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After my earlier post, where my replacement 320gig hard drive is incorrectly (not GUID) partitioned, I backed everything up, made a time machine copy just to be safe, and set about formatting the entire drive, doing a fresh install, and then updating [More]
I imported about 7500 images from PSE4 into LR1.0. My first reaction was "wow!". Keywords are all there (I thought), all the collections as well. Collections have lost their ordering - now just chronological - but I could live with that. However [More]
Hi Experts, We have 5 dashboards and nearly 35 reports from different subject areas now we want to make a list in the excel which subject areas,tables,column names ,formulas used in that columns as been used in the particular reports. As we have comp [More]
My hard drive crashed. Lost Photoshop 11 software. When hard drive fixed, I bought and downloaded Elements 12. Trying to get photos in 12. All I have had for several hours are hour glasses. Photos are there if you click on hour glass, but cannot get [More]
National Analytics, Inc. is looking for a talented and motivated Electrical Engineer with a proven electronic hardware design and development background to complement our team of system integration experts. Experience with RF and DC power supplies or [More]
Dear Experts,      The rejected emails are not getting delivered to the user in a particular scenario. Below is my scenario where the email is not generated 1) The request has two roles with two role owners / BDOs 2) The rejected email delivered if t [More]
i have to store data of the bus routes between two bus stops i need to save it as a matrix how to design a table or tables for it? stop1 stop2 stop3 stop1 -1 a b stop2 a -1 c stop3 b c -1shashank2 wrote: i have to store data of the bus routes between [More]
I have an eMac. 1.25 GHz Power PC G4. OS 10.5.8. Why can't I find a Flash Plugin that will run my videos on Facebook etc?You can check here:  to see which version you should install for your Mac and OS. Not [More]
My messages are being shared with every phone that is using my apple id, how do I turn it off?You should sign out of iMessage on your other devices: "Settings > Messages > Send & Receive" then click on your Apple ID and sign out.Read o [More]
I have a new MacBook Pro and I cannot seem to get it to work with my Sharp data projector. When I set it up as I did my old Powerbook G4, the data projector shows part of my desktop and freezes: no icons and no cursor. Any ideas????Hi, Lorie, You'll [More]