More]
Hi, well I just switched and bought my first mac. I managed to get the address book from the ancient dell laptop into the desktop of mac as a .csv file(from excell in windows). The import utility recognizes all the addressed and names, but by all of [More]
Hi Team,              Could any one explain me about Type casting used in oops abap and in what circumstances it is used with an example. Regards, Pradeep P.Hi, Hi, Go to ABAPDOCU tcode and see example programs in abap objects section, you will find [More]
I'm trying to set up a database to calculate sales & orders for different entities each week, I also need to show the Cash that each entity has but I don't want this to be a rolling total, I need to have just the total cash for the week in question. [More]
Hello fellas, I've installed Unrar to unzip files (zip, rar, etc). Now I need to zip them and need something easy to deal with. Type commands to every simple task like this is a waste of time. So, is there any way to do it? Thanks alreadyhttps://wiki [More]
where can i download the windows 7 version of apple configuator fromYou can't.  it doesn't exist.Read other 2 answers [More]
I have had my phone repaired at Nokia repair centre(did'nt send my MMC with).When my phone came back I could'nt access my 256mb MMC but could my 32mb. I am stuck because I can'nt wait another six weeks to have my phone repaired again. I have to indic [More]
Hi all, after upgrading to 11g none of my accounts seems to have the Administration link on top of the dashboard page. How can I access Administration without it ? Is there another way to go to 'Manage Privileges' page where I can switch on 'Access t [More]