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Lets say I have table named 'Sales' as my Source. It contains columns Sal_ID and Sal_DESC There is Front End Entity created as Master Sales in Model Project. According staging table in database is ' stg.Sales_Leaf '. Now, I have entered data into stg [More]
Hi All, we have a requirement where in we have to prevent service ticket save if the status of ticket is open and save button is clicked from ICWC .We are on CRM2007. we are using ORDER_SAVE badi's check_before_order_save and raising the exception DO [More]
Hi I have a brand new logic board in this macbook and it's clean clean as a baby's bum yet it runs slowish can't figure out what to do anymore spent sleepless nights learning all about this macbook My 15" runs slow, when the internal fan goes on the [More]
'REUSE_ALV_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE' in this FM if structure name is mandatory or not? i hv created 1 program in that internal table contains 2 fields. while structure contain 5 fields when output is displayed it shows all fields of structure instead of in [More]
About a month ago my 2011 Macbook Pro hard disk crashed.  Luckily, I was able to restore everything from backup stored on my Time Capsule using Time Machine.  Moving forward, in addition to using Time Machine, I would like to clone my Macbook Pro to [More]
Hi, If I print out a email I get the full header. Is there a printable view option or a way I can select a mail option to not show full header, at least while I print out a email. The way it is now, I end up with one full page of header information a [More]
Looking for forum points?  Then you came to the right place!  The more points I give out on this one, the better! I've got a problem where ADS seems to hang and time out. From ABAP (ECC 6.0), transaction SE38: Program FP_TEST_00 Program FP_CHECK_DEST [More]
Hello, I am using badi BADI_SD_V46H0001~EXIT_SAPLV46H_001 To copy pricing conditions from contract to sales order. Because the SAP code runs thru the user exit twice, we have to check whether Pricing was already run. If so then we exit from the user- [More]
My first experience with LIghtroom was through the Beta 3 version of the program. After much trial and error, I was finally able to produce acceptable prints by using the following  settings: Printer Manages colours Profile - Adobe RGB Rendering Inte [More]
Hello --  We are using XSS for ECC6. I am struggling with limited VIEWS available in MSS for Time Approval.... What is the deal with not having the use of the OADP tables like everywhere else in MSS? For example, I cannot switch the view from 'Direct [More]