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Suddenly, a couple of days ago, Mail started refusing to send mail in my .Mac account. I changed nothing in terms of settings and the way I do stuff. Receiving has been unaffected. I'm at a loss to think what it could be... any ideas? Thanks.Sure you [More]
<blockquote>Locking duplicate thread.<br> Please continue here: [[/questions/887658]]</blockquote> Nothing additional to post at this timeRead this * other 2 answ [More]
Hello All!! I currently have a PC that is using a 27" Acer monitor. (It's not the best monitor in the world but it suits me just fine. ) Here are the specs: 27" Widescreen LCD display 1920 x 1080 HD resolution 12,000,000:1 contrast ratio white L [More]
Hi: I have a MacBook Pro Early 2008, and I think my laptop problem is the Nvidia Card. My laptop doesn't start. I can't hear the chime at startup, but I can hear the DVD and the HD spinning, and the fans working. I phoned the nearest Apple mervice an [More]
Hi guy hope somebody can help me with this, my MacBook Pro runs slow lately and sometimes it freezes. This is my EtreCheck Thanks EtreCheck version: 1.9.15 (52) Report generated October 25, 2014 at 12:56:58 PM EDT Hardware Information: ?   MacBook Pr [More]
Has anyone got his T2 Terratec DVB-T reciver working on his G5 iMac? It worked very well on my Powerbook G4 and wokes fine on the MacBook but it doesn't do it on my iMac. If i enlarge the window to a size slightly larger than a stamp the picture & au [More]
I have just purchased a copy of apple remote desktop version 3 as I am going away to university week after next and need to be able to access my home computer to help my parents with any problems that they have. The problem is, I can access their com [More]
I recently uninstalled an older version of itunes, and every time i try to install the newest version it wont work. I just keep getting the message "key not valid for use in specified state". If you know what to do could you please make it simpl [More]
I know this is no Logic thing, but I definitively hope that anyone from Apple is reading along. Started a new business and keep that old SL machine already equipped with Logic Pro + MainStage. The other licence will get used by the other business. As [More]
I Cant view my purchased items in the appstore snd im linked to the right account!!!Hi Connorhalstead02, I apologize, I'm a bit unclear on the exact nature of the issue you are describing. If you are having issues seeing your purchase history on the [More]